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May 7, 2017

Anyone who has ever thought of buying or selling anything online is aware of eBay. It is one of the most sought-after marketplaces across the globe to purchase or sell any products. The reason behind its popularity is not only the availability of the vast range of options and variety of products but also the ease of use and cost-effectiveness. It is also one of the easiest options for sellers to start their business. Whether they already have a store in place or are new to the business and working from home.

Another added advantage of eBay is that one can also sell used goods which they no longer use. The auction style of selling products is another feather in the cap which makes it a unique marketplace. While the face of it looks amazing initially, as your business progresses, the workload also increases.

There are crucial tasks that require your attention and correct recording other than a listing of your products. Some of them are:

Pricing – correct marking on the product Inventory – details of products Billing & Payments Returns & Refunds Storage & Shipping sale & profits

The major set back comes to sellers when they are faces with never ending inventory or have more orders than they thought they could handle. Growth in business does not come easy or cheap. It requires careful planning and execution to become a well known which customers can blindly trust for quality and pricing.

Ever wondered how all this is possible on one single platform? How the companies who are in the big league managed it in the first place? How all the challenges of running a vast business involving a long inventory data, payments, billing and shipping to count a few, are addressed?

Well, the answer lies in a well implemented ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system which enables the users to smoothly conduct their business on daily basis. Most of the user who sell on eBay, also sell their products on other e-commerce portals to increase sales and reach out to maximum customers possible.

Managing every marketplace with large inventory becomes tedious in the long run. With time, increase in errors due to manual entries make it frustrating as every platform has a different backend to work on. Even if you are just selling on eBay, it may become monotonous and time-consuming.

An ERP system like NetSuite can help you solve this problem at the drop of a hat. Not only this, going forward, if you plan to expand your listing to other platforms and marketplaces, NetSuite will integrate your existing system with new ones without duplicating or erasing your data. To achieve stellar ranking of your products on eBay, integrate eBay to your NetSuite ERP for timely orders, accurate product availability, and real-time order statuses.

This option of integration does the following for your business:

  • Manage and execute your eBay Store
  • Configure eBay HTML template for listing
  • Real-time listing and schedules
  • Full-fledged Dashboard & Monitoring features
  • Syncs shipping methods across eBay and NetSuite
  • Real-time Inventory for Export & Import
  • Sync data for Orders, Customers & Fulfillment
  • Automatic synchronization of customer data and invoices
  • Update Tracking Numbers and Leaves Feedback on eBay store

NetSuite being the most advanced is a complex platform and requires expertise for its integration. WebBee Global ERP-eBay integration seamlessly connects the NetSuite ERP and eBay seller account. With WebBee’s eBay – NetSuite Connector, you receive our expertise in NetSuite, eBay, and cloud integrations. Along with it, we also provide customization which can quickly and easily integrate order, product, and customer information between eBay and NetSuite without any additional third party development or IT support. It provides you with insight on the profitability of your multi-channel transactions with our data warehouse.

The value added benefit of such a connector in general is the integrated solution which includes all the back office attributes of NetSuite and the e-commerce features of the eBay platform. With fully automated features includes updates, business owners can concentrate their time on other operational requirements of their business.

With WebBee, you will get the following value added services:

  • Product and Inventory Sync – be able to forecast your inventory and manage stock
  • Full Customization – add feature you need and remove the ones that you find overhead for your current situation in business
  • Orders and customer data sync – gather all order related data in one place, from customer details to products
  • Shipping Details – record shipping address and manage them for future
  • Simplified Dashboard – get an overview of your sales and finances in one go
  • Error Removal & Time Saver – Automated entries reduce manual error and reduce time
  • Catalog Management – manage product details as per availability
  • Automatic Updates – Need not worry about using the previous version
  • After Integration Support – experts available to train and support you

Not only this, customization of NetSuite Integration with WebBee for eBay, will also allow you to take care of other functions and departments like, HR, Finance, Sales etc in your organization. This will give you overall synchronized for any compliance and performance reports required. You do not have to look for records at multiple places and will be able to get a comprehensive view of your profits.

Let’s have a quick look on some key-benefits of Integration:

  • Drastically reduce Order fulfillment time.
  • Minimize Operational costs and remove the problem of errors occurring due to repetitive data entry.
  • During the season when you receive heavy order volumes, Automatic inventory replenishment syncs ERP stock updates from multiple warehouses to the marketplace thus avoiding “out-of-stock” for you.
  • Customers are notified automatically once their orders are shipped and allow them to track the delivery of products.
  • Updated product information visibility in marketplace along with their prices.
  • Shipment tracking becomes easy even if your stocks are in different warehouses
  • Better Accounting – it is cumbersome to prepare profit and loss statements regularly after your business grows and therefore an automated system does the job for you.

With NetSuite integration with eBay through WebBee, you and your organization can become a better seller. By automating processes or making them easier to manage, the sellers remain more focused on the quality of their products. With these process improvements, you’ll be able to leverage the valuable time you have saved to focus more on smart selling. We are expertise in eCommerce solutions for the development of web stores using Shopify.