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Is Shopify Amazon integration helpful for boosting eCommerce sales?

January 9, 2023

Key Highlights:

About Shopify Amazon integration

The historic merging of Amazon and Shopify has cleared the path for businesses to fine-tune marketplace dynamics. The merger has sparked the idea that Amazon and Shopify are serious competitors. The action demonstrates the seriousness of their goals to advance the E-commerce sector and make it easily accessible to driven business owners. In a nutshell, the connection would assist companies in using the Shopify platform to sell their items on the Amazon marketplace. Businesses may only have one Shopify account to benefit from both worlds. Through Amazon, Shopify merchants will expand their reach across the globe. 

Moreover, the world is moving quickly toward e-commerce platforms, thanks to developments in the business and IT sectors. While e-commerce has made the entire world accessible, it has also caused severe worries for both consumers and companies. Due to the growing competitiveness in the eCommerce industry, this has become even more pronounced.

One of the most significant issues is to store your items and have them dispatched to the consumer, whether you sell on Amazon, Shopify, eBay, or any other e-commerce platform. Managing inventory and delivering to various locations worldwide is quite challenging when you have consumers worldwide. Confused by the variety of fulfillment choices available? Not to worry! Using Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment can facilitate your shipping services when you initially consider integrating  Shopify to Amazon. Indeed, it is a widely acknowledged method by contemporary eCommerce organizations to deal with the issue of handling all three "I"s - Information, Infrastructure, and Inventory.

Let’s know more about the 3 “I”s.


When distributing things in bulk through eCommerce fulfillment, you may have to juggle between two different information systems. However, to meet the EDI requirements of significant merchants, Multi-Channel Fulfillment on a single system necessitates an efficient technique.


Online retailers who get a large volume of orders daily must set up their operations accordingly. A warehouse must have racking designed for cases and pallets, forklift vehicles to transport such items, and huge rooms for stocking goods to accommodate the bulk distribution system.


When dispatching an order, inventory management is an important concern. An owner of an eCommerce business uses SKU numbers and serial numbers to manage inventories for B2B and B2C operations, with one activity centered on pallets and the other on individual units. A seller loses access to a real-time view of all inventory products at distribution facilities or storefronts when different business processes use different inventory management systems.

As a result, Shopify Amazon integration of Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment delivers the best practices of the three "I"s of inventory. It provides a single master inventory for all sales channels, fulfills orders from the same storage and inventory pool for B2B and B2C customers, and uses a single information system to control inventory across all channels. Additionally, its larger network contributes to the cheap cost of Amazon Multi- Channel Fulfillment.

How is WebBee fulfilling Shopify Amazon integration through its AMCF App?

Through the Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment application for Shopify Amazon integration, WebBee provides the optimal answer for all of your eCommerce companies/enterprises requirements. It allows you to sync requests across several platforms in a single location and uses the unlimited advantages of Amazon FBA fulfillment. AMCF (Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment) is an indispensable app for Shopify and Amazon shops. AMCF enables consolidated inventory, order, and fulfillment management across all channels. There are several advantages to utilizing the Auto MCF App. WebBee Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment (AMCF) App provides total inventory and fulfillment process management. This Amazon FBA Shopify App lets you quickly track and manage your stock levels across your channels, assuring that you only oversell or under-deliver orders.

The Auto MCF(Multi-Channel Fulfillment ) App makes it simple to process orders from numerous channels through a unified platform. You may save time and money by completing orders using the Amazon FBA App, your warehousing, or a third-party fulfillment center with the most optimal fulfillment option.

In addition to extensive reporting and analytics features, the Auto MCF App allows you to follow your sales and profitability throughout all channels. With this insight, you can consider making data-driven choices about investing your resources for the most effective. If you're not employing this wonderful Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment App, you're losing out on several critical perks that might aid in expanding your company. WebBee's Multi Channel Fulfillment by Amazon is revolutionary and one of the greatest fulfillment alternatives available to businesses.

How Can WebBee Assist in Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment?

The next step is to ensure that Amazon handles order fulfillment after your Shopify online store has been connected with Amazon and your Shopify items have been set up. Amazon will sync your orders with the online Shopify store within an hour, but that's not all. Requesting Fulfillment by Amazon manually through Shopify is necessary. Manually accomplishing this will take a lot of time and effort, which is bad for you because you need to focus on several other issues. However, as many commercial programs are accessible for that purpose, you don't need to worry about this. The procedure will be automated, so you won't need to verify it anymore manually.

But how to pick from all of the available possibilities is the issue. That's where the Auto Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment App from WebBee comes into the picture to further improve your experience with Fulfillment by Amazon. The application to sync your orders is by far the finest. Let us dive deep into these advantages a little more.

Helps in improving customer service in terms of faster/accurate shipping alerts as per shipment tracking. The Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment software can enable Amazon to send delivery confirmation emails to your end customers and automatically collect all the tracking numbers. A large order from Amazon could be split up into several shipments, each of which might have a different arrival date. Ensure the consumers are not taken aback when receiving the first shipment, even if they anticipate receiving the complete purchase. In order to trace each shipment via Shopify, and relieves the burden on your customer support. Our integration produces dedicated shipments in Shopify as they are dispatched by Amazon.

AMCF App Features

Post-Purchase Upsell

An e-commerce approach known as a post-purchase upsell aims to get customers to buy more products after completing a transaction. It's a method for e-commerce companies to promote and offer pertinent goods and services that go along with their first purchase. A consumer adds something to their first order with an upsell. It may be a more costly (premium) variation of the item they just bought, a larger volume variation of a product they already have in their shopping cart, or even a scaled-down variation of the item they just bought .

At WebBee, integrators seamlessly sync orders, inventory, and tracking while taking into account the processes offered by the eCommerce channels so that merchants may benefit from the most recent and continuing improvements. Thus, post-purchase upsell is one of these features. By configuring the order export to Amazon MCF in our app, you may enable other applications to provide you with the post-purchase upsell. If you use the right upsell technique, you may reward a customers' loyalty with a nice discount or a free item.

With Virtuals Bundles, Sellers Can Customize Discounts For Customers

Product bundling has consistently been a tactic to raise the average order value. For purchasers, searching for various things many times might be a tedious chore. The alleviation of this suffering is crucial for vendors. The most low-hanging fruit for sellers is to raise cart values, and there are several ways to do so, including upselling and cross-selling. To construct a bundle of products and sell a single item that will allow the seller to give discounts, you can utilize bundles, also known as kit items. Purchase a predetermined combination of goods, or buy 1 for, say, $10 and 3 for $25 off.

Enterprise Level Fulfillment

Large prospects are presented by company expansion at the enterprise level. However, as an enterprise eCommerce firm grows, there will be even more growing pains when shipping, order fulfillment, and logistics are scaled to handle huge volume orders. How do you manage inventory warehousing, shipping, picking and packing orders, processing returns, and taking care of customer issues when you have inaccurate orders or delayed orders in a market where customers expect service excellence? How do you balance innovation, product development, sales and marketing, and maintaining customer satisfaction? Reliable in fulfillment because of the scale of Amazon operations.

Scalability is another advantage offered by Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment. If you decide to utilize this service, Amazon will charge you for each cubic foot of space that your items occupy in their warehouse. Therefore, you may easily alter the room to meet your needs. For instance, during the busiest sales period, you could wish to scale up and vice versa. Because of how simple the procedure is, the pricing may be estimated in advance.

With Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment for Shopify Amazon integration, WebBee makes it easy to choose the best option for all of your eCommerce business demands. You will be able to coordinate all of your orders from various platforms in one location and take full use of Amazon FBA limitless benefits.

Pricing Strategy

The subscription costs make our Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment App even more intriguing. You are being charged for the most affordable membership plan with a plethora of appealing features and advantages. You could be worried about the expensive integration subscription costs. And what if, after paying monthly fees, you're not happy with the results? But at WebBee, we put our client needs first and think that a partnership should have mutual benefits. We provide you with a fourteen-day trial period as compensation, entirely free of charge. You may take advantage of the trial time and then choose whether or not to sign up for a monthly membership.

Amazon Tracking Numbers

The most challenging and laborious part of running a business is informing your clients about new items. However, we have found a solution for you. Yes, may now use our Auto Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment App to automate this operation. Every time you dispatch an order, we will let your consumers know. This Auto Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment tool by WebBee will enable you to synchronize all the orders placed on various e-commerce platforms if you presently offer your items on more than one platform. Additionally, this program will automatically retrieve the Amazon tracking numbers, enabling users to send purchasers confirmation emails.

Pre-Built Workflows

WebBee approach has pre-built processes that do all of your requirements, as well as pre-built sync for :

⦁ Sales order + fulfillment + payment + bills + deposits from customers

⦁ Import of fulfillment with tracking numbers

⦁ Imports of goods, prices, and inventory

⦁ Post-purchase upsell and several distinctive

⦁ Customer-specific pricing vs. quantity-based pricing


The most significant difficulty facing e-commerce today is the growing level of competition in this market. The only way to combat this fierce competition is to increase the number of online customers you serve by investigating new e-commerce platforms. In order to compete with rivals and boost profit margins, having more than two online storefronts on various sales channels is a big benefit. However, maintaining such a diversified business again presents its own issues. Through the Auto Amazon Multi-Channel App for Shopify Amazon integration, WebBee provides the best answer for all of your company demands. It will enable you to centrally coordinate all of your orders from various platforms.

For many different retailers, Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment service is an alluring choice. Utilizing Amazon distribution network will enable you to expand your business while relieving you of the duty of handling order fulfillment yourself. It has a lot of advantages, but it also has certain restrictions that could stop you in your tracks.

With the WebBee connection, you can integrate the Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) system into the workflow of your Shopify store for automated order processing and real-time tracking of sales and inventory. You will be able to make use of the benefits that Amazon fulfillment network provides for your Shopify transactions thanks to the WebBee connection. Orders placed online may see filling up quickly, which will increase operational effectiveness.

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