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poppi is a prebiotic soda brand that's taken the beverage world by storm. Founded in 2015 by husband-and-wife Stephen and Allison Bruton, poppi started as a humble farmer's market stand in Austin, Texas. But its unique blend of fruit juice, apple cider vinegar, and inulin prebiotics quickly caught the attention of health-conscious consumers and savvy investors.

With eye-catching packaging and an assertive value proposition, poppi is reshaping the soda industry with its contemporary, all-natural prebiotic beverage, brimming with flavour and offering functional benefits that enhance gut health. The company rebranded in 2020 following a successful appearance on "Shark Tank" and subsequently established its presence on Amazon, showcasing enticing flavours such as strawberry, lemon and orange. Currently experiencing a surge in business, poppi boasts remarkable year-over-year growth. Garnering recognition as Vogue's Editor's Choice in 2022, poppi has also gained popularity among celebrities like Kylie Jenner, solidifying its status as a trendy and sought-after beverage.

Vision and Goals Shaping the Future of a Pioneering Company!

poppi's story isn't just about a delicious soda; it's about a bold vision and ambitious goals that are redefining the beverage landscape. 


  • poppi aspires to shatter the sugary soda stereotype, proving that functional and flavor can coexist in perfect harmony. They envision shelves stocked with their vibrant bottles, inviting consumers to indulge guilt-free in a bubbly boost of prebiotic goodness.
  • Access to gut-friendly products shouldn't be a privilege. poppi's mission is to make prebiotics accessible and affordable, empowering everyone to prioritize their internal ecosystem with every delightful sip.
  • poppi fosters a vibrant community around shared values: embracing wellness, celebrating individuality, and spreading joy through simple pleasures. They dream of a world where "poppi people" connect over fizzy moments and inspire each other to live life to the fullest.

Outlining key goals

  • poppi isn't content with being a niche fad. They aim to conquer the global beverage market, becoming a household name synonymous with innovative, functional fizziness.
  • poppi's vision extends beyond profits. They strive to source ethical ingredients, minimize their environmental footprint, and support causes that align with their values.
  • poppi was seeking a third-party logistics (3PL) provider with extensive expertise in supply chain best practices to assist him in examining and implementing efficiency measures.
  • poppi was searching for a third-party logistics (3PL) partner to enhance their supply chain efficiency and reduce operational expenses, particularly due to the additional handling fees associated with beverages.

"We have found that grocery and beverage brands achieve significant success on Amazon.com, so our primary focus has been on boosting sales through our Amazon store," Goeppert clarified. "We consistently keep inventory available for those orders, and we also send product samples to TikTok influencers for social media promotion. Additionally, we supply products to our direct wholesale accounts. I was in search of a reliable third-party logistics (3PL) partner capable of efficiently handling all these various tasks."


Addressing Challenge: Streamlining Multi-Channel Order Fulfillment to Meet Increasing Business Demands!

Poppi's popularity soared, and its once-manageable fulfillment operation began to creak under strain. Juggling orders from online marketplaces, retail partners, and their websites presented logistical complexities. Manual processes, disparate inventory systems, and limited warehouse space threatened to stall their growth and erode customer satisfaction. Poppi knew they needed to break free from these fulfillment chains and forge a streamlined, multi-channel system built for scale to maintain their momentum and meet the ever-increasing demand. Let's now look at the key challenges:

Inventory visibility and control

The lack of a centralized inventory management system led to inaccurate stock levels, overselling, and order delays.

Fragmented order processing

Manually managing orders across multiple channels was inefficient and prone to errors.

Limited warehouse capacity

Growing inventory volumes threatened to overwhelm existing storage space and hamper processing speed.

Shipping complexities

Diverse fulfillment needs across channels (e.g., fast delivery options, personalized packaging) added extra layers of complexity.

Disjointed customer experience

Inconsistent fulfillment times and communication across channels could damage brand loyalty and reputation.

I highly recommend MCF, particularly for businesses in the grocery and beverage sector, given its exceptional streamlining of our operations and the cost efficiencies we have experienced. There's no need for constant oversight with MCF; I have confidence that our operations are running seamlessly, allowing me to concentrate on business expansion.

Integration Features

Poppi Partnership with Amazon MCF by WebBee!

Poppi opted to integrate the Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) solution into their operational framework due to the comprehensive benefits it provides, including:

Lightning-Fast Delivery

MCF ensures the delivery of orders within 1, 2, or 3 business days post-shipment.

Delivery Excellence: Setting the Standard

Timely delivery is crucial for consumable products. Utilizing MCF ensures that inventory is strategically positioned closer to consumers, enabling on-time delivery of orders.

Conquering Supply Chain Risks

Engaging with a third-party logistics provider such as MCF enables Poppi to safeguard their operations against future uncertainties and address supply chain risks, including fluctuations and extended lead times.

Crystal Clear Pricing

Businesses are only charged a single, straightforward fee for fulfillment, covering the entire process of picking, packing, and shipping, along with storage costs. Additionally, MCF provides noteworthy discounts of up to 50% on multi-unit orders.


A Journey from Struggle to Success

After incorporating MCF into its operations for seven months, Poppi has undergone a complete overhaul in its order fulfillment processes. Through MCF, Poppi has accomplished:

Easy Fulfillment

Leveraging MCF, Poppi's marketing team seamlessly fulfills 2,000 monthly orders, facilitating connections with as many as 1,000 influencers annually. This strategic approach significantly enhances brand awareness and drives increased sales for the company.

Boosting the Bottom Line

The company has achieved a 30% cost savings per order by efficiently reducing additional freight touchpoints and labour charges.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Poppi's customers express satisfaction with the 98.99% precision in delivery estimates facilitated by MCF, contributing positively to the overall customer experience.

Follow poppi's Footsteps: Leverage Amazon MCF by WebBee!

In the footsteps of poppi's strategic success, consider leveraging Amazon MCF by WebBee to integrate your Shopify store with Amazon for seamless fulfillment. As poppi achieved remarkable efficiency and cost-effectiveness through this integration, your business can propel itself to new heights. Here's why following poppi's path and embracing Amazon MCF by WebBee is a game-changer:

  • poppi seamlessly integrated their Shopify store with Amazon using WebBee, streamlining operations. You can replicate this integration effortlessly for a cohesive and efficient order fulfillment process.
  • Benefit from the cost efficiencies that poppi enjoyed by leveraging Amazon MCF by WebBee. The automated processes minimize manual intervention, reducing fulfillment costs and enhancing overall profitability.
  • Gain valuable insights into your operations just as poppi did. Amazon MCF by WebBee offers precise reporting, ensuring you have real-time visibility into inventory levels, order status, and other critical metrics.
  • You free up valuable time and resources. by automating fulfillment with Amazon MCF. Follow poppi's lead and concentrate on growing your business, confident that your operations are running smoothly.
  • Provide your customers a stellar experience by offering real-time tracking updates for their orders, a benefit poppi highlighted. Satisfied customers contribute to brand loyalty and positive reviews, fostering sustained growth.
  • Amazon MCF by WebBee is not limited to specific industries but is a versatile solution suitable for businesses of all sizes and across diverse sectors. Whether your focus is on fashion, electronics, or home goods, Amazon MCF by WebBee ensures a seamless and efficient integration of your existing e-commerce store with Amazon MCF.