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MySweetSmile is a UK-based company that specializes in teeth whitening products. They offer a range of products, including teeth whitening powder, teeth whitening strips, and a teeth whitening kit. MySweetSmile products are formulated with dentist-approved ingredients and are guaranteed to be safe and effective. They are also peroxide-free and will not cause tooth sensitivity or gum irritation.

The worldwide oral care market surpassed a valuation of more than US $33 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to achieve a value exceeding US$51 billion by 2030, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) surpassing 5%. Shayan Sharifi, the Managing Director of MySweetSmile, identified this potential following his personal encounter as a user of dental goods.

Vision and Goals

MySweetSmile aims to establish itself as the most trusted and cherished brand globally for teeth whitening solutions, empowering customers to showcase their brightest smiles confidently. Now, let's explore the additional Goals of the company below -

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Achieve a 99% customer satisfaction rating by ensuring timely, accurate, and error-free order fulfillment.

Optimize Order Processing

Streamline order processing to reduce fulfillment times from order placement to delivery.

Improve Inventory Management

Implement an efficient inventory management system to maintain optimal stock levels and prevent stockouts.

Expand Reach

Utilize Amazon's expansive fulfillment network to reach a broader customer base and expand into new markets.


Addressing Order Fulfillment Challenges

Sharifi commenced sales through a direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform supported by Shopify, and MySweetSmile quickly gained popularity among customers. The business experienced swift growth as Sharifi extended operations to, utilizing fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to handle order picking, packing, and shipping. Sharifi's next move was to introduce MySweetSmile to the US market, recognizing the importance of partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. The dental products are developed in UK-based dental labs and manufactured in China. Following production, the goods are transported to the UK for storage or direct shipment to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Additionally, Sharifi is exploring using Amazon Global Logistics to streamline inventory transportation from China to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Given the global nature of the supply chain, the involvement of a 3PL is deemed crucial for the e-commerce company's effective expansion across different regions. The company faced several obstacles, including:

Increased Order Volume

The significant rise in order volume put a strain on MySweetSmile's existing fulfillment processes. The company's manual order processing system struggled to keep up with the influx of orders, leading to delays in order fulfillment.

Inventory Management Issues

The growing demand also posed challenges in managing inventory levels. MySweetSmile had difficulty forecasting demand accurately, resulting in stockouts and overstocking. Stockouts led to customer dissatisfaction and lost sales, while overstocking tied up capital in excess inventory.

Scalability of Fulfillment Processes

MySweetSmile's existing fulfillment infrastructure was not designed to handle the company's rapid growth. The company's warehouse space limited its ability to store and process the increasing volume of orders. Additionally, the manual picking and packing process became inefficient as order volume increased.

Shipping and Delivery Challenges

MySweetSmile faced challenges in ensuring timely and accurate deliveries to its customers. The company's reliance on a single shipping carrier led to delays and issues with tracking shipments. Additionally, the company's customer service team struggled to handle the growing volume of inquiries regarding order status and delivery updates.


Sharifi wanted a 3PL provider that provided clear and predictable pricing, enabling him to understand and manage the logistics costs for his company quickly.

Amazon MCF by WebBee is a great, affordable integration for e-commerce businesses. It imports tens of thousands of Shopify orders for us each month. We wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of volume manually. Since we integrated with MCF, the whole fulfillment process is effortless.

Integration Features

MySweetSmile's Strategic Partnership with Amazon MCF

In 2022, Sharifi opted to integrate Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) as the third-party logistics (3PL) provider for MySweetSmile in the United States. The selection of MCF was motivated by the advantages it provides.

Expeditious Order Fulfillment

E-commerce enterprises can leverage MCF to fulfill orders swiftly, achieving click-to-delivery timelines as quickly as two days, seamlessly spanning all their sales channels.

Pooled Inventory

Utilizing Multi-Channel Fulfillment by Amazon, vendors can centralize their inventory into one unified resource for fulfilling both orders on Amazon through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and external orders through MCF. Specifically, American sellers leveraging both MCF and FBA experience enhancements in inventory turnover, with a 24% increase, a 13% decrease in out-of-stock occurrences, and an average boost of 38% in sales revenue on

Fulfillment on a Global Scale

MCF grants companies entry to Amazon's extensive fulfillment network, boasting a global presence with over 200 fulfillment centers.

Straightforward Pricing for Your Needs

MCF allows e-commerce enterprises to pay exclusively for the fulfillment and storage of their products, encompassing a single charge for picking, packing, and shipping. Additionally, they can benefit from discounts of up to 50% on orders involving multiple units.


From Challenges to Success

MySweetSmile initiated using Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) in the United States in April 2022, swiftly extending its fulfillment services for non-Amazon orders in the United Kingdom to MCF. Currently, the retailer, with an average of over 6,000 weekly orders, relies on Amazon's 3PL fulfillment services, incorporating both MCF and FBA, to meet all its fulfillment requirements. Since the adoption of MCF, Sharifi and the team have observed various positive impacts on the business, encompassing several notable advantages.

Efficient Fulfillment That Exceeds Customer Expectations

MySweetSmile achieves an average delivery speed of 1.7 days with MCF, representing a 43% improvement compared to its former third-party logistics provider regarding click-to-delivery time.

Efficient Inventory Management

Sharifi and his team merged their stock with Amazon, enabling them to utilize the Amazon inventory pool to fulfill all online orders. As a result, MySweetSmile no longer has to oversee various inventory sources, reducing the company's risk of running out of stock.

Enhanced Profitability

Utilizing MCF, MySweetSmile optimized its inventory control, resulting in an 8% reduction in operational expenses.

Sharifi emphasized the importance of securing a reliable 3PL for managing operations in the US, given that MySweetSmile is UK-based. He found our application user-friendly, enabling him to provide his customers with an experience similar to Amazon fulfillment. This aspect is a significant advantage for his business.

MySweetSmile has integrated its Shopify website with MCF using Amazon MCF by WebBee. This ecommerce store integration enables seamless automation, allowing orders to be effortlessly transferred from Shopify to Amazon MCF for fulfillment. Additionally, tracking details are automatically related to MySweetSmile's customers.

Sharifi expressed, "WebBee is a great, affordable integration for e-commerce businesses. It imports tens of thousands of Shopify orders for us each month. We wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of volume manually. Since we integrated with MCF, the whole fulfillment process is effortless

In the future, Sharifi aims to broaden the reach of MySweetSmile by entering new markets, such as the European Union. Amazon MCF by WebBee will remain a crucial component in its operations, handling customer orders through various sales channels outside of Amazon

Sharifi further stated “I highly recommend Amazon MCF by WebBee for businesses selling in more than one country. I spent too much time and money managing my inventory and was constantly running out of stock. I was thrilled to start using this application for my order fulfillment since inventory mistakes are so costly. Leveraging a single pool of inventory means I don’t have to stress about keeping my products available across my sales channels. Now, I can focus on expanding my business to new geographies. Amazon MCF by WebBee has been a crucial part of MySweetSmile’s success.

Just as MySweetSmile transformed its order fulfillment process with Amazon MCF by WebBee, your business can, too. Experience the benefits of streamlined order processing, reduced fulfillment costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Join the ranks of successful companies that have partnered with us.

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