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Shopify Store Automation with Amazon MCF in 2023

January 20, 2023

Key Highlights:

          - Shopify Amazon Integration App : AMCF App by WebBee

           - Select Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment for Your Shopify Online Store

           - Amazon SKUs, SKU Mapping, and Bundling

           - Order Sync from Shopify to Amazon in Real-Time

           - Easy Interface

           - Tracking Numbers from Amazon

           - Product Bundling

           - Multiple Sales Channels and Marketplaces

           - Pricing Strategy

           - Great Customer Service

           - Discounted Rates for Shipping

           - Good Storage Space

           - Multi-Channel Retailing

The major reason Shopify is a wonderful platform for managing a storefront is that it takes care of many of the routine responsibilities of keeping a business on its own. It accomplishes a lot, including maintaining updated product pages, keeping inventories in sync, and managing payments. But not all of it. Shopify just hands your orders as they come in out of the box. You are responsible for assembling, completing, and keeping track of each order. That's acceptable for a small business that sells a few dozen items monthly, but it becomes unsustainable if you want to expand and scale your business.

Automation can help in this situation. Thanks to technology, we can automate fulfillment in several ways, which are excellent solutions for managing an expanding shop. Thus, you can automate your Shopify store with WebBee Amazon MCF in 2023 !! But how do we do it? Let's find out.

Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment App

Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment App was created specifically to reduce order fulfillment and shipping problems. This app is just what you need to advance your online store. It allows you to handle orders from Shopify to Amazon FBA or Amazon to Shopify (fulfillment for Prime Orders from its marketplace) and track real-time developments. Merchants can attract new consumers and keep the ones they already have by utilizing Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment App by WebBee. A WebBee app for Shopify connects Amazon to Shopify and performs more activities like:

● Direct product and inventory sync between Shopify and Amazon FBA

● Order management or import for Amazon FBA from Shopify

● Regular tracking updates

● Order and shipment information sync

● Inventory management in real time

● Easily mapped SKUs between Amazon and Shopify

● Customers receive shipment emails with Sync Notification

Managing inventory and delivering to various locations worldwide is quite challenging when you have consumers worldwide. This is where Amazon MCF assists you with your Shopify store. But what is Amazon MCF?

What is Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment?

You are quite familiar with Amazon, either as a user or as a merchant. It is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world, enabling individuals to sell and purchase their goods worldwide. One of the various fulfillment types that Amazon offers is Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment.

With this service, you may keep your stock in Amazon's warehouses, and they will take care of the rest. Every time a consumer puts a purchase, your items will be controlled there and dispatched to the desired area. You may retain and manage a large inventory while saving money and time.

How Does Amazon MCF Help?

For eager online shoppers who want every item to arrive at their door as soon as it has been checked out and payment has been completed, Amazon Multi-Channel fulfillment acts as a stimulant that simplifies the entire order-to-cash and delivery process cycle easily and quickly. eCommerce marketplace and eCommerce business competition cannot ignore the necessity for effective and quick fulfillment services like Amazon FBA.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment by FBA is a quick and effective shipping and delivery solution for sales orders produced by Amazon seller central account holders that sell from their Amazon marketplace as well as other third-party stores like Shopify fulfillment by Amazon MCF.

For a third-party seller from a website like Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment can help them get around the issue of inventory systems, information, and duplicate warehouses. A Shopify owner can fully manage all three essential elements of an eCommerce business—inventory, infrastructure, and information—thanks to Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment for Shopify fulfillment orders.

Resolving Information-Related Issues

A Shopify merchant who uses Amazon fulfillment service is relieved of the hassle of handling inventory and eCommerce fulfillment independently on two distinct platforms. It spares a seller from managing inventory and fulfillment at two distinct locations with its fulfillment centers. It serves as a partner in supply as well as logistics. 

Business applications and software supported by Amazon MCF offer simple business transactions for an effective and quick order-to-cash business cycle. It protects a retailer from being subject to major merchants' EDI regulations. Also, it provides a standard bar code labeling solution for every merchant to organize outgoing orders systematically and guarantee compliance. It delivers an all-around efficient system for managing orders, inventories, and payments.

Resolving Infrastructure Issues

Effective warehouse management is one of the most crucial components of all fulfillment-related tasks that FBA Multi-Channel Fulfillment organizes. A seller is relieved from organizing bulk warehouse activities by Amazon fulfillment centers with their Warehouse Management System. All warehouse management functions, including the following, are offered by Amazon FBA under one roof.

● Organized racks for cases and pallets

● Move units using forklift trucks

● Wide spaces for staging outbound freight after receiving them

● Docks for unloading and loading trucks

● Several pick faces for choosing single items into carts or totes

● Software and facilities for preparing shipments of small packages

● Conveyors with several other automation systems

Resolving Inventory Issues

Regarding inventory, Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment enables a seller to have item stocking capabilities at one of the company's enormous fulfillment centers, which not only stores items but also packs, packages, and delivers them to a customer's door. A separate warehouse and delivery arrangement is not necessary, thanks to Amazon MCF, which combines the whole inventory management system. Moreover, it offers stocking, packaging, and delivery services under one roof and gives customers a complete, real-time picture of all their goods at distribution facilities and when they are on the road. Also, compared to other service providers in the market, the costs to stock and distribute goods at Amazon fulfillment centers are significantly more affordable and competitive.

Best Shopify Amazon Integration App: AMCF App by WebBee

With real-time inventory and order changes, Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment App developed by the team of WebBee automatically completes Shopify fulfillment through Amazon MCF. You may achieve operational efficiency through Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) with WebBee. Also, you can track numerous goods in real-time and take advantage of the finest customer support service.

Here are some of the best features:

Select Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment for Your Shopify Online Store

With Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment software for Shopify Amazon integration WebBee app makes it easy to choose the best option for all your eCommerce business's demands. As a result, you will be able to coordinate all of your orders from various platforms in one location and take full use of Amazon FBA's limitless benefits.

Amazon SKUs, SKU Mapping, and Bundling

This Auto MCF App maps SKUs and provides the ability to manually map mismatched SKUs, benefiting all retailers and making it simple for them to combine goods for discounts, special offers, and combinations. Further, with Multi-Channel Fulfillment by Amazon, Shopify, and Amazon, FBA SKUs may be mapped.

Order Sync from Shopify to Amazon in Real-Time

The Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment tool may help you track one or more goods in real-time order sync from Amazon to Shopify if you're concerned about the order status. So, by automating the whole workflow, orders from Shopify are exported to Amazon MCF for fulfillment, improving the effectiveness of the shipping process.

Easy Interface

The program is simple to use, so you can start immediately. If you have any problems getting started, we provide 24/7 customer assistance. This Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment App offers all you need for Amazon FBA via Shopify. Thus, this tool supports a wide range of Amazon FBA fulfillment markets and assists in keeping a complete record of inventory, orders, bundling, shipping, and many other things.

Tracking Numbers from Amazon

The most challenging and time-consuming aspect of being a merchant is keeping your consumers informed about new items. However, WebBee completely takes care of this issue. Indeed, you may now use the Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment App to automate this operation. Every time an order is sent, we will tell your customers. So, if you sell your items on more than one e-commerce site, WebBee's Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment app will allow you to synchronize all orders placed on multiple platforms. Furthermore, this program will automatically retrieve Amazon tracking numbers, allowing them to send buyer confirmation emails.

Product Bundling

You may increase the value of your clients' carts by combining products with WebBee's Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment App. You can begin with only a few mouse clicks. So, all you have to do is search for the product you want to bundle within the app. Then do some mapping, and you're ready to go. As soon as an order for certain items is placed, they will be dispatched following the mapping.

Multiple Sales Channels and Marketplaces

The Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment App covers numerous marketplaces, which is one of its most notable characteristics. Yes, you may accept orders from anywhere in the world, including Japan, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, and Canada. Similarly, this software works effectively with a variety of sales outlets. You may simply combine WebBee's software with Shopify to fulfill orders through Amazon FBA marketplaces.

Pricing Strategy

The membership costs make WebBee's Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment App even more appealing. You have the most affordable membership plan with a slew of intriguing features and bonuses. You may be concerned about the expensive subscription rates for integration expenses. What if you did not like the results after paying subscription fees? However, at WebBee, the first goal is client pleasure, and indeed it is a two-way partnership. For that, you have a fourteen-day trial period that is free of charge. You may take advantage of the trial time and then decide whether or not to sign up for a monthly membership.

How would it help your customers?

Great Customer Service

As your company grows, you must manage both sales and after-sales. You must consider consumer inquiries, refunds, and returns when dealing with returning customers. FBA sellers will have a 'Fulfillment by Amazon logo' on their listings. Such assurances reassure clients that their products' packing, delivery, customer care, and returns are all handled directly by the Amazon team.

Discounted Rates for Shipping

Shipping prices may have a significant impact on your business. Therefore it is critical to keep an eye on everything. If you use Amazon FBA, you may enjoy low delivery costs and a high level of customer satisfaction. FBA sellers are only paid for the services they use, so they don't have to worry about additional membership fees, minimum unit requirements, or start-up costs.

Good Storage Space

Keeping dead stock is a perennial source of concern for business owners. It's a problem that wastes time and resources that could be better spent building the firm. With FBA, you may store your inventory at any or Amazon fulfillment centers worldwide, with no minimum amount of items. When a consumer places an order, the item dispatches from the fulfillment center closest to the customer, assuring prompt delivery. If you are utilizing Amazon FBA to overcome inventory space constraints, this applies not only to Amazon sellers but also to other sales channels such as Shopify.

Multi-Channel Retailing

Multi-channel retailing is a common method for increasing sales prospects by targeting clients across many channels. Amazon merchants may use Amazon's fulfillment network to fulfill orders placed on Amazon or other sales channels via Multi-Channel Fulfillment. MFC is responsible for sending your products straight to an Amazon fulfillment facility. When a consumer purchases merchandise on Amazon or other sales channels, the Amazon team gets the orders promptly. Amazon people handle the entire delivery procedure from the fulfillment facility.

Final Thought

E-commerce is always presenting new obstacles, the most prominent of which is the rising competitiveness in this field. The only way to combat this ever-increasing competition is to broaden your online client reach by experimenting with various e-commerce platforms. Having more than two online storefronts on numerous sales channels is a big benefit for competing with rivals and increasing profit margins. Still, it also has its own set of issues in operating such a broad business. 

WebBee's Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment App for Shopify Amazon integration provides the best solution for your online store & brand demands. It will help you coordinate your orders from various platforms in one location.

Certainly, with its Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment software for Shopify Amazon integration, WebBee makes it easy to choose the best option for all of your eCommerce business's demands. You will be able to coordinate all your orders from various platforms in one location and fully use Amazon FBA's limitless benefits.

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