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Multi Channel Fulfillment Integration with BigCommerce

March 19, 2020

Multi Channel Fulfillment Integration with BigCommerce

BigCommerce is considered as one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. It allows you to build an online store for expanding your business activities. For this, it offers built-in features, data tools, and a SaaS-based platform. Also, these can be used to create integrations for handling multiple sales channels easily. And, it is highly apt for large-seized and fast-growing businesses.

The E-commerce integrations with BigCommerce offers infinite benefits for your business. It assists in setting up an online store, managing inventory, and processing orders. Apart from that, it also helps in creating and maintaining a great visual impact on the customers.

Many BigCommerce integrations are available in the market. These integrations are best for automating your important business processes. For instance, invoicing, warehousing, purchasing, shipping, and order fulfillment. Our well-built integration with BigCommerce is one of them. It offers many perks for your business by efficiently managing your processes.

Our integration is suitable for connecting your BigCommerce online store with many business software.

For accounting and ERP:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Sage
  • OrderMotion
  • NetSuite

For Point-of-Sale:

  • Microsoft RMS
  • Revel Systems
  • Lightspeed

For shipping and 3PL:

  • Amazon FBA
  • Kuehne & Nagel
  • Newgistics
  • ShipStation

Our integration acts as a connector between your BigCommerce online store and these business solutions. With the help of SFTP, it facilitates the sharing of key business data in CSV or XML file formats. There is no need for any kind of API for this purpose.

Key advantages of our integration with BigCommerce

  • Smooth back-end operations

It brings all your business data related to orders, inventory, and customers at once place. As a result, processing back-end operations become much easier and quicker. Besides, whenever a sale order gets processed, the stock level will be automatically updated on every linked channel.

  • Enhances store efficiency

It provides quick access to real-time data associated with your BigCommerce store. The details linked to the sales orders or inventory levels can be easily accessed. By doing so, it enables you to make better decisions to improve your store’s performance.

  • Automates order processing

It easily automates the processing of orders and thereby eliminates the need for manual data entry. As a result, it reduces the risks related to the loss of data and data security breach. Not only that, but human errors will also be completely removed as there is no manual intervention.

  • Maximum visibility to across supply chain

It assists in monitoring all your supply chain-related tasks and operations. The key details related to the product’s availability and every product’s exact location can be easily accessed. Thus, it helps you to be prepared for events such as low-stock, overstock, and dead stock.

  • Close watch on multiple inventories

It enables you to keep a close watch on many inventories on multiple selling-channels. Thus, it becomes easy to manage different product variants and quality levels with limited resources.

  • Efficient order tracking

It helps you to track the movement every order with the utmost precision. Every move from picking the product within your warehouse to delivering it your customer can be easily viewed. With it, you can identify any problems that occur at any stage of the order fulfillment process. Also, you will be able to solve these problems at the right time before they affect your customers. As a result, the total number of customer complaints gets reduced.

  • Automated inventory updating

It provides accurate stock levels available across multiple sales channels. When a product is moved out of any inventory, the quantity level will be quickly updated across all the linked sales channels. They can be your BigCommerce web store, Amazon web store, or any other platforms.

  • Smooth managing of drop shippers

It facilitates a direct connection between your BigCommerce and multiple drop shippers. Further, it synchronizes various orders, quantities, and shipping details more quickly. By doing so, it eliminates the need for manual updating of stock levels.

  • Complete listing control

It offers total control over multiple product listings on your BigCommerce web store. You can easily edit and manage variations without facing any kind of difficulty.

  • Virtual product kitting and bundling

It creates virtual kits and bundles of your products and assists in shipping them directly to your customers. By doing so, it eliminates the need for assembling and storing physical goods in kits/bundles in your warehouse. Besides, it also facilitates the selling of kits and bundles with any kind of product variation at any moment.

  • Easy and fast scalability

It is well-designed by keeping progress in the technological world in the near future. Thus, it can be easily scalable as per your business needs in the coming days without difficulty. Besides, it is flexible to handle crucial data and complex processes of your business that may increase as your business grows.

Key benefits of our integration with BigCommerce

  • You will get a fully-functional cloud-based iPaaS platform. It quickly automates your critical business processes without any kind of coding. For instance, invoicing, inventory synchronization, order fulfillment, product catalog handling, etc.
  • Your time will be saved to a great extent as our integration eliminates the need for manual data entry. Besides, it also increases the operational efficiency of your processes by providing accurate and reliable data.
  • Your money will be saved as our integration minimizes the errors and reduces the costs associated with them. These errors can relate to the overselling of products or shipping orders to the wrong address.
  • You will get a lot of time to plan and execute better marketing strategies. The saving of your valuable time in processing orders and handling inventory makes it possible. Also, you can frame approaches for improving your customer experience at this additional time.

Features of our integration with BigCommerce

Our feature-rich integration offers both pre-built as well as customizable connectors. These establish automated workflows between your BigCommerce website and other end-point systems. For instance, your multiple marketplaces, accounting/ERP software, Point-of-Sale, and 3PL – providers.

With automated workflows, our integration smoothens your business processes and increases their output. By doing so, it assists you in gaining maximum visibility into your processes to track them accurately.

The features offered by our integration for your B2B and B2C transactions are:

  • Quick order processing and order fulfillment on multiple warehouses
  • Real-time visibility to inventory to reduce risks associated with low-stock or over-selling
  • Sends timely updates on shipping and delivery to the customers
  • Smooth handling of large and complex product catalogs
  • Easy managing and updating of price-lists in real-time
  • Quick synchronization with the B2C order history
  • Access to B2B clients’ purchase history
  • Easy handling of B2B clients’ groups and term accounts
  • Quick generation of Reconcile Financial Reporting
  • Well-planned order routing workflows

With the above-mentioned features, our integration quickly simplifies both your B2B and B2C processes. Apart from that, the integration is capable of handling large volume data with higher accuracy.

Why trust our integration with BigCommerce?

Our integration offers many unmatched features and adequate support at affordable prices. These features make the sharing of crucial business data between many systems much simpler.

The key highlights of our integration with BigCommerce are:

  • iPasS platform with cost-free hosting and maintenance
  • Real-time processing instead of the batch processing
  • Proactive account monitoring for detecting errors and changes
  • Enterprise-grade audits for tracking every transaction
  • Round the clock reliable support through email or phone