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Dragon Glassware

Situated in Sacramento, California, Dragon Glassware was founded in 2017 by Matt Rollens, who set out to craft distinctive drinkware and barware using top-notch materials, to enhance the drinking experience across various beverages like tea, coffee, wine, beer, and spirits. Originally, the business commenced its journey by selling its products on Amazon.com, quickly establishing itself as a prominent retailer of dining sets. Their merchandise gained recognition through appearances on popular platforms such as "Late Night with Seth Meyers," the HBO series "Westworld," and "Star Trek: Picard'' on Paramount+. 

Matt Rollens continued to innovate and collaborate with renowned brands, leading to the creation of specialized drinkware, including their latest venture, the Barbie™ x Dragon Glassware Collection, in collaboration with Mattel, Inc. This partnership was designed to cater to the preferences of beverage enthusiasts.

Vision and Goals

After starting Dragon Glassware, Rollens realized that the growing demands of his business necessitated external logistics support. Consequently, he opted to enlist the services of a third-party logistics (3PL) provider to efficiently manage the company's logistics operations. Rollens made the strategic decision to begin considering a change in their third-party logistics (3PL) provider to - 

Improve Cost-effectiveness

Dragon Glassware encountered many fees and surcharges from their 3PL provider, ranging from unboxing to labelling, resulting in a complex and cumbersome process for calculating 3PL expenses. 

Run Operations Smoothly

As the sole member of his team, Rollens sought out a proficient group with expertise in fulfillment and logistics that he could depend on to manage his operations as his business continued to grow efficiently.

Speed up Logistics

During the holiday shopping season, it often required a full month for the third-party logistics provider (3PL) to receive and process inventory, making it ready for sale. Rollens was in search of a 3PL partner that could assist him in streamlining his supply chain and cutting down on the time it took to prepare inventory for sales.

Holiday Order Fulfillment for Business Growth

Dragon Glassware is a preferred option for those looking to give gifts, with a significant portion of their annual sales, around 40-50%, occurring during the busy holiday shopping season. To handle the surge in holiday orders, the kitchenware manufacturer sought a 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) partner with the capability and workforce to effectively manage the increased demand.


Conquering Challenges

As Dragon Glassware experienced rapid growth, Matt Rollens faced a host of challenges that tested his entrepreneurial skills and determination.

Keeping up with Demand

As the company’s popularity grew, so did demand for its products. Rollens and his team had to find ways to scale up their production and fulfillment operations quickly and efficiently.

Managing Cash Flow

Rapid growth can also lead to cash flow challenges. Matt Rollens needed to make sure that it had enough cash on hand to cover its expenses and invest in its future growth.

Maintaining a Consistent Brand Experience

As Dragon Glassware expanded its product offerings and sales channels, it was important to maintain a consistent brand experience for its customers. This meant ensuring that its products and services were of high quality and that its marketing and customer service were aligned with its brand values.

Rollens remarked. "Efficient order fulfillment is crucial for e-commerce enterprises, and the seamless integration of Amazon MCF by WebBee with Shopify and my inventory simplifies the process, making it the most convenient and cost-effective solution available. I haven't encountered any other third-party logistics (3PL) provider that matches the level of service and affordability offered by Amazon MCF by WebBee

Dragon Glassware
Integration Features

Addressing the Challenges

Dragon Glassware was already conducting sales on Amazon when Matt Rollens discovered Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) while assessing various third-party logistics providers (3PLs) in 2017. Recognizing the seamless transition it offered, he opted for MCF as his 3PL partner and its Multi-Channel Fulfillment solution for order processing for the following reasons:

Competitive Prices

MCF offers a straightforward pricing structure encompassing all pick, pack, and shipping costs. This eliminates the need for Rollens to engage in the intricate process of negotiating quotes, handling invoices, and dealing with concealed additional charges from multiple service providers.

Streamlined Inventory Management

Rollens would achieve operational efficiency by consolidating order fulfillment for various sales channels through MCF, utilizing a single inventory pool.

Industry-leading Fulfillment Expertise

Utilizing a widespread network of distribution centers throughout the United States, MCF empowers Dragon Glassware to enhance operational efficiency. This is achieved by strategically locating products near customers, resulting in decreased shipping expenses and faster delivery times.

Endless Integration Possibilities

Rollens recognized the crucial need for an efficient workflow to handle the swift growth of his business. With MCF, he had access to over 100 pre-built and developer-friendly integrations, enabling him to select the integration that best suited his company's requirements.

Dragon Glassware seamlessly linked its DTC Shopify website with Amazon MCF by WebBee, enabling the automatic generation of MCF orders.

We streamlined the process of creating virtual product bundles, making it simple for Rollens to efficiently handle orders that included multiple pieces of their designer glassware. This allowed them to capitalize on our multi-unit discounts of up to 50%. Additionally, Rollens leveraged other functionalities such as unbranded packaging and opting out of Amazon Logistics as a shipping provider to align with the regulations of various e-commerce platforms.


Outcome and Success

For the past five years, Dragon Glassware has harnessed the power of Amazon MCF by WebBee, reaping substantial benefits for their business. Through the utilization of our application, Dragon Glassware has accomplished:

Efficient Logistics

Dragon Glassware eliminated intermediaries, streamlining the process and reducing both the number of steps and the time required for their products to reach their customers.

Budget-Friendly Order Fulfillment

Through the utilization of Amazon MCF by WebBee, Dragon Glassware can provide high-end products at an affordable cost. By shipping items directly to Amazon's fulfillment centers, they realize substantial savings in logistics expenses, which they can then extend as cost benefits to their clientele, saving them thousands of dollars.

Inventory management at Ease

The company has found that centralizing its inventory management for all online orders is incredibly valuable, enabling it to consistently have the correct products available on the appropriate platforms precisely when needed.

Rollens expressed his satisfaction with the integration of Shopify and Amazon through Amazon MCF by WebBee, citing numerous features that have significantly simplified business management. He mentioned that the automation of tracking and the ability to bundle products have brought about a transformation in how he operates his company, resulting in both time and cost savings.

Ready to streamline your order fulfillment and boost your e-commerce business as Dragon Glassware? Discover the convenience and cost-effectiveness of this solution for yourself. Get started today and experience the benefits of seamless integration with platforms like Shopify. Contact us now to explore how we can help your business thrive.