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Multi-Platform Mobile App Development

It has been established that the world in which we live is now dominated by mobile phones and applications. Any conversation around digital marketing ends with mobile applications as they have become a critical part of every business marketing plan.

These applications provide rich content on phones and increase the flexibility for the user. WebBee is a leading-edge mobile app development company and we have served several complex projects successfully. Our talent pool of mobile app developers includes extremely skilled analysts and certified software engineers who are learned and experienced in developing apps for all the major platforms — Android, iOS or both.

Mobile App Development

Android App Development

Android is vast spread and can be used in many ways yet unexplored. With Android apps, you can get unprecedented personalization and freedom of choice. Get the leverage on growth and profitability with launching your sites on mobile applications powered by Android. Our engineers also address your security issue and set up secure and safe interaction on the cloud.


Android is a diverse platform and is a leading operative system for mobile applications. It can be used for online games, business applications, e-commerce, social apps and also productivity. Whatever your area of interest is, Android applications provide flexibility and user-friendly interface.


Customization is our forte and we are expert at it. We like being creative and try new ways to achieve success. This gives the freedom to both developers as well as users.Adding creativity for improvement in user interface in the application differentiates us from our competitors.

Cross Compatibility

Our developers work on building applications compatible with different versions, as the latest API will support older versions of Android platforms. Also, applications developed by us are screen compatible to suit varied sizes and densities. They come with best fit UI flows to suit all screen orientations

Android App Development
iOS App Development

iOS App Development

iPhone has taken the market by storm since its launch many years ago. And it is still in vogue with its new additions every year. It has created a niche for its itself in the market despite tough competition. The rate at which iOS applications are growing is massive as well as impressive at the same time. iPhone users are loyal as well as devoted to the device and prefer to use it over other devices.

We have a separate team for iOS developers who engage in research and development to work endlessly to bring the best product to fit the iPhone users’ expectation of look and feel as well as performance.


iPhone is all about making a style statement with impeccable artwork. The applications are driven by design and unmatched user experience. The UI is standardized and therefore provided uniformity in the application. We make sure the loyal users of Apple do not have to compromise on aesthetics and functionality in any way.

Experienced Team

We have been in this business since long and have by far completed all our projects successfully before time. We are aware of the technicalities required for iOS development and make sure we regularly update ourselves with new information.

Happy Clients

From startups to established firms, our clients range from diverse backgrounds. We have accomplished a long series of winning collaborations with all of them and strive to continue our winning trail.

Hybrid/Ionic App Development

Hybrid applications may come across as a faster way to reach the market with reduced development costs. These applications are immediately available on all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows phone and more.

WebBee pledges to serve its clients with a dedicated development team to ramp up their projects well before schedule and with minimum iterations required.

Saves Time

Hybrid application development allows code collaboration and reuses which makes it easier and also makes it available on several platforms at once. Complex applications are also relatively easy to develop if required to be built on more than two platforms thus saving cost.


Cross-Platforms applications are easier to maintain owing to the large code overlap between platforms. It can go as high as 90% such as in HTML5 applications. Although more work is required to reach the optimal user experience when compared to native apps. However, WebBee takes care of it effortlessly.


Hybrid applications perform better as they are tested on several platforms and are compatible with all screen sizes and density. Ionic apps are progressive and look beautiful wherever it runs.

Hybrid/Ionic App Development


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Mobile App Development
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