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20 Top Magento Development Experts And Companies

September 20, 2017

One can easily run out of word when describing the reliability and scalability of this amazing e-commerce platform – Magento. The platform is an open source medium and serves hundreds on online business with ease. The community version is no less than other full paid competitors in the market with full functionality and support for its users.

The Magento Enterprise is also available for large enterprises looking at expanding their business in full swing and require more features, functionality and dedicated support team for technical issues. There are many service companies that excel in providing excellent Magento Development Services where you can tailor everything you require from your designs, layout, themes, and widgets to suit your business need.

You can flexibly hire Magento developers from these companies to work on your project alongside your project team. Make sure you look at their work before hiring them and investing your money with them. This is a tough decision and we understand that. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 20 best Magento Development companies for you to choose from:

  1. WebBee Global :

Founded in 2005, WebBee Global has garnered a list of successful Magento Development projects to boast about. They have acquired a pool of qualified resources who have a thorough knowledge of the platform to deliver designing, development, and customization projects with ease. The teams at WebBee are dedicated and work flexible hours as per the client requirements. Hiring expert Magento Developers has never been so simple and easy, but with WebBee it is also flexible and reliable.

WebBee not only caters to clients for Magento Development Services, but also has expertise in other platforms like Shopify and WordPress, mobile app development for iOS, Android and Hybrid, Drop Shipping, and Integration services with ERP and CRM platforms.

  1. Rave Infosys:

Set up in Florida, Rave Infosys helps business in their bottom line through certified software developers. Rave Infosys provides end-to-end e-commerce solutions to enterprises for launching their online business and manage their websites. Their work in Magento Development is remarkable and has completed several successful projects and have clients like HD Connectivity, Nutri-Health, The Grand Band, and Vital Baby to list a few.

  1. Pixafy:

Established in 2010, Pixafy has a highly experienced team with blended skill sets including platform engineers, UI developers, designers, marketers and system architects to provide niche services in Magento Development, app development and other aspects of e-commerce including digital transformation.

  1. Synapse Co:

Trusted by most brands since 2000, Synapse has seen the rising of the e-commerce market in the recent years. It has worked with clients like PayPal, Bata, Johnson& Johnson and UNICEF to start with. Their specialties lie in UX/UI Designs, Magento Enterprise Cloud, development, and customization.

  1. Session Digital:

Session Digital started its operation in 2010 in London and they understand that developing the eCommerce brands of the future requires technical expertise, user insight, and cutting-edge creativity; which they look for in their resources during hiring. Their expertise lies in Magento e-commerce platform to deliver elite webstore to their customers.

  1. Divante:

This entry is coming from Poland and was established in 2008. Divante is a rapidly developing e-Commerce company with over 200 employees in Wroclaw. Besides quality in their work, they excel in Magento Development, Designing, and customization services for clients all over Europe. Their clients include one of the biggest fashion company in Europe, electro-technical goods distributor in Poland, industry leader children’s products in Germany, and One of the Polish Interior leaders.

  1. SLK Software:

Headquartered in Southern California, SLK Software is a full-service eCommerce company recognized as a Magento Gold Solution Partner. With the motto of ‘Better Commerce’, they aim to deliver services that take their client to the next level of success. Besides Magento Development, their services also include SEO, site design and development, marketing, integration, and demand generation.

  1. Vaimo:

Vaimo is a Swedish organization which is in service with clients all over the world since 2008. They specialize in Magento Development and Customization and is one of the leading Magento Gold Solution Partners in Sweden, UK, Norway, Finland and South Africa. They have successfully helped more than 400 store owners to build their online business on Magento without any compromises on requirements.

  1. Commerce Pundit:

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Commerce Pundit specializes in strong identity creation, and custom Magento development services for customers across the globe. They take pride in providing user-friendly web experiences to its customers, increase their revenue and automating everyday tasks for a smooth functioning of their business.

  1. aheadWorks:

Located in Belarus, aheadWorks is a Silver Magento Partner and serves its clients with bespoke Magento Development Services. The company has the biggest theme extension and has delivered many successful projects including social networking integration, sales motivation, customer care and support.

  1. Kadro:

Kadro is a seasoned company based in North Carolina since 2001 and has been developing high-performance software for its clients including Magento. Their services include eCommerce, Mobile including iOS and Android apps, Custom Web Applications and Systems Integration. Kadro is a certified Magento System Integrator and eBay Certified Provider that services clients throughout the US and internationally.

  1. Forix:

Forix end-to-end web design is an eCommerce development agency based in Portland, Oregon. Being a Magento Enterprise Solutions partner with a team that includes over 60 Magento 2 certified experts, it serves clients with challenging requirements and quick delivery needs for Magento Development.  They have been successful in delivering projects that yielded fast growth and revenue. Hire Magento developers from Forix if you are looking for aggressive revenue growth.

  1. iWeb:

A veteran in this race, this company has seen it all. Established in 1995 and an experience of two decades, they have become a one-stop solution for all e-commerce requirements. They are an accredited Magento Specialists and build websites that deliver results. They are selective in choosing their clients and therefore can provide undivided attention to their client’s need.

  1. Planet Web Solutions:

Planet Web Solution is a multi-service Cloud, Web & Mobile Application Development company. The company is based in Jaipur- India, and is renowned in multiple Technologies, with 14 years of reputable position in the global market. Recognized and awarded on several occasions, Planet Web Solutions provides e-commerce services which are strongly backed by digital marketing elements to make their projects a success in the online market.

  1. Demac Media:

Based out of Toronto, Demac is an award-winning e-commerce solution provider started by two friends who have taken the Canadian market by storm. The company has strategically partnered with industry leaders such as Magento, Canada Post, PayPal, and Shop.ca to present itself with a strong holding in the Canadian e-commerce world. They have expertise in integration, SEO/SEM, user-experience designs and email marketing as well.

  1. Redstage:

Working their way up in the e-commerce area, Redstage has come a long way since it started its operation in 2005 in New Jersey. They are e-commerce builders, architects, counselors and medics who resolve issues and deliver results to all their clients providing a measurable ROI for them to quantify the profit.

  1. Absolute Web Services:

Popularly known as AWS, this company was found in 1999 in Miami, Florida. Since then they have been working to create an engaging web presence, improve lead generation, with memorable user & device friendly Magento experiences for its clients and their business. Their teams are dedicated and Magento developers can be hired with flexible payments.

  1. Gauge Interactive:

Catering to all e-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Gauge Interactive is known for its intuitive designs. Based in Savannah, GA, it has a team of specialists in web design, development, and digital marketing. Gauge Interactive is a Magento Partner, Shopify Plus Partner, Google Partner, and Mailchimp Expert company with clients like Atelier, Swarovski, Carlo’s Bakery, MOSCOT, WMF, and Savannah Bee Company.

  1. Meticulosity:

Meticulosity is a boutique firm which shines through its competition by paying attention to its clients in details. They offer services for diverse online retailers in design, development, and optimization of their websites. They also provide holistic solutions to clients interested in marketing services as well. Their Magento development and customization services come with feature-rich websites, additional functionalities, and user-friendly designs.

  1. Unleaded Group:

With a sharp focus on customer satisfaction, Unleaded keeps an eye on its goal all the time to stay ahead of the competition. They cater to clients who are looking for faster growth and revenue in the e-commerce industry. They are based in Denver – Colorado and serve local as well as international clients for Magento Development and Designing services.