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5 Smart Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment in Magento Stores?

July 6, 2017

Have you ever been to a store, tried lots of things or picked the ones you want and then suddenly you get a call and while you are talking to your friend, you forget about your basket and walk out of the store without buying anything? Turns out, it is seldom this way in real time shopping.

However, it is very common in e-commerce scenario. Many users visit your site, browse and add items to the cart only to shut the browser and move to some other chore. They may or may not come back to your site for the same reason. This is called Cart Abandonment. Simply put, it is when a customer, after browsing through your website, adds an item in their shopping cart but does not finish the order.

It is estimated that a store loses close to 70% of its sale due to cart abandonment during online shopping which results in as much as $31 billion worth of sales to be precise.

Reasons for Cart Abandonment can be numerous such as distraction, disappointed from unexpected fees or poor service, or just window shopping. The customer often expects more personalized communication and offers at the final stage of their buying process. Because of this, it becomes a crucial turning point of conversion for online stores. When you have invested a great deal of money, resources, and effort in development of Magento website, then you should further take care of these things to make sure your customers do not leave you dry and high in middle of their buying journey –

Keep the checkout process transparent

  • The long check-out process is one of the major deterrents which causes card abandonment. Reduce the checkout steps on your site.
  • Remove the obligation of sign up and registration. Guest log-in plays an important role here in increasing the sales. If you require buyers to sign in, you can make it appear in the end before finalizing delivery. Also add in some fringe benefits for sign up, like free shipping or an additional discount.
  • The design of the site should be easy and navigable. The shopping cart should be editable at any stage before payment.
  • Make use of eye-catching design for the “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart” buttons.
  • Show the cart on all pages.
  • Do not surprise your buyers in middle of the checkout process with unexpected things like price change or additional charges. This creates a negative impression and customers abandon the cart if not satisfied.

Make it Responsive and Clear

  • Make your website quick to launch, browser compatible, and responsive for mobile devices.
  • Share product ratings, reviews, and social media links. Let your customers seek out for information through your website clearly to build loyalty.
  • Streamline your process and make it quick before the customers change their mind.
  • You can also add ‘Remember Me’ option so that the customers do not need to enter the same information again when they come back later to buy more goods.
  • Add a chat feature for customers to ask quick questions rather than emailing you and waiting for your response.
  • Also, show the shipping price and policy upfront.

Optimize the Engagement

  • Invest in creating remarketing options during Magento store development to reach out to each and every customer and win them back.
  • Set up remarketing adverts with Dynamic Marketing strategy through the use of cookies to connect with past visitors and offering them products they browsed on your site earlier.
  • Use email automation to recover cart abandoners and remind them of the pending transactions. Most of the emails result in conversions and increase your day’s sale.
  • Suggest other products on the page before the final checkout button to increase the sale. Offering discounts on bundled products is also a way to increase sales.
  • Custom pop-ups on your Magento store with surprise offers can also prompt buyers to purchase more products.

Improvise on your Offers

  • More than 90% of online shoppers find it compelling to buy after seeing free shipping without any capped amount.
  • Keep the payment options open for your customers to choose. This gives them a sense of freedom and they buy as per their convenience. Multiple payment options through – credit card, PayPal, other local payment services boost their confidence and they feel safe to shop on your site.
  • Include all security information, badges, and required protocols to establish trust of customers about your products and ensure quality.
  • You can also include to gift wrap the products in the checkout process. Customers buying for other family members or friends will be delighted to see this.

Make Improvements on the Go

  • Set up Google Analytics tracking on your Magento store to measure and analyze your cart abandonment rate. This will give you clarity on the successful conversions as well as leaks to determine what is required to be done to reduce it.
  • Test everything and anything on your site to improve your cart abandonment rates and to see if everything is working as required.
  • Finally, think as a customer and visit your site as a customer would. This will show you what your site is lacking and causing customers to leave without completing their orders.
  • Bring in rich product content with added visuals to make it appealing to viewers. With urgency and scarcity triggers like limited quantities available or numbers of people watching the same product, can boost sales and lure customers to buy that product.
  • Another tactic is gratitude. Do not forget to sincerely thank your customers who buy your products. You can send them emails or texts appreciating them for trusting you and buying your products or services.
  • This will help you in bonding with your customers and they will surely return without abandoning their cart.

With all the above measures, you can surely increase your conversion rate and decrease your cart abandonment rate. If you still cannot figure out the issues or face any difficulty in implementing these suggestions on your own, you can seek professional help with WebBee Global. Experts at WebBee are technically sound in building Magento online stores and manage them effectively through these features.

You can relax while the WebBee team will take care of inducing these features during the development and designing phase of your Magento store. With all these elements in place from day one, you can attract more customers and expect high turnover compared to your competitors in the market. WebBee is one the most trusted website development company in India and you can trust them completely for your Magento store development.