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How To Add Advance Functionality In Your Magento Store Without Any Cost ?

August 11, 2017

As a new comer in the e-commerce market, it is understood that you would like to keep your online store updated. But, even as a successful merchant who is a veteran in the industry is required to do the same keeping in mind the growing competition. A highly convenient and functional website is a must for the success of any business.

Improvisation is very necessary as the users become demanding with time and look for newness every now and then. If your site isn’t attractive enough, or easy to navigate, they might leave even if the products they are looking for are available in your store.

As a business owner, you need to think of new ways to connect with your customers and reinvent yourself at certain intervals so that you can convert your visitors into regular customers.

With advanced technological options, web developers and business owners can choose to invest in a variety of extensions from Magento Connect, Magento Marketplace, Code Canyon or some others. However, when choices are too many, it becomes difficult to make the right choice.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of extensions to choose from and see if it suits your requirement:

1. Webinse Product Slider

Call it a slider or carousel, this extension gives plenty of options to configure at the top of your home page to select the products and its categories.

2. Webinse Maintenance Mode

When your site is under maintenance for technical reasons or otherwise, this tool restricts user access on the front end and informs them about it. It can be customized and additional functions such as countdown timer, notification and feedback can be added for an improved experience.

3. Pop-up Asker

It enables pop-up windows with trivial information and quizzes to keep the customers engaged. You can also collect required information from the customers who visit your site for your database.

4. Magento Product Videos

With this extension, it becomes easy to upload product videos and manage them in the product list or pages. This keeps the product on the top of the list as well.

5. Magento Quick View

This allows the viewers to quickly glance at the product in the pop-up window and move it to the cart on a category page using Ajax. This enhances customer’s shopping experience and reduces browsing time.

6. Magento Image Gallery

This is an interesting tool which allows to create albums and add images. They can change and modify images in the gallery. You set different parameters and customize the interface for the viewers.

7. Magento Cookie Alert

This extension uses cookies to collect customer information and shows results based on them. It also informs the customer of using the same.

8. Magento Ajax Toolbar

The extension allows the users to use a toolbar with AJAX which works on products pages and the search page. It comes with a wide variety of configurations including but not limited to pagination, grid/list view, sorting, show per page etc. using AJAX.

9. Magento Ajax Layered Navigation

Layered navigation extends the facility of selecting product parameters and attributes during the search with ajax without refreshing the page refresh.

10. Magento Ajax Catalog

Without reloading the page, this extension uploads the catalog content automatically. This increases the speed of the page as when the user reaches the end of the current page, new content is loaded and the user can scroll down to read more. There are 2 loading modes you can choose from. Also, you can return to the same spot from where you left while you browse other products on the page.

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