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Why is Bigcommerce Best for Building an Online Store?

September 6, 2020

Why is Bigcommerce Best for Building an Online Store?

Are you new to eCommerce and wish to have a well-built online store for your business? With it, you prefer to increase your brand awareness and boost more sales? Then, the BigCommerce platform is an appropriate platform for you. Why? Because it is powerful, reliable, affordable, and user-friendly.

What is Bigcommerce?

Bigcommerce is considered as one of the top-rated eCommerce platforms in the world. With the support of it, you can easily create a visually appealing and highly functional online store for your business. This store will be easily customization as per your needs. Also, it facilitates the smooth handling of product listings, sales orders, inventories, and shipping tasks.

Rich with features, this platform offers an ideal base for building BigCommerce B2B and B2C online stores. These well-built BigCommerce sites draw the attention of more online shoppers towards your business. Not only that, these also assist you in delivering a better shopping experience for your customers. With these, there is no need for compromising on any kind of functionalities that you wish for your online stores.

Advantages of the BigCommerce Platform Offers for Building an Online Store:

  • Hassle-free Installation

The package of free 30 day-trial is the best advantage of using the BigCommerce platform for building your online store. With it, you can simply explore which feature/functionality fulfills your store requirements and which is not. If you feel comfortable in handling your store via this platform, then you can easily continue with the service package for 365 days.  

Apart from this, the BigCommerce website also offers many installation-linked features. Once the online store is live, you can manage your admin tasks as this platform offers a user-friendly admin panel. It also allows quick changes to different product listings.

On top of that, BigCommerce eCommerce platforms are most popular across the world. The primary reason for this is, the online stores built on this platform are highly affordable and extremely easy to maintain. With this, you can easily save a significant amount of money which is a huge benefit.

  • Plenty of Intuitive and Easy to use Themes

To build an efficient online store, BigCommerce offers hundreds of themes and templates. You can select any themes as per your preference either from the list of free themes or paid (premium) themes. As a wide variety is available, you can easily set up a custom online store without even having any knowledge of coding. More importantly, you can make any kind of modification to the installed theme to best suit your store needs by using CSS or HTML editors.

  • Quick Customization of Storefronts

The availability of the most advanced Stencil Theme platform is one of the major advantages of building online stores on the BigCommerce platform. It supports all the best practices of current technological, web designing, and SEO fields. Further, it offers several (free and paid) themes with previews and a dynamic theme editor. The review facilitates easy viewing of the changes made to the store’s look in your tablet, smartphone, or desktop. Further, the editor enables you to customize the key attributes. For example, fonts, colors, and the total number of items showcased in the store.

In addition to both these features, the Stencil Theme platform facilitates the use of many standard languages. The handlebars, SaaS/SCSS, and YAML conventions allow you to customize your live store. The platform makes use of open-source code for this purpose. With these Bigcommerce features, you can build a fully customized stunning eCommerce store.

  • Enhanced SEO

The recent digital growth prompted every business to strengthen its online presence. This stronger presence improves your brand awareness and drives traffic to your store. And, the larger part of this traffic can be easily converted into actual sales. Further, this stronger presence helps in achieving good search engine ranking to boost your online store’s visibility.

To assist in regard, the BigCommerce platform offers many SEO tools for its BigCommerce sites. These tools allow quick changes in the product info, custom URLs, and increased site speed. Also, these are highly useful in bringing quick adding more features to your online store as well as in making major changes in its look. Besides, with this platform, you will be able to integrate with many latest marketing tools.

  • Quick Reports on Abandoned Carts

Most of the online businesses complain about abandoned carts these days. Several customers add different products to their shopping cart but leave buying nothing. With it, the business loses sales and also becomes unable to decide whether to include these products back in inventory or not.

The BigCommerce store offers the Abandoned Cart Recovery feature to solve this. It identifies such carts and sends reminder emails to customers. With this functionality, an increase of 30% sales conversions can be easily observed.

  • Optimized Mobile Viewing

Only BigCommerce’s Stencil Theme platform offers themes that are highly compatible with Google AMP. These themes assist you in creating web pages that are quickly loadable on mobile devices. As a majority of online shoppers make use of these mobile devices, a high-level mobile response is needed. Not only that, you can also enhance your SEO rankings with this platform.

  • Content Syndication

The BigCommerce marketplace supports content syndication. Through this, your online store’s content can be easily re-published on other 3P websites. The content may include product descriptions, images, videos, and blog posts. Also, with this facility, you can easily connect with many eCommerce platforms and shopping feeds. Google’s Product Search Engine and Shopzilla are the best options for this purpose.

  • Multi-channel Selling  

By creating a store on the BigCommerce eCommerce platform, you can sell on multi-selling channels. You can easily integrate with the popular online business as well as social platforms. For example, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and many others. This flexibility of selling not only assists you in building a large client list but also drives more traffic to your online store. With this, you readily increase your real-time sales figures and expand your customer base.

  • Multiple Systems for Payment

The BigCommerce marketplace supports every major payment gateway. For example, Google Checkout and PayPal. With this, you can improve your different payment flows and reduce the processing fees greatly. Besides this, you will also be able to create a convenient online shopping experience.

  • Smooth Management of Returns

The BigCommerce marketplace offers an integrated platform for effective handling of order returns. With it, the reprocessing of the returns for reselling turns much easier. Not only that, it even facilitates a simple product return procedure for your customers as well. After all, the effective managing of return products plays a key role in eCommerce. Further, it also helps in better inventory handling and enables you to fulfill the customer’s needs.

  • Vital Alliance with Shipping Providers

No business will achieve success without the support of shipping providers. They play the greatest role in shipping your products at the right address. A strong BigCommerce b2b alliance with major shipping providers. The UPS, FedEx, and USPS offer the best support for you in this matter. With it, your online business will be able to achieve higher efficiency in its product shipping and delivery process. Not only that, you will also be able to offer a timely and reliable shopping experience for your customers.

  • Enhancement in Customer Loyalty

The BigCommerce platform offers every possible way to build stronger customer relationships. It facilitates quick generating of gift cards as well as coupon codes without any difficulty. More than that, you will be allowed to set conditions for when and how these things should be distributed. This is the most viable function offered by any platform to design your marketing plans to yield your desired results.

  • Dynamic App Store

The BigCommerce store offers a wide variety of apps to boost web traffic and sales for your online store. Well-built these apps facilitate quick connectivity with social media platforms. Many of these apps can be easily incorporated into your online store with just one click. Furthermore, if any specific 3rd-party app is required, you can easily do it. The seamless BigCommerce integrations are supported by apps from many other eCommerce platforms. For example, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Google Shopping. Also, many several other extensions available for use providing different usages. With these, you can easily track marketing tasks and enhance customer service.

  • Robust eCommerce Insights

To make timely decisions linked to product features and prices, you will need accurate insights. These analytics give the right info of your online store’s performance and in-demand products. Based on these actionable data you can revise your business plans often.

  • Secure Transactions

As the BigCommerce platform is powered by ‘hosted shopping cart’, it offers fast and reliable hosting with every plan. With it, you will be able to enjoy quick page loading, uploading of large photos, easy navigation, etc. It also improves your store’s SEO rankings.

  • Best Customer Support

When it’s come to efficient handling of different business processes, you might need constant customer support. Because you never know when you face any problem while managing your online store. BigCommerce provides 24-hour service via phone call, email, and live chat. BigCommerce also offers two more Avant-grade features. These are major benefits of BigCommerce which makes this the best one among others.

  • BigCommerce Next:

This is one of the latest features offered by the BigCommerce platform to improve overall output. It supports quick integration with Google Trusted Stores and BigCommerce App stores.

  • BigCommerce University:

Extremely useful for those businesses which are building an online store for first-time. It offers many demo videos that explain how to build Bigcommerce sites. Such kinds of resources are extremely useful in building strong customer loyalty.

WebBee’s BigCommerce NetSuite Connector

If you think how to enhance the functionality of your BigCommerce website even more? Then, our WebBee’s BigCommerce NetSuite Connector is the best available choice for you. Well-built, this connector app allows data syncing with NetSuite, and better manages business processes. Further, this app assists in processing a large number of sales orders.

The prime benefits offered our WebBee’s BigCommerce NetSuite Connector are:

  • Ensures error-free data by eliminating human intervention
  • Supports multiple payment systems and currencies
  • Improves output of the order fulfillment process
  • Supports auto-sync. of multiple inventories
  • Allows quick transfer of information between BigCommerce and NetSuite

Wrapping up:

If you are looking for building a custom online store for your business, then BigCommerce is the best platform. It is highly reliable, affordable, user friendly, and also scalable. Make use of this platform for building a highly functional store as it offers many ‘out-of-the-box’ features. Further, strengthen its performance by integrating it with WebBee’s BigCommerce NetSuite Connector. With an iPaaS enabled platform, this app enhances the performance of your operations. All the best for your new venture.

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