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December 24, 2014

Ecommerce cannot be ignored; however simply putting your company on the internet is not the way to high profits. This is a half-baked approach. A webstore is like a display shop in real life. The location, display, design all matter and contribute to the success of its sales. If a shop is in a side street, it will attract lesser footfalls, than if it would, if it was on a main and popular avenue. Similarly, a webstore on a highly visited ecommerce platform like Shopify or Amazon brings in more customers than a simple website. Few enterprises understand the importance of NetSuite connectors for ecommerce. Even though they do logon to Shopify, Magento or eBay, they are unable to progress, due to the sheer manual processes required by these sites.


With connectors from NetSuite, webstore building on Shopify becomes an automated and efficient ecommerce system. Manually pushing products, creating catalogues and display with pricing for a webstore will take up most of your time. NetSuite webstore building makes all these integrations a fast and automated process, giving you real time control over your Shopify account. NetSuite Shopify integrators will provide you all updated data and marketing tools, which will propel your ecommerce, putting you ahead of the competition. With NetSuite webstore connectors, you will be able to offer your Shopify customers far richer and satisfying shopping experience. You will be able to track customer preferences, categories, orders and cancellations, giving you greater customer retention strength.

Besides these, NetSuite will provide all requisite tools to ensure that your webstore has the correct type of display, pricing and product placement. Shopify has its own format and NetSuite connectors will integrate every aspect for the webstore in the same format. With NetSuite, you can leverage your Shopify webstore without having to spend hours on manual updates and submissions