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Real-Time CRM and ERP Information Accessibility For Small Business

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July 10, 2017

In today’s scenario, the best ERP software solutions and CRMs are developed encouraging the availability of the Real-Time product-rich information. This ensures effective communication, all the time among all the business stakeholders. Also, benefiting the business world to scale easily, reaching out to the probable customers. Lets analyze the various areas, where real-time information accessibility contributes to enhancing the entire eCommerce domain.

Area #1 : Effective Inventory Management

The information availability of the CRM and ERP Inventory management in real-time assures accurate and effective way of stock monitoring. This is essential, such that you can sell the products offered in your web store as promised. However, keeping your inventory availability updated across systems can be complex. With an integrated e-commerce platform, mistakes such as selling out-of-stock items just don’t happen. That’s because inventory levels are checked directly in your ERP system during the order process, and inventory levels are updated instantly in your ERP when a client submits an order online.

This also means that your employees always see what is actually available when they take orders by phone or email. Your clients get benefited too: they see real-time inventory availability in the web store, and can access that information around the clock without having to call or email.

Area #2 : Accurate Price Calculations

Provision of the accurate pricing calculations and the unit of the measurement gets supported using your ERP system’s database for your integrated web store. This implies that units of measurement are automatically incorporated and used online. This allows you to display correct pricing in product search results and item detail pages. Any products added to the shopping cart for purchase also reflect accurate pricing calculations based on how the unit of measure is configured in the back office. Likewise, any ERP changes to the unit of measure are reflected in the web store.

Area #3 : Centralize Database Management

The product customizations directly in the Web Store ERP systems are designed to suit a wide range of businesses and industries. Sometimes, however, it is still necessary to create custom product attributes or user-defined fields to store and process the catalogs for a specific business or industry. Because the centralized database is shared via integrated web stores, hence they can easily process these custom product characteristics. Availability of the data information is always accurate and non-redundant with central database repository management system.

Area #4 : Satisfied Customer Services

The display of the accurate product pricing enhances customer satisfaction. Given its dependency on variables such as item cost, management fees, raw material costs and production costs, product pricing can be complex. These variables, together with a margin model, define the sales price. This logic and the underlying data is usually maintained in your ERP system. Your clients can benefit from an integrated solution because changes in any of these variables are reflected in the sales price in your ERP, and thus automatically displayed in your web store. The more complex your pricing and the more often your pricing changes, the more you will benefit from an integrated e-commerce platform.

Hence, pricing is one of the main reasons that businesses prefer an integrated web store to connected or interfaced e-commerce platforms. Integrated solutions lead to higher client satisfaction, as prices displayed online are always the same as they would be when ordering through other channels, such as phone, email or fax.Providing special pricing schemes with integrated e-commerce is an easy task now. Your price calculations take place in your ERP system, not in your e-commerce platform. That’s why, in most cases, your web store can support client-specific pricing out of the box. There’s no need for custom development to make your e-commerce platform mirror your ERP’s pricing rules. You and your clients can rest assured knowing that when they place an order online the prices displayed will be current and will reflect the negotiated prices in their trade agreements.

Area #5 : Display of Updated Information

Display information regarding the correct discounts, even with complex purchase policies are well communicated to the concern customers. When the product discounts in your web store are handled by your ERP system, you eliminate the possibility of inconsistencies between your ERP and your web store. Keeping your pricing information in one place means you can rely on the accuracy of discounts triggered by a combination of products, or based on a total order value threshold.

Area #6 : Tier Pricing Rules and Compliance Policies are Well Conveyed

An integrated e-commerce solution lets you use tier pricing as a default pricing option in your web store. This is done using the tier pricing configured in your ERP system, which knows how to handle this in combination with other pricing rules and assign them per client. The more advanced the pricing rules and client trade agreements in your ERP, the more you’ll benefit from an integrated e-commerce solution. When a client logs into your web store, they’ll see right away whether the applicable tier pricing makes ordering in bulk a better deal.

Area #7 : Customers are Well Aware

Display of the right order line and invoice discounts creates the transparency in the system. Many businesses in wholesale distribution and manufacturing use pricing rules involving order line and invoice discounts. These rules can be based on specific products, order value, or other triggers. An integrated e-commerce CRM solutions and platform automatically display the correct calculations in your web store for any discounts that are triggered by your ERP system. This means that your clients will know exactly what to expect on their final invoice.

Area # 8: Transparent Sales Tax Calculations

The organizations and customers can easily view the complex sales tax calculations in Real Time with WebBee ERP and eCommerce integrated solutions and services. Sales tax calculations can become extremely complex, particularly if you sell in different states or countries. Your ERP system is equipped to make these calculations, and an integrated e-commerce platform takes full advantage of that. That means you can display the correct sales tax amount in real time, based on the product type and location of the goods sold as indicated by your client in the web store. ERP systems also contain information about your client’s tax liability. This information is used to calculate the correct sales tax amount for a client who is logged in to your web store. This ensures that your clients aren’t paying too much tax and provides them with full visibility of the different tax rates on their order subtotals.

Sometimes additional characteristics must be taken into account during cost and price calculation, such as service charges, fuel charges, deposits, packaging costs, required insurance and environmental taxes or disposal fees. The logic needed to include these attributes in order calculations is managed by your ERP. Integrated web stores use this data to automatically calculate any required charges which are displayed on relevant product pages, and in the shipping card when the end user proceeds through checkout. There’s no need to duplicate this logic in your web store, and you get 100% accuracy in order calculation and invoicing. Letting your ERP take care of these kinds of calculations also means that the entries in the general ledger are automatically carried out correctly — not only for the additional charges but for the allocation of costs and taxes as well.

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