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Why do BigCommerce Scale businesses Choosing over WooCommerce?

November 1, 2022

Key Highlights:

  • About BigCommerce Preference
  • What is BigCommerce?
  • What makes BigCommerce better for businesses than WooCommerce?
  • How to implement BigCommerce in your marketing strategies?
  • What is NetSuite Integrator for BigCommerce?
  • Conclusion

BigCommerce is a platform for e-Commerce that provides a variety of features. Businesses widely use BigCommerce for marketing on the internet. WooCommerce, on the other hand, is a plugin for WordPress for e-commerce purposes. Using BigCommerce for e-commerce has been proven to scale businesses more than WooCommerce and has a lot of benefits.

While both have useful applications, BigCommerce is still more preferred by businesses, and there is a valid reason for it. Scaling is crucial for a business to enhance profits rapidly and grow at a fast pace. In this blog, you will find out why BigCommerce is favored over WooCommerce.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a platform used for e-commerce that provides a variety of programs used for business. BigCommerce is a huge name in the e-commerce world and the business world in general. Lots of businesses utilize BigCommerce as a part of their online marketing strategies. BigCommerce provides users with a lot of features to help them grow in the e-commerce market. It is known for its efficiency, versatility, SEO features, and strong security system.

Businesses can create a virtual store with the help of BigCommerce. One of the great things about BigCommerce is that it can be used by almost anyone and does not require advanced comprehension skills for that. The resourcefulness of BigCommerce as an e-commerce platform makes it so popular in the e-commerce sector.

BigCommerce offers a lot of scalability to businesses, which helps businesses in increasing their revenue. BigCommerce allows for easy access to the buying behavior of customers, which is essential for business in recent times. The buying patterns of customers help businesses in modifying their planning to keep up with the satisfaction of customers. BigCommerce greatly helps businesses in this regard.

Using BigCommerce is not just for large businesses. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can use BigCommerce for the benefit of their business. It does not matter whether a business is large, medium, or small; any business can utilize BigCommerce for e-commerce purposes. BigCommerce follows a subscription model, and different businesses can choose from the various packages offered by BigCommerce per their needs. The packages offered by BigCommerce are versatile, and there are options for all kinds of businesses.

BigCommerce offers strong customer support and is regarded highly for its service. Any difficulties or problems related to BigCommerce can be solved easily with the help of their customer support. The Search Engine Optimization features offered by BigCommerce are modern and innovative and work great for e-commerce. If SEO is implemented for e-commerce in the right way, it can be great for any business to drive sales.

BigCommerce can be accessed through multiple devices and is very user-friendly, no matter the device. Businesses can offer different types of delivery options for their customers while using BigCommerce for online marketing. Various features for marketing are offered by BigCommerce, which is a plus for any e-commerce platform. These features can be accessed easily and can be implemented for a variety of promotional strategies.

BigCommerce App Development Services is a feature of the BigCommerce platform that needs to be highlighted. It allows for great application programming for use in e-commerce. BigCommerce is an all-inclusive store. Starting an online business is much simpler because all the things a business requires are available there and conveniently located in a single spot. If the business uses the platform efficiently enough, it may be able to advance its growth very quickly.

What makes BigCommerce better for businesses than WooCommerce?

There are various reasons why BigCommerce is preferred over WooCommerce. For a business to thrive, scaling is extremely necessary. BigCommerce helps a business to scale because of all the advantages it has over WooCommerce.

While WooCommerce has a free installation process, availing additional features such as registration for a domain name and hosting service needs expenditure. Whereas with BigCommerce, there are subscriptions on a yearly or monthly basis. This makes BigCommerce preferred over WooCommerce for automated eCommerce business. Every business considers the cost of implementing certain marketing strategies. WooCommerce requires additional costs for certain features, and this makes BigCommerce favored over WooCommerce. Using BigCommerce as an e-commerce platform is overall more cost-efficient than WooCommerce.

Any business naturally prefers an e-commerce platform that is simple to utilize. No business wants to get involved in the hassle of using an e-commerce platform that is difficult to utilize. BigCommerce is quite easy to use and does not require much expertise for implementation. There is no need for specialized knowledge for using BigCommerce. WooCommerce, on the other hand, needs a certain level of understanding for use. WooCommerce requires more hard work to use the platform for the benefit of the business. There is a requirement for a specific degree of learning while using WooCommerce. Since all businesses want to be able to achieve their goals as fast as possible, using BigCommerce over WooCommerce is better due to its simplicity in utilizing e-commerce.

A business always likes an e-commerce platform that provides a diversity of payment methods. BigCommerce provides various payment methods and is one of the many reasons why businesses choose it so often. WooCommerce also has a lot of payment methods, but they are less in comparison to BigCommerce. E-commerce platforms which have a versatile use will always be beneficial for a business. BigCommerce offers a lot more integrators than WooCommerce, which makes BigCommerce much more versatile. Integrators can be used for a variety of purposes, and a platform having more of them means better for any business. Businesses can use the various integrators provided by BigCommerce, which makes it more favorable.

An appealing user interface is great for an e-commerce platform. BigCommerce has a better user interface when compared with WooCommerce connector. This makes BigCommerce gain more users than WooCommerce. BigCommerce also offers the option of personalizing the layout, which can be great for matching the business’s image.

Any business can be greatly helped with an e-commerce platform that provides solid customer service. There can be unavoidable issues when using an e-commerce platform. Good customer service for an e-commerce platform means any problems that might have arisen can be resolved very easily. BigCommerce customer service is top-notch and provides fast and easy resolutions. Customer service can also be accessed through multiple channels, which is a huge advantage. On the other hand, Woo Commerce’s customer service is not up to the mark. Users do not receive solutions easily, and customer service can be accessed through only a small number of platforms.

It is a top priority for any business to be secure. Businesses expect top privacy while using e-commerce platforms. Businesses have lots of confidential information, and privacy is a pivotal factor. The security system of BigCommerce is much better than WooCommerce. BigCommerce offers great protection of data and has an advanced system for maintaining privacy. WooCommerce expects businesses themselves to take measures to maintain privacy.

E-commerce is incomplete without Search Engine Optimization. As an e-commerce platform, BigCommerce offers a lot of features for implementing Search Engine Optimization. These features are also present in WooCommerce, but the options are limited when compared to BigCommerce. The Search Engine Optimization features offered by BigCommerce are more efficient and effective than WooCommerce.

How to implement BigCommerce in your marketing strategies?

BigCommerce can be used in a wide variety of marketing strategies for any business. Implementing BigCommerce in the right way can make certain that businesses flourish. Using the innovative SEO features offered by BigCommerce in the right way is great for the success of your business. It is now common knowledge that SEO is extremely important for a business. Using SEO for e-commerce helps in driving more traffic and eventually generates more profits. Since BigCommerce offers so many SEO features, it is very useful to create an excellent SEO strategy. Using these strategies with the SEO options provided by BigCommerce is beneficial for businesses. Search Engine Optimization can increase the rankings of the business on the search engine platform, which is great for any business to stay ahead of the curve. Most competitors of the business would be using SEO for e-commerce, and to stay one step ahead of the competition, it is important to use SEO in the right way.

As BigCommerce allows the personalization of the layout, using this feature carefully can prove beneficial for businesses. Every brand has a certain image they want to portray to its audience. A layout that goes with the business’s image will help in customers’ better understanding of the mission and vision of the business. These will lead the customers to relate more to the business. An attractive layout can drive more customers to the business and even compel them to make purchases.

Using the various integrators provided by BigCommerce is a great online marketing strategy. BigCommerce is known for being a resourceful eCommerce integration platform. Choosing the integrators wisely is essential to achieve this. Integrators are made for a variety of purposes, and using them for specific needs can be beneficial for the business.

Since BigCommerce offers various delivery methods, businesses should use this feature provided by the e-commerce platform extensively. Businesses should offer various delivery methods to their customers if they want their customers to keep coming back to them. Using BigCommerce for marketing across all channels is very beneficial for a business. Marketing across all channels ensures that the business targets all kinds of customers, which is a plus for any business.

While using BigCommerce, focusing on your business’s specialty is a great way of making sure that you get the best use out of the e-commerce platform. Combining the unique things about your business with the application of BigCommerce is a sure-shot way of acquiring more customers. Utilizing the BigCommerce App Development services is also highly recommended for businesses involved in e-commerce. Choose the BigCommerce package that is the best for your business. Consider the features the particular package offers. If you have to spend a little extra for a certain package, consider subscribing to it since it can add a lot of benefits to your e-commerce venture.

What is NetSuite Integrator for BigCommerce?

The BigCommerce NetSuite Integrator App is an integrator used for various purposes, such as managing inventories, customer support, and a lot more. NetSuite integrator for BigCommerce can be used for fulfilling a wide range of requirements.

 NetSuite for BigCommerce Integration has various advantages. Some of them are listed below:

 # NetSuite Integrator can be used to connect with customers better. A business needs a great connection with its customers to achieve its goals. NetSuite integrator makes it simple and easy to connect with all of the customers.

 # NetSuite helps in acquiring all the necessary data required for a business to function and progress in a single place. Gathering data is a time-consuming task for businesses. The NetSuite integration helps in getting all the information required by a business, and this saves time and helps businesses in shaping their strategies.

 # The NetSuite BigCommerce Connector also helps greatly in managing costs. Since the business can monitor everything related to funding in BigCommerce, it helps to keep track of the finances and manage them better.

 # The NetSuite Integrator has features that can help in driving traffic to the business. Due to its cutting-edge features, the NetSuite integrator can drive traffic in a very organized way.


BigCommerce is one of the most advanced platforms for e-commerce. It helps businesses a lot in scaling and has significant advantages over WooCommerce. The things that make BigCommerce better for scaling businesses than WooCommerce is provided in this article. The advantages of BigCommerce and using NetSuite Integrator for BigCommerce are also provided in this article.

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