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Ready to use integration which ships 4 million order per year
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Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment for eBay

WebBee Amazon MCF integrator is introducing a comprehensive solution for eBay Amazon integration to manage order fulfillment and inventory for eBay marketplace sellers.

Efficiently manage your eBay and Amazon on a single dashboard. Our eBay Amazon Integration app seamlessly syncs your eBay orders to Amazon for fulfillment, inventory management, and real-time tracking.

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Integrate. Customize. Implement.

Automate eBay Store Efficiently with WebBee Amazon FBA Integration


Utilize Inventory Stock on Amazon to Fulfill eBay Orders


Use Amazon as a Warehouse to ship eBay orders.


Connect All eBay Marketplaces with MapMyChannel


Real-time Order Fulfillment and Tracking Info Sync, Order Sync, Inventory Sync

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Automate Multi-channel Fulfillment for your
eBay Store in 1- click

Leverage your customers with fast delivery of orders with WebBee Integrator for Amazon FBA on your eBay Store. Get started with easy to implement app. A few clicks automatically sync your eBay orders to save you time and routing these orders to Amazon FBA marketplaces.

Initiate Fast Order Delivery

WebBee Global Amazon MCF app will help you with real-time order sync from your eBay to Amazon. Giving you unmatched experience for fast order delivery and order tracking (single or multiple items) by automating your entire fulfillment process. Thereby, increasing your loyal buyers and repeat customers just with quick delivery.

Advance Inventory Management

Get real-time inventory sync of your store and reflect available inventory to your customers according to their buying geographical region. WebBee Amazon MCF is a comprehensive solution for growing your eBay Amazon business, quickly and smartly. Our app allows you to track your products from warehouse arrival all the way to order delivery at buyers' place.

Order Fulfillment Efficiency at its Best

You no longer need to spend time and money storing, picking, packing, and shipping your product thanks to the WebBee Amazon MCF app. You can efficiently complete orders on eBay and other platforms where you decide to offer your goods thanks to our software.

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We receive a lot of amazing reviews from our clients, and it really brightens our day


So quick in helping me link everything correctly. Straight and to the point with the BEST customer service and process with receiving the exact help I needed. :)

United States
Germaine De Capuccini AU

Seamless installation and set-up of the app. No interruption to our site function or performance. Customer support was excellent and extremely helpful during onboarding, ensuring everything was set up correctly. Response time is instant. We just started using it and will continue to monitor for any concerns.

United States

The app works perfectly, but more than that the customer service / support from the WebBee team is the best weve encountered in over 20 years in ecommerce. They are on it. You always get a polite reply with questions answered very quickly, if not by return.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I sell on eBay and fulfill Amazon?

A seller can create a eBay store and list the products to sell online there to customers. As soon as the online orders are received these can be synced to Amazon FBA via MapMyChannel by WebBee app.

Q2: What is eBay & MCF integration?

This is an integration between eBay account and Amazon FBA marketplaces via our app MapMyChannel by WebBee. This helps to sync eBay orders to Amazon FBA for fulfillment, inventory sync, tracking sync etc.

Q3: Does eBay integrate with Amazon MCF ?

Yes, MapMyChannel by WebBee app can integrate eBay to Amazon FBA to sync eBay orders for FBA fulfillment.

Q4: How do I integrate my eBay account with Amazon MCF?FBA different from Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF)?

Here you can contact WebBee support team at help@webbeeglobal.com to add and connect eBay account with Amazon MCF

Q5: How do I track my eBay orders fulfilled through Amazon MCF?

You can see the same in MapMyChannel by WebBee app under orders section.The orders can be seen if fulfilled or not or in progress.


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