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How do Shopify benefits help in your online business growth

May 21, 2020

How do Shopify benefits help in your online business growth

Shopify is one of the widely utilized cloud-based online selling platforms. It assists you in creating an efficient website for your online business for promoting, selling, and shipping your products. However, you are required to pay a monthly subscription amount for this service.

Now, you clearly understood

What is Shopify.com?

Why to opt Shopify for creating an eCommerce website?

What are the specific reasons to use Shopify for this purpose?

What are the benefits of using e-commerce websites built on Shopify?

Let’s find out the answers.

What is Shopify.com

Apart from creating and modifying the website, Shopify also helps you in selling your products on multiple channels. For instance, your own website, mobile & online marketplaces, social media platforms, brick-and-mortar shops, etc. With it, handling of several product listings, inventories, payments, and shipping schedules becomes much easier. Rich with advanced features and functionalities, Shopify offers an integrated eCommerce platform for your business. With the help of Shopify, you can easily manage and expand your online business without any trouble.

Why to opt Shopify for creating an eCommerce website?

Today’s tech-world offers many amazing platforms to build a customized online business website. However, among them, Shopify is regarded as the ideal platform since it makes the entire process much simpler and hassle-free. The unique and distinct. Shopify features provide outstanding assistance in creating and customizing a highly competent website for your business. With it, you can seamlessly leverage the benefits of having an online store as well as the benefits of selling products online

What are the specific reasons to use Shopify for this purpose?

As we already mentioned, Shopify offers many exceptional features in comparison to many of its prominent competitors. So, let’s have a quick look at some of these Shopify features understand how they help in building an eCommerce website. Infinite Shopify website features

  • The incredibly advanced Shopify facilitates the smooth creation of a professional eCommerce website with Shopify. It offers many unique features and highly-yielding functionalities that are required to build an efficient online platform. With Shopify, adding and removing products from the listings turns out to be seamless. The customizing of the overall theme, updating several inventories, and integrating multiple payment options becomes also absolutely easier. Besides, the execution of different analytic statistics gets a much simpler task as well.

Fastest web hosting and assured security

  • The lower uptime, slower download speed, and longer screen loading time might negatively impact on the website’s performance. With Shopify, however, you will never face such kind of problems and will be able to access higher productivity as it has the well-built infrastructure to provide fastest and reliable speeds. As both hardware and software are optimized, this platform quickens the web page loading process. On top of that, its expertized team offers excellent support against catching and hacking for 24*7.

Quick designing of the website:

  • Shopify facilitates the simple and quick building of contemporary style websites. It provides numerous free as well as custom-built themes to make your website an elegant and visually appealing website. There may be more than 160 themes (paid and free) available in the Shopify Theme Store. In addition, you are allowed to access over 100 themes from websites like ThemeForest. Besides, you can easily modify these themes in case you are well-versed with web design skills or else by hiring a specialist.

Plenty of add-ons:

  • Shopify offers plenty of add-ons to enhance the functionality of your website through its App Store. By adding these, you can easily personalize your website as per your business requirements.

A vast array of apps:

  • More than 1,500 different apps can be found in Shopify’s app store to fulfill your website needs. With them, you can add product reviews & customer wish-lists, print labels & packing slips, and integrate with any accounting software. You can also benefit from loyalty & shipping programs, in-depth analytics, and social media sites using these apps. But, don’t forget to note that some of these are free while others are chargeable.

Seamless app integrations:

  • Shopify offers many amazing custom-abilities to facilitate seamless integration with apps. Thus, you can insert some additional features as well as functionalities to your website to enhance its overall efficiency.

Customized payment gateway:

  • Shopify facilitates setting up a highly reliable and secured payment gateway for your website other than the common ones. It makes use of Stripe, a very well-known online payment gateway exclusively meant for e-Commerce businesses. You can easily make any financial transactions through it without having a merchant account which is the best part of using this payment gateway. Also, you do not need to pay any extra charge and also lower your credit card processing fees.

Enhanced mobile responsiveness:

  • Nowadays, any online website must be better responsive for mobiles since the majority of online customers will mostly view your website on their mobiles. With it, the layout and content of your website quickly adopt the size of their mobile screens and enables them to read/view it without trouble. Shopify offers many themes to optimize this functionality and free-built M-commerce shopping cart. With the help of these, you can make your website look good on any mobile device to make your customer shopping experience great.

Recovering of abandoned carts:

  • Most of the online business platforms experience a considerable amount of problems due to abandoned carts. Several customers visit the website and add different product(s) to their shopping carts, but leave without completing the ordering process. Shopify offers cutting-edge functionality for resolving this issue. It quickly tracks such abandoned carts and sends emails to the customers 24-hours after to remind them about their incomplete purchase.

With all these above-mentioned features, you can easily create a visually appealing and highly functional online store for your business.

What are the benefits of using e-commerce websites built on Shopify?

The exceptional features of the Shopify eCommerce store offer many benefits for your business. They simplify the entire process of creating an online website or store and also facilitates its effort-less handling. Let’s see how?:

Quick installation and hassle-free usage

  • The functionally-rich Shopify features enable you to quickly install and launch an online website without any difficulty. Also, a number of well-developed software, as well as an efficient hosting facility, are available on this platform. More importantly, it does not charge you any kind of development fees like any other platform.

Furthermore, the admin interface of Shopify is pretty intuitive and user-friendly as each feature is logically designed. Even if you face any kind of trouble after all this, you can refer to user manuals and demo videos available on the Shopify platform.

No need for any technical expertise

  • Shopify does not demand any technical expertise for building and operating a basic website. All the essential software is provided to assist you in this regard. In addition to that, Shopify automatically updates all these software regularly which is an added advantage.
  • Furthermore, being one of the advanced platforms, Shopify offers a faster-hosting facility which is one of the most significant reasons to use Shopify. With it, you can even handle any kind of spike in web-traffic during seasonal sales.

Enhanced reliability and security

  • Both reliability and security are the most crucial aspects of any eCommerce business. Since a large volume of sensitive customer-related data including banking information is being dealt on every day. To maintain higher security, your website must be faster and online always.
  • Faster hosting, one of the most prominent Shopify features, plays an important role in providing high-level security and reliability. Also, it ensures quick page loading through proper maintenance of the server(s) and automatic software upgrading.
  • Apart from these things, Shopify also allows the enabling of SSL certificates for data encryption and its secure transfering. Furthermore, it also supports PCI compliance which is mandatory for credit card transactions.

Powerful SEO and marketing tools

  • As a complete eCommerce platform provides cutting-edge SEO features to boost your digital marketing efforts. It allows you to create custom title tags and meta descriptions. On top of that, it also offers 100% clean and crawlable coding to optimize your website’s search engine rankings.
  • In addition, Shopify’s app store provides a wide array of marketing tools for product reviews, email marketing, and social media integration. These tools also help to create different discount codes & coupons and custom gift cards.
  • Furthermore, Shopify offers advanced eCommerce analytics to revise your marketing strategies. It also facilitates easier development of landing pages in case you are opting for Adworks and/or email marketing campaigns.
  • Besides that, Shopify provides a specially designed Kit that acts as a virtual employee. It studies your products, target market, and store performance thoroughly and then suggests effective marketing tasks.

Outstanding customer support:

  • Shopify provides 24*7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat. With it, you can easily connect with a representative and resolve your issue quickly at any time of the day. You can also access a number of user manuals, demo videos, as well as community forums in Shopify’s Help Centre.
  • Apart from these, you can also take the assistance of Shopify’s large FAQ database to resolve your queries at an instance. You will find the appropriate answers to a number of questions on different topics and issues there.

By closely observing the features and benefits of Shopify mentioned above, you can easily state that the Shopify platform is the best for creating an eCommerce website. In case if you were unfamiliar with Shopify until then it is important to know that Shopify is also widely known as a hosted eCommerce solution. It implies that Shopify provides everything that is required for creating as well as operating an eCommerce website.

Now, before moving forwards let’s glance at the benefits of having an online store. eCommerce is gaining popularity these days as it offers many benefits over traditional selling. Some of these benefits are:

  • With eCommerce, you can easily sell your products to any corner of the world without any geographical restrictions
  • You can easily expand your customer base by improving your SEO and digital marketing
  • You can provide in-detailed information about your products to your customers at zero expense
  • You can minimize your working capital expenses by automating many business processes
  • You can offer product bundlings, heavy discounts, and gift coupons to increases your sales
  • You can easily analyze your marketing strategies and revise them to yield more specific results
  • Your overall expenditure will be reduced as there no need for setting up any physical store
  • Your store will be opened for 23*7 which will result in an increased number of orders
  • Your sales will effortlessly increase as the customers located in a remote place can easily access your products without visiting any of your physical stores
  • More importantly, you can easily scale your business in terms of customer bases, sales, as well as profits

As you now clearly understand what are the benefits of using e-commerce as well as what are benefits of selling products online.Therefore, embrace e-Commerce at the earliest and drive your business growth.

Now, if you are thinking about creating an eCommerce website on Shopify and managing the business through it, then don’t forget to consider our robust Shopify NetSuite Connector app.

WebBee’s Shopify NetSuite Connector

We, WebBee eSolutions Pvt Ltd, offer a highly advanced & Shopify NetSuite connector at an affordable price. It increases your operational efficiency by automating different transactions between your Shopify eCommerce store and NetSuite. With it, you don’t need to worry about any kind of data inaccuracy, data tampering, and inventory mistakes. Furthermore, you can achieve more efficiency in shipping and logistics.

Exclusive features of Webbee’s Shopify NetSuite Connector

Our well-built app offers many advanced features to streamline your business process. They are:

  • Synchronization of Customer Information, Sales Orders, and Billing Data
  • Automatically syncs Customer Information and Sales Orders from Shopify store to NetSuite
  • Facilitates exporting of order history as well as existing customers from NetSuite to Shopify store
  • Enables quick import of billing information from Shopify store to NetSuite
  • Support multiple payment gateways
  • Synchronization of product inventory between Shopify store and NetSuite
  • Enables real-time exporting of products and price rates from NetSuite to Shopify Store
  • Facilitates easier handling of different product catalogs on both Shopify store as well as NetSuite
  • Supports effective managing of multiple warehouses in NetSuite
  • Synchronization of Shipping and Fulfillment data from Shopify store to NetSuite
  • Facilitates real-time exporting of statuses and shipping details related to fulfilled sales orders from NetSuite to Shopify store
  • Allows partial fulfillment of sales orders
  • Supports quick generation of invoices in Shopify and/or NetSuite store

Apart from these benefits, our Shopify NetSuite Connector provides two more unique advantages, for instance,

  • It facilitates automatic inventory updating for every 10-minutes
  • It tracks products constantly and generates updates for every 2-hours

Benefits of WebBee Shopify NetSuite Connector

Powered by unique features and functionalities, our connector app offers many benefits for your business. For example,

  • It allows you centralization of multiple warehouses for effective handling of
  • It completely eliminates the presence of inaccurate data through automation
  • It facilitates 360-degree visibility into customers’ buying behavior and purchasing history
  • It streamlines the shipping process and assists in delivering excellent customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Shopify good for small businesses?

Yes. Shopify is good for even small businesses as it is extremely easy-to-use and demands low investment. It offers many unique features and integration for simplifying activities linked with inventory, shipping, and payment. Also, it supports quick integration with several social platforms and thereby facilitates optimization of all the marketing strategies. Moreover, it provides 24*7 excellent customer service through email, phone, and live chat. Thus, any small business or startup with limited resources can make use of Shopify to achieve the most productivity.

  • How easy is Shopify?

You can make use of Shopify to create your online store, even without having any coding knowledge. For affordable pricing, it offers many unique features to build an attractive online store. Also, it facilitates seamless integration with many apps and payment gateways to improve overall efficiency. Moreover, you easily modify or scale your online store on a regular basis depending on the changing business trends. It is an added advantage.

  • Is Shopify good?

Indeed. Shopify is the best option if you wish to sell your products online and expand your business reach. It assists you in creating a highly functional online store. Also, it helps you in handling multiple product listings, inventories, marketing tools, and customer records more efficiently. More importantly, all this can be done without having any kind of technical knowledge as well as skills. Today, many online businesses use Shopify to simplify their selling process and boost sales figures.

  • How easy is it to set up a Shopify store?

Shopify is one of the ideal platforms to set up your online store, if you wish to start selling your products at the earliest. The unique features and functionalities of Shopify offer great assistance in creating a brand-new online store without much difficulty. Also, its hundreds of themes (free and paid) and add-ons come handy in making your online store visually appealing. Moreover, there is no requirement for any kind of technical expertise and coding knowledge to do this which is the best advantage of using Shopify. Even, if you face any trouble you can easily access the support of Shopify Customer Service at any moment of the day.  

  • Why is Shopify the best?

Shopify is regarded as one of the best and most utilized eCommerce platforms. It offers outstanding support for any business to build its own online selling store. For this, it provides hundreds of built-in features, customizable themes, and integration apps. It also facilitates quick and hassle-free integration of multiple marketplaces and sales channels. On top of that, Shopify is well-known across the tech-market for providing faster web hosting services.