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How to Boost Web Traffic for Your Shopify Store?

January 6, 2020

How to Boost Web Traffic for Your Shopify Store?

Do you wish to build an online store for your eCommerce business and boost traffic for it? Then, make use of our Shopify Netsuite Connector app for this purpose. It acts as an outstanding tool for your online store and makes it stand out among millions of existing online stores.

Today, an attractive and appealing online store plays a key role in the success of any eCommerce business. The online shoppers love to explore and do business in the online store that offers engaging web design, in-detained product info, high-res. product images, quick payment systems, excellent online support, and better mobile-responsiveness. But, how to build a highly functional and visually pleasing online store?

The right answer to this query lies with WebBee Global’s Shopify Netsuite Connector app. Our robust and powerful connector app offers many amazing features. With these, any online business will be able to create an online store on the Shopify platform.

The WebBee Global’s Shopify Netsuite Connector app assists in the quick configuring of an online store. It facilitates the quick addition of many product descriptions and product images/videos. Besides, it also eases the handling of orders, inventories, and shipments.

Now, let’s try to understand how to grow a Shopify store by using our WebBee Global’s Shopify Netsuite Connector app. Here, we have listed out some practical and budget-friendly ways in which this app offers help. With these, an online store will be easily built and enhanced to offer more performance.

Creating a mobile-friendly online store:

These days, smartphones and tablets, are being used more for online shipping compared to desktops. Many reports suggest that most people spend a large amount of time on mobile devices browsing online shopping sites. Be it while waiting for or traveling via public transportation or in-between work breaks, people really love to do this.

In this case, if you don’t have a mobile app for your online business, then you are losing an outstanding opportunity. You are not making use of mobile-tech to increase your product exposure, enlarge customer base, and enhance sales profits. Also, you are not thinking about creating an interest in the people about your business, products, and brand(s). Further, you are failing to attract a large number of people who spend more time on smartphones than watching television.

Thus, if you wish to draw more people’s attention towards your online business, then make your online store mobile-friendly. Our Shopify Netsuite Connector app is extremely useful for this purpose. It offers hundreds of mobile-optimized themes for your online store. You can make use of these themes or else build your own custom online store as per your choice. Also, you are empowered to use hundreds of well-built add-ons to add more functionalities to your store.

Once you have optimized your online store for mobile devices, you will start attracting more mobile users. With it, you will be able to drive more sales and provide an excellent shopping experience.

Selling more products:

To make more profit, sell more profits – it is a simple yet most powerful business funda. And, it is absolutely true in the current business world. In fact, many online business platforms across the world operate around this business strategy. They display lakhs of products in different categories on their platforms and sell thousands of products every day. But, how to handle multiple products and their listings as well as inventories at once?

Our Shopify Netsuite Connector app is the most ideal option to resolve this issue. It enables easier handling of multiple product listings by allowing quick adding, modifying, and removing. Also, it supports quick uploading of descriptions, images, and videos. Not only that, it also provides valuable insights on how your products can be grouped into different classes and bundles. With it, you can easily launch new offers and bundling to your customers to satisfy their needs.

Apart from this, our app assists the handling of multiple inventories and quick updating of statutes. As a result, you will be able to gain access to real-time statuses of the inventories and make timely decisions.

Optimizing the content:

Content is king and will always be king for eCommerce business. For an online store, high-quality content involves creating in-detailed and engaging info about products. It is very useful in creating awareness among people and stimulating interest.

Our Shopify Netsuite integration app supports the building of appealing content. It helps in creating online videos and product descriptions. The content provided attractively will increase conversion rates. Also, it improves your online store’s search engine rankings.

Besides, this app also supports using story-telling content. With it, you can easily create blogs and vlogs by including success stories of your customers. It is the best option to create a high level of familiarity and personal connection with your customers.

Besides, this app also supports using story-telling content, which is one of the most popular trends. With it, you can easily create blogs and vlogs by incorporating successful stories of your customers. It is the best option to create a high level of familiarity among your customers.

Furthermore, this app helps in building interactive content by including quizzes about your products. You can easily embed it on your online store or share it on different social media platforms. It is one of the effective ways to drive organic traffic to your online store.

After all, the ROI of good content marketing is much higher as compared to traditional marketing.

Making use of contest marketing:

The contest organization is the best way to generate more leads and increase your business presence. With them, you can ask people to do some tasks that help to promote your products. For example, asking them to like/comment on your products’ postings, tagging friends, or creating captions. Our Shopify Netsuite app assists in the efficient handling of rewards offered to the winners.

Improving SEO rankings:

Search Engine Optimization is a highly impact digital marketing tool nowadays. Better SEO not only improves your social media rankings but also helps in generating more traffic. But how to enhance SEO?

For this purpose, make use of our Shopify Netsuite Connector app. It supports powerful SEO tools that provide valuable insights for your online store. With them, you can easily create SEO-friendly titles as well as content for your products. More importantly, you will be enabled to achieve better results without knowing how to code.

Furthermore, our connector app supports excellent navigation and higher site speed. With them, your customer will be easily able to find the products they are looking for. Due to this quick accessing of products, people will really love to shop at your online store.

Building an Email list:

In the current business environment, email marketing is regarded as one of the best marketing tools. With it, you will be able to send information about your new product launches and seasonal sales to a large number of people. More importantly, emails establish a personal rapport with these people and build trust in your business.

To offer better support in this regard, our Shopify Netsuite Connector app is an ideal option. It helps you in building your own sizable email list by creating pop-ups for your custom landing page. These pop-ups will ask the people who visit your online store to sign up with a valid email address. Also, it assists in building custom opt-in forms which are highly useful in generating an email list.

Once you have collected numerous email addresses and built an email list, you can make use of it to convey regular updates to these people. By doing so, you can just keep on creating curiosity about your products.

Retaining customers:

It is a well-known fact that retaining existing customers requires less effort than acquiring new customers. Certainly, you don’t want to incur unnecessary expenses. If the existing customers believe in your brand and have a stronger relationship with your business, then they will return to you to buy more products. But, how to boost customer trust and strong bondings?

Our Shopify Netsuite Connector app is the best solution to handle such a scenario. It offers many advantages for your online business and helps in retaining the customers. For that, it

  • Sends auto-emails on new product launches, special offers, and seasonal sales
  • Assist in improving product packaging by offering plenty of custom designs
  • Track the abandoned shopping carts and sends reminder emails to customers regularly
  • Supports retargeting of the customers and auto sending of birthday messages
  • Assisting in creating loyalty programs and calculating loyalty discounts
  • Tracks product reviews and alerts in case of negative feedback
  • Keeps you informed about customers’ comments on different selling platforms

In addition to these, WebBee Global’s Shopify Netsuite Connector app offers many benefits. For instance, it

  • Offers an integrated platform for managing multiple inventories
  • Provides full visibility to customer buying history
  • Streamlines order fulfillment and shipping processes
  • Supports multiple payment systems
  • Facilitates easy handling of product catalogs
  • Allows exporting of product details from NetSuite to Shopify
  • Supports easier import/export of data from Shopify to NetSuite
  • Provide constant updates on inventories


A visually appealing and highly functional online store is a must for any eCommerce business. It helps in driving web traffic towards your online business and improves conversion rates. Once you achieve this, focus on increasing your brand awareness via the above-cited ways. Subscribe to our WebBee Global’s Shopify Netsuite Connector app and try to optimize these strategies. And, an outstanding and possibly the best customer experience.