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How To Find A Mobile App Developer Within Budget?

September 11, 2017

Mobile Applications are a step ahead of online websites in the e-commerce arena. With mobile apps, you can stay connected to your existing users as well as acquire new customers every minute with every new download and referral. But before building an app, there are several factors that you need to consider to be able to decide the best option for you. Factors like the platform of the mobile app, technology, language and features required are most import to start with.

Along with the other factors, costing is another major element to be taken into consideration before jumping the gun. In our opinion, finding the right person or company for developing your app is more important than saving few dollars. We have compiled few points for you to consider before hiring a mobile app developer who is competent enough to get you the desired results.

  1. Look for a developer interested in your business, not just the development:

A company with experienced development team and engineers will not only offer you best services on what you desire but also guide you through the pros and cons associated with your requirements. They will be aware of the market trends and different business scenarios to be able to advise you the most feasible solution for your business needs. If they are interested in your business, they will show interest in your growth and advise you accordingly.

  1. Assess their portfolio:

Assess their work through past projects and information on their site about their clients. A good developer must also have excellent U/UX skills to make your app beautiful with excellent user interfaces. Most of the applications are about user-interfaces with excellent navigation. Check for the additional skill set available in their teams and if they can handle complex projects.

  1. Check client references:

Try and get real information about the development company through referrals. If they readily provide you their references and related information, chances are they are genuine. Their clients can tell you about their experience with the development company and how their treat their clients.

  1. Choose someone you can build a relationship with:

Mobile app development is not a one-time activity and may require regular updates. Even during the development phase, many iterations take place which requires constant user feedback. Look for a team who will stay with you through the lifecycle of the product and post its deployment.

  1. Don’t let price drive you:

Do not make the cost a priority and decide based on it. You need a great product for your online business, not the cheapest product. Every business has a budget, but often the lowest cost option can turn out to be more expensive overall if the option you selected doesn’t yield you the result you desired.

  1. Think of the whole package, not just the coding:

Coding is just one part of the application building process. Look for a holistic package when selecting a company for design and develop a mobile app for your business. An independent developer may not be able to provide with everything. Choosing him would make sense only when you have an in-house team to design and test the app functionality.

  1. Make design a top priority:

Your mobile app will be the face of your business after its launch. Customers will connect to you through it and therefore its design needs to be perfect to reflect your brand and the products you wish to sell them. The user-interface should be elegant, easy and navigable at the same time. Users should not be confused and feel left out while using your app. Keeping the design your top priority will get you invaluable returns.

While enough is said about the factors to consider before deciding to hire an app development company, what requires further attention is how much to pay them for their services. Pricing and budget considerations form a major discussion point before initiating the project with the dealer. Obviously, the cost varies depending on the requirements. It also varies between engaging a freelancer, offshore development team, or an agency like WebBee Global.

Costing for the mobile app should be finalized keeping the following in mind:

Does your developer provide you a vision:

Though higher cost doesn’t always guarantee great results, yet when it comes to application development, the companies offering cheap services will provide you with limited services and options. The higher you invest the better experience you receive with expert services and knowledge on several platforms from your developer who envisions your goal and provides you guided services for your growth and not just their own profits.

Besides coding, their team should also have strategists, designers, testers and an account manager for regular communication with you to give you a holistic service and experience. At WebBee, we have a team with dedicated Product Manager, designers and experienced developers for multiple platforms to develop mobile applications compatible with all devices.

The length of the project:

Building a robust mobile app is not a day’s work. How much ever defined your requirements are, there needs to be a process which is required to be completed to get the optimized results. When you are looking to debut your carefully thought idea or product in the market through a mobile app, you do not want to rush it through and mess it up. Once your app is launched in the market, traffic will start flowing and changing or disrupting it in the middle to make changes is not a good idea, to begin with. Give enough time to your developing team to finish the product before launching it.

Most of the companies follow waterfall life cycle where the requirements are frozen before beginning the designing and development tasks. If your developer follows iteration then you can get the prototype before the actual product to get an idea beforehand. We at WebBee follow the development model suitable to our client’s requirements. We are flexible with our engagement models including waterfall, iterative or agile. This gives our clients the freedom to choose from during our consulting session. Though we advise the best to them accordingly.

The Core Features:

Every mobile app developed is based on the core features it is built on besides additional functionalities it performs. Strategists in the development team perform the analysis and testing of removing and adding the core features in the app and its effect on the business and growth. They will assess whether these core features required by the customer add value to the app or not and enhance the user-experience or not. If not, they advise accordingly and suggest other value-added features to be included in the app.

The Scope of MVP:

A fair estimate of any app would be according to the above factors but it generally starts with $15,000 for easy apps and go up to $150,000 for apps with medium to complex features and regardless of the level of expertise by the agency. If your firm is a start-up, then seeding money should also be taken into account when investing in the mobile app development services.