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10 Points To Ponder Before You Hire An Iphone App Developer

October 3, 2017

With the onset of smartphones in the last decade, the use of iPhone has seen exponential growth. Many relate to it as a status symbol as well and have become its loyal customers past so many years. And, why wouldn’t they? It is still considered supreme in many aspects and is considered a wonder gadget owing to the performance, usability, interface and easy applications.

When we mention applications, iPhone has the best in class applications made to sync with its user-interface and ease of navigation which the users are adapted to. As a business owner, if you are on the lookout for an iPhone App Development company, there are certain factors you should keep in mind while selecting them for your project. We have compiled few points which will help you zero in the best iPhone development company to suit your brand and business:

1. Features you require

The very first step in this process is to list out the features you are looking for in the application. Start with asking yourself questions like who is your target audience and location? These answers will give you a fair idea how your app should look and what featured you can include in it to keep the relevant audience engaged in your services.

Keep an open eye on your competitors and see how their application look and how you can make your different and better. How will the consumer benefit from using your app instead of theirs? These points will help you narrow down how you want your app and what elements you want to include in it.

2. Company Portfolio

Every company regards them as the best in the market. Check the company portfolio on their website and read about their projects with different clients. You can also ask the company to share their client details with you for reference. Truth speaks for itself and therefore they won’t hesitate in sharing the past project details with you. This will also make them trustworthy of your investment and loyalty for future.

You can also try contacting their past and the present clients to check about their experiences and services they received from your shortlisted developer. Another good idea is to download the apps they have made and check it for yourself the quality of their work.

3. Experience

This goes without saying that you must pay attention to the relevant experience they have in iPhone App Development and related field. They must have enough resources to take multiple projects at the same time and should have been on the market for long enough to understand it and work through it.

Companies with relevant work experience in iPhone App development will provide you with remarkable service as they have worked on several successful projects. They will understand your business scenario and will also be able to provide you the right advice to make your project successful.

4. Expertise in iPhone

The development teams to work on iPhone App development project should be well qualified and skilled to handle the project. They must be dedicated and should understand the market and your requirements. Their knowledge and expertise in working on iPhone Apps is the key to success for your project. They should be able to come up with solutions after hearing your requirements in detail. Ask them as many questions as possible to know if they know enough to take care of your work the way they should.

Their technical knowledge is important for resulting in an app which is fast, usable, scalable and reliable at the same time.

5. Budget

Look at the budget you can shell out for the services you want to avail for iPhone App development. While this should not be the deciding factor for your application but it should be considered seriously. Prices vary with every company and therefore get quotes from at least five of them to narrow your search further.

Check for the services they are providing within the price quoted and compare them to see which one provides a better deal. A good deal, in this case, would be to get support and maintenance service as well with the quoted price as applications need regular updated and support.

6. Reputation

Enquire about the company’s reputation in the market and how they deal with their clients. Past client’s experience says a lot about how a company treats its clients during and after the project. Do not blindly believe their claims and instead talk to their clients to verify the veracity of their claim.

If the company has a reputation of providing bespoke work but does not deliver on time, it may hamper the launch of your app in the market. Therefore, go for a company which can provide you excellent quality of iPhone App development services adhering to the schedule.

7. Service Terms & Conditions

Find out clearly what is included in the services and what is not. Ask your potential developer about the timeline, development process and stages of the prototype, post-deployment services, maintenance schedule, upgrades and updates, testing, and delivery method. All these answers will give you an idea about the timeline of the project, the delivery process and what you should expect from the team.

Besides the above, you should also clarify the communication point and process as the iPhone App development will not happen overnight and you need to be updated on regular basis about its progress.

8. Engagement Model

Understand the Engagement Model of the development company who will work on iPhone App Development services for you. Understand their process and give your inputs if required and see whether their model is rigid or customizable to suit their clients.

Most of the companies work on the flexible model as different clients have different business requirements. If your potential developer is flexible with the resources and engagement model, it is a good sign to hire them. You can get your work done as per your availability and need without compromising on the quality of the app.

9. Creativity

This factor is not crucial but is nevertheless important for iPhone app development as the iPhone is known for its excellent user-interface and creativity. These two are infused together seamlessly to give the users and unforgettable experience. We are sure you would want the same for your customers to experience when they first download and use your business application.

Therefore, check for creativity factor that the iPhone App Development Company is capable of providing you within your budget.

10. Data Security & Risk Quotient

This is something which you must talk to the dedicated account manager that the company provides you with. They must have clarity on how they will keep your data safe and deploy the application in a secure environment. Another factor to consider is the risk quotient of the iPhone App development company. Look at their past projects and implementation of innovative ideas which made the project stand out from others. If they have expert developers who have the industry knowledge, they will try to innovate and take the risk of developing something new. Else you can expect the same old themes and layouts for your iPhone App.

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