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NetSuite-Shopify integration benefits ensuring better data management

January 30, 2020

NetSuite-Shopify integration benefits ensuring better data management

An e-commerce business environment functions based upon data received from the customers visiting the website. Sharing of data between modules within an eCommerce website helps it to function, smoothly. Data received from the customers there on travels to fulfillment and accounts department for accomplishing various operations related tasks in an e-commerce environment. With the help of the same data, business managers can make well-informed business decisions thus offer better business-related services to their clients.

However, at the same time, the e-Commerce industry suffers most from the data errors related incidents. The redundant and disorganized entries in a data-driven environment restrain the growth of an e-commerce business.

Shopify is a cloud-based e-commerce platform on account of its extensive data management capabilities offers better sales results and data co-ordination.  Though, Shopify as a standalone e-commerce application has certain limitations in offering ERP services, yet, its integration with NetSuite enables its smooth functioning.  

For accounts and ERP related services, it depends upon an external ERP application like NetSuite. That is a cloud-based application developed for handling data for accounting and financial purposes. NetSuite easily integrates with different eCommerce platforms like Shopify for data sharing and carries out the distinct pre-defined tasks. The redundant and disorganized entries in a data-driven environment can curtail the growth of a business.

Integration of an ERP software solution like NetSuite with Shopify always offers an edge to a merchant in a business. Along with managing a business, he can further concentrate on the areas of business growth and expansion. The integration of these two con-current business platforms offers better visibility to an inventory and better multichannel customer experience expected by every business.

NetSuite is a powerful cloud-based ERP solution that already has been used over by 600,00 businesses worldwide and immensely popular for the customization features offered by the integration. It follows both, the best industry practices and adaptability. Moreover, the financial management system offered by NetSuite integration with Shopify is highly praised for the performance and has won several accolades and awards.

Apart from the clear data visibility and customization, Shopify-NetSuite integration App offers various benefits to an eCommerce venture.

  • Low-cost integration: A cloud-based ERP solution, NetSuite integration with Shopify costs low. It easily integrates with every e-commerce enterprise including Shopify. It exactly fits into the business budgets of small-sized enterprises with limited human resources and financial backup.
  • Uniform solution for entire e-commerce business: NetSuite ERP integration presents a single solution to the entire business. It saves ample time and money for the enterprise from manually switching between software. As a standalone integrated system, the information seamlessly travels across the entire business eco-system after the integration. It hardly requires work manual entry of the data into the system. The transfer and sharing of data after the integration occur automatically.
  • Well informed decision making: The real-time NetSuite dashboards make it easier for business managers and executives to make informed and correct business decisions. It has unique customization features for ease of sharing of data between different individuals working within the organization. The ample and well-categorized data across the entire system help in generating business analysis for forecasting and lead generation.
  • Scalability to meet an organization’s growing needs: NetSuite integration with Shopify can be accommodated according to an organization’s business expansion requirement. It can easily be integrated with an organization’s growth vertically as well as horizontally. With a vertical growth as many as users can be added into the system. At the same time, horizontal growth can be compensated by adding more and more modules into the ERP system. If an organization is aiming to go global then integration can be managed accordingly.  
  • Anytime, anywhere access: NetSuite operates over the internet and can be accessed anywhere through a web browser (or NetSuite’s app). This means it can be used 24/7, whether employees are in the office, at home, or even out on a business trip.
  • Multinational and multilingual, multi-currency and multi-subsidiary: NetSuite supports the ability of companies to become multinational. They have better options to choose rather than only having two on-site ERP systems for separate countries. The integration also supports multiple languages and currencies. This makes customization of multinational entities more feasible within an ERP system. Finally, if a business has multiple subsidiaries under one roof, the software accommodates that too.
  • Flexible according to an industry type: Another innovative feature that makes NetSuite integration unique with Shopify is its capability to adapt according to different industry sizes and verticals. It has many inbuilt rich features that enable a developer to create SuiteApps, accordingly.
  • Updates on regular intervals: NetSuite integration is backed with two major upgrades every two years and the frequent updates on a regular basis. The updates include the latest features into the system and make it secure against a data breach or virus attack.    
  • An optimum secure system: The security environment of cloud debatable, though has improved over time. NetSuite integration with Shopify provides a highly secure environment and platform. The business cover under it works, smoothly, without any apprehension. With the best security features offered with the system, a business spends less on IT and focus more on the business processes and growth after the integration.  

An overview of the tasks that a Net Suite Shopify Integration can do for you.

  • Import of Customers from Shopify to NetSuite
  • Import of  Orders from Shopify to NetSuite.
  • Export of Fulfillments from NetSuite to Shopify
  • Export of Inventory Levels from NetSuite to Shopify
  • Export of Item Data from NetSuite to Shopify
  • Export of Item Pricing from NetSuite to Shopify
  • Export of Item Images from NetSuite to Shopify
  • Export of Refunds from NetSuite to Shopify

If you are looking for the NetSuite-Shopify integration to manage your data,  So Get in touch with NetSuite Experts for a quick quote.