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Understanding IPAAS & How Can It Help To Yield The Best From Netsuite?

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May 7, 2017

With increase in technological standards, the vocabulary around it has also evolved. The ever-changing world of technology has turned the tech-jargons to suit their understanding of services and this is how new terms have come-up and are being used explicitly to point at certain technologies and their uses.

With ERP solutions becoming the new norm for businesses to manage their operations on daily basis, several solutions and services have mushroomed in the market. Amongst them, icloud based solutions have gained much liking by the organizations owing to their ease of implementation and synchronization with existing applications and data.

Though it still remains a challenge for many providers as well as customers, yet its popularity cannot be ignored. The prerequisite to meet the growing need for secure and reliable cloud integration solutions, requires vendors to offer integration services known as Integration Platform as a Service or iPaaS.

This cloud based solution is steadily gaining buzz and becoming the preferred choice of many businesses. However, it is still unclear to many about what is does and how it does.

Simply put, iPaaS is a cloud based platform for developing and implementing integrations not only within the cloud but also between the cloud and the enterprise. iPaaS allows its users to develop integration flows which link applications lying in the cloud or on-premises and then deploy them without third-party hardware or middle-ware installations required for managing them. At its best, iPaaS brings together the specific requirements of an organization under one cloud-based service toolkit.

The architecture is built to provide tools and services that support the execution of work flows, the life cycle of development and management of integrations, monitoring of application flows, governance, and mandatory cloud features including feasibility, elasticity and self-provisioning.

Since, this technology solution is in its infancy, many vendors do not have all the features but only specific ones to suit certain business requirements. Each of which emphasizes a different area of integration like B2B, e-commerce, Cloud integration or SOA infrastructure and so on. However, for short term needs, iPaaS serves the purpose for may companies in e-commerce, B2B and cloud integration.

Now if we talk about its relation with NetSuite, last week saw thousands of business owners and NetSuite users gather at SuiteWorld in Las Vegas to look into array of ways to make the most of their investment concerning cloud business management suite.

When we talk about cloud based solutions and services, integration apparently cannot be ignored and in-fact becomes critical part of the equation. NetSuite when augmented with other best applications , careful consolidation ensures smooth functioning and management of data across divisions in any given IT environment. This process if carried out effectively, eliminates expensive, time-consuming, and error prone manual work along with surely of consistent data across disparate systems.

Besides the above, there are other advantages of best-in-class integration as well. To be specific, it lets you efficiently automate work flows for your processes, spectacularly align cash activities, omni-channel commerce, human resources development and supply chain set-up.

For many existing as well as potential NetSuite customers, cloud-based iPaaS is the obvious choice for their data and application integration projects. As the iPaaS market leader, WebBee is here to help NetSuite customers size up how they can transform their business performance.

Why iPaaS fits the bill most?

Why is iPaaS, and WebBee in particular, the preferred approach for NetSuite integration?

Several NetSuite customers, apparently choose cloud integration for the very same reason they shifted their other applications like ERP and CRM to the cloud in the first place to start with. In their need to do away with the capital expense and overhead of on-premise hardware and software, they turn to iPaaS. Similar to NetSuite, iPaaS upgrades are available automatically along with in-built enterprise-grade security. With lower cost of ownership, iPaaS provides its customer more reasons to opt for it. Offering predictable pricing as an added feature, iPaaS stands apart from other traditional integration middle-ware options available in the market.

But a best-in-class iPaaS, such as the WebBee integration platform, provides a host of benefits beyond the basic advantages of the cloud. To start with, these benefits include but are not limited to speedy configuration, wide flexibility, agility for growth, in-built connectivity, and comprehensive data management.

Speed of Configuration

Although Integrations are crucial, they can be configured in iPaaS at a fraction of the time. The cost for the integration is also low compared to cost of traditional direct coding or code-based on-premise technology such as an extract, transform and load (ETL) tool or enterprise service bus (ESB). Unlike these legacy technologies, which may take months for implementation and integration, iPaaS provides companies the ability to implement their integrations in hours or days which is the most quickest way.

Wide Flexibility

With this feature, iPaaS provides support to any cloud or on-premise integration scenario. It grabs its customers where its competitors fail and this significant advantage over traditional ETL and ESB middle-ware often comes to its rescue in today’s rapidly growing business possibilities. With iPaaS and WebBee together, your organization will out do others in making the most of available new technologies such as social, big data, Internet of Things (IoT) to name a few as it is the best tool so far.

Agility for Growth

Cloud-based softwares or platforms comes with added advantages over the other platforms. NetSuite customers have the flexibility to easily add, delete or modify the connectors and functionality. They can perform this without incurring extra cost or wait time. Upgrades also form a part of the platform and are available automatically to the customers. Organizations can easily avoid the risk of using obsolete versions and will remain up-to-date without any middle-ware to manage their applications or data. Such agility and features helps organizations to direct their focus on their business without worrying about their systems and its functionality issues.

In-Built Connectivity

With a high-quality iPaaS, comes high end features to suit the customers with diverse needs. Its customers can expect pre-built connectivity for almost all integration scenarios. This helps to leverage existing codes which makes quick integration possible thereby, saving valuable time for developers.

Comprehensive Data Management

In its unified platform, WebBee not only provides support for core application integration but also supports its clients in developing robust capabilities for better managing its e-data, API management, and process work flows. The clients receive comprehensive services together that serves their purpose of effective data management. Such a merged platform provides economical solutions which aim at lowering the demands of training and staffing. This in turn also serves the purpose of reducing the costs of maintaining multiple integration platforms.

Today’s best iPaaS technology much more than just providing a cloud platform. It is by far the best solution to address any integration challenge that a company encounters, be it simple or most complex. Its value increases even more for any organization which is looking for its integration with NetSuite across its units.

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