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How To Pick The Perfect Theme For Your Shopify Store

February 6, 2018

When you are in the online business, the first impression plays a major role in defining your success. So, you need to care about choosing a perfect theme or templates for your website. Shopify theme development by WebBee is customized according to your business needs and fully mobile-friendly to getting best response-rate by users.

Therefore, it is always advisable to launch your store in style and pay attention to the design of your website. The online business thrives on the looks and appearance of the store and how its customers value it after visiting it the first time. A poorly designed website loses the battle even before it has begun. Visitors pay much attention to how well they can navigate through your site and how well it is designed. The design and appearance may not make a difference in their choice of products or spending capacity, but it does lure them enough to navigate through the site if they find it easy to maneuver through it.

Therefore, it is imperative for you to invest in creating an everlasting experience for your visitors and convert them into your clients through your Shopify store.

In this post, we’ll talk about how you can achieve the above by just selecting the right Shopify Theme for your online store:

Understanding the Significance of the  Shopify Theme:

To begin with, you should first understand the significance of choosing the right theme and only then you will take interest in putting any effort in that direction. If you think that customers do not pay attention to the design, colour, or style of your theme; you are utterly mistaken.

The theme and the design you choose for your website bring out your brand value and the effort you have invested in building your business. If the quality of your website is outstanding, then your products will also be of similar quality.

The right theme should reflect the products you want to sell and should give a glimpse of your business to the visitors browsing through the site.  You can choose the F-shaped site which has a sidebar on the left with menu details for easy navigation. This is the easiest layout and audience feel comfortable around such a layout.

Shopify Theme Store:

The Shopify Theme Store has more than 100 different themes and styles that are available for Shopify users and you can experiment with several themes before you finalize one for your store.

Improved Search Tools:

New and improved search tools are available in the Shopify store to facilitate the users to look for appropriate themes. It becomes further easy with filters to choose themes with specific features, collections, layout & industry background. You can choose from the variety of themes by selecting them on inventory size, homepage functions, layout, product type you want to sell, and its social features.

Before Picking a Theme:

Do not get overwhelmed by so many themes and comparing their features. Every time you zero-down on one theme, there will be set of features available in other themes to impress you. A good idea is to first understand your needs and business requirement and then experiment with the theme.

With your Shopify development store, you choose the default theme and move towards customizing it as per your requirements.

Here are some questions that will help you to choose a theme:

  • Desired features you want for the store
  • Look at your competitors’ site for inspiration
  • Layout of display of your products
  • No of products you have

If your idea is to create something entirely unique for your business, you can choose Shopify experts at WebBee Global to build a customized Shopify theme for your store. WebBee is one of the leading Shopify development companies in India and has budget-friendly packages to suit all type of companies.

Shopify theme store filtering

Get inspired by other stores in the market and take a clue to add those features to your website.

Always check out the demo before finalizing the theme to see if it suits your requirement. Also, it is a good practice to read the theme reviews to understand the experiences of other merchants before using the theme for your Shopify store.

Shopify Theme Support

Shopify is a great platform to develop your online store. All themes (free and paid) are supported by Shopify and this factor lets the Shopify users relax and focus on the business efficiently. Shopify forums, as well as their expert support, is always available if you get stuck anywhere during the development of your site.


Apply these points and make an informed decision about your business and choose the perfect theme to display your products in the right direction to your viewers. For further consultation, get in touch with WebBee Global and receive excellent services for Shopify theme development, customization, integration, and management. Highlight your store and launch it in style with the Shopify platform and boost your business.