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Which latest ERP trends can transform your business?

ERP Software
October 30, 2019

The trend of ERP never fades because this is one of the exciting areas of businesses that help them to make decisions and streamline various operations. Whatever the industry size, ERP is supreme for all. The demand for ERP solutions rises because of cloud deployment and artificial intelligence. Presently, businesses are integrating ERP with other enterprise tools such as CRM, HRMS, etc. There is so much buzz around ERP but what exactly is this? Actually, ERP is software that can itself handle all aspects of your business from order processing to after-sales customer support.

ERP trends of 2017 and 2018

Big Data In the year 2017, businesses were overwhelmed with Big Data. The effective usage of BigData and analytics opened the new doors for firms so that they can make critical decisions as well as identify open markets.

Open Source ERPs When open-source ERP solutions were cloud-based, its advantages were mostly experienced by small and medium businesses. At the same time period, integrated ERP was also introduced in the market. The fresh open-source resources were playing a vital role in simplifying BigData for the impending eCommerce arena.

Cloud ERPs When cloud computing ERP was introduced, a tremendous boost was experienced in single window operations. This is because Cloud ERP was seamlessly managing all business management, BI & CRM.

ERP integrated into social media In 2018, social media and technology ERP came into limelight as they were impacting the adoption of ERP systems for development and growth. The best trends were observed in Social, Mobile, Cloud and Modular ERP solutions. Modern ERP software would get functionally edible with an in-built social media package that would track and monitor the entire information flow.

Mobile ERPs With the advancement of mobile technology, it has become important for enterprises to get real-time access to computer information. Because of this reason, mobile ERPs were invented to facilitate information assemblage, instant report generation and simplify the core business process. Mobile ERP proved extremely beneficial for the company as they provide valuable insights into businesses’ future processes.

Modular ERPs Modular ERPs always remain in trend because they allow users to choose only the important modules within an ERP. In this way, not only utilization costs get reduced because special features are used that suit the requirement of a business.

Top ERP Trends for 2019

Improved mobile accessibility In the past few years, ERP’s mobile accessibility was not given important by mobile-centric businesses. Presently, employees use their own smartphone to access work tasks, therefore, ERP mobile-centric has turn pivotal. Besides this, developers are also working to make ERP solutions secure against hacks, viruses and other vulnerabilities. On the other hand, corporations are implementing BYOD policies to make mobile ERP usage safe and secure. Well, mobile accessibility is a hot topic in 2019 and both vendors and clients are focusing to make ERP safer and easy to use on mobile devices.

Importance of security measures Due to advancements in technology, experts have to deal with data security breaches and this is one of the major problems at the professional level. Because of this reason, businesses are getting aware of the reliability and security mechanisms of ERP software. Presently, organizations are looking for the advanced ways and improved security mechanisms which that they can protect their business data without affecting usability and accessibility.

Uniqueness of features In research, it is revealed that most of the customers go for features as compared to the cost and user experience. At the time of implementing ERP software, the importance is given to special features and functionalities. In the market, various ERP tools are available that come at different prices. On the other hand, some ERP tools do not contain special features that are important for business owners. If you want to purchase ERP software then you have to look at if their features align with your enterprise requirements or not.

Real-time response capability In the past few years, we have witnessed a major change in ERP architecture. Because of real-time responses, ERP software provides clear insight into business performance. The latest ERP software use in-memory computing as well as analytical processing through which they generate reports based on data captured in real-time.

Expanding human capabilities Business intelligence is becoming more important day by day and more ERP systems with intelligent solutions manifest to provide real-time data of core business operations. The main reason is to improve an organization’s operational efficiencies, sales as well as productivity. Advanced analytical and business intelligence features that are added to modern ERP software form an integral part of the system. All these encourage organizations to find reliable ERP tools that can make a meaningful sense of data and expand human capabilities.

If you want to replace your ERP then you might be thinking about what to look in a new system. Well, these latest trends will help you to measure your current system –

Security Don’t take the data security lightly otherwise, you have to pay the consequences. ERP itself can’t cover all security requirements but ERP can protect your data and make it easy for you to monitor and audit.

Don’t forget features If you are choosing ERP solutions on the basis of features then it will not be a good decision for you. So, first, evaluate your company’s prerequisites and then choose those ERP solutions that deliver what they promise.

Don’t ignore the power of data Data is an extremely valuable asset so you need to find an ERP solution that ensures the ability to access, analyze and present that data. Ensure that your ERP solution provides you the ability to tap on other data resources as well.

Pay attention to social media Social media has the ability to change the way you operate at every level and in every department. So your ERP needs can easily integrate with your social media strategy.

Conclusion ERP is changing continuously but it is still a core system that has the potential to drive digital transformation. Don’t think that ERP is just an accounting system or record-keeping software. Include this software to transform your business and ensure its strength let you take advantage of new trends and technology.