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Ready to use integration which ships 4 million order per year

Connect TikTok Shop with Amazon MCF by WebBee

Enhance eCommerce Operations like order fulfillment, item mapping, tracking and inventory management by connecting your TikTok Store to Amazon FBA using Amazon MCF by WebBee.

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Automate TikTok Shop Workflow with TikTok Amazon Integration


Route TikTok orders to Amazon in real-time with Pre-Configured workflows.


Keep your inventory up-to-date across platforms with real-time inventory syncing.


Hold orders for a specified amount of time allowing customers to take additional actions with their orders.


Gain business insights including information about Inventory Levels, Sales Data and Top Selling Products helping sellers take data-driven decisions.

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Scale-up TikTok Shop Sales with Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment Integration

Connect TikTok Shop to Amazon in just a few clicks with Amazon MCF by WebBee and effectively manage any volume of orders, inventory and shipping from a single location. Here are a list of Standout features:

Product Listing:

Import products from Amazon into TikTok Shop in just a single click letting sellers expand and take businesses to newer eCommerce Channels.

Inventory Management:

Real-time sync of inventory between TikTok Shop and Amazon FBA ensures product availability at all times and also helps in handling stock shortages preventing order delays giving an enhanced user experience.

3PL Order Routing:

Route orders from your Amazon MCF account to other non-Amazon 3PL providers, such as ShipStation allowing sellers with the flexibility to expand their fulfillment options.

Real-time Tracking and Notifications

Provide customers with real-time tracking details by fetching details from Amazon into TikTok Shop. Our application offers a seamless and transparent shopping journey that keeps customers coming back for more.

 Amazon Integration for TikTok

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We receive a lot of amazing reviews from our clients, and it really brightens our day


So quick in helping me link everything correctly. Straight and to the point with the BEST customer service and process with receiving the exact help I needed. :)

United States
Germaine De Capuccini AU

Seamless installation and set-up of the app. No interruption to our site function or performance. Customer support was excellent and extremely helpful during onboarding, ensuring everything was set up correctly. Response time is instant. We just started using it and will continue to monitor for any concerns.

United States

The app works perfectly, but more than that the customer service / support from the WebBee team is the best weve encountered in over 20 years in ecommerce. They are on it. You always get a polite reply with questions answered very quickly, if not by return.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to integrate TikTok to Amazon FBA?

Integrating TikTok with Amazon FBA is made effortless with Amazon MCF by WebBee, an integration app. Simply install the app, sync your TikTok product listings, automate order routing to Amazon FBA, and ensure real-time inventory updates.

Q2: What is TikTok Amazon integration?

TikTok Amazon FBA integration is the process of connecting your TikTok Shop to your Amazon FBA account. This allows you to fulfill orders placed on TikTok using Amazon's FBA services and shipping capabilities.

Q3: How to connect Amazon Seller Central with TikTok integration?

eCommerce sellers can integrate Amazon Seller Central with TikTok through Amazon MCF by WebBee.  If you require further details, please reach out to our customer support team at help@webbeeglobal.com.

Q4: How do TikTok shop and Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment work?

TikTok Shop and Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) can be integrated to allow sellers on both platforms to leverage Amazon's FBA services and shipping capabilities to fulfill orders placed on their TikTok stores.

Q5: Which app is best to choose for TikTok Amazon integration?

For the most seamless TikTok Amazon integration, choose Amazon MCF by WebBee. Our application offers a comprehensive solution with real-time inventory sync, order routing, and top-notch support, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient experience for your e-commerce business.

Q6: How do I track my TikTok orders fulfilled through Amazon MCF?

To track your TikTok orders fulfilled through Amazon MCF, log into your Amazon account. Navigate to the "Orders" section, where you can view order details, shipping status, and tracking information. If you require further details, please reach out to our customer support team at help@webbeeglobal.com.

Q7: How do I integrate my TikTok account with Amazon MCF?

Integrate your TikTok account with Amazon MCF effortlessly by choosing Amazon MCF by WebBee for TikTok Amazon Integration, a user-friendly app that streamlines the process, ensuring seamless synchronization of your TikTok Shop and Amazon FBA.

Q8: How to link TikTok to Amazon?

Linking TikTok to Amazon is simplified with Amazon MCF by WebBee. Our application streamlines the integration process, allowing you to seamlessly connect your TikTok Shop to Amazon FBA for efficient e-commerce operations. Choose our app for a hassle-free TikTok and Amazon integration.

Q9: How to promote Amazon products on TikTok?

Promote Amazon products on TikTok by creating engaging videos, using relevant hashtags and trends, running TikTok ads, and partnering with influencers.

Q10: How to add my Amazon listing to TikTok Shop?

To add your Amazon listing to TikTok Shop, utilize Amazon MCF by WebBee. Our user-friendly app simplifies this process, enabling you to seamlessly import and manage your Amazon product catalog within TikTok Shop. This integration enhances your visibility on TikTok and streamlines cross-platform sales efforts with ease.


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