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How BigCommerce NetSuite integrations Simplify ERP goals

May 13, 2020

How BigCommerce NetSuite integrations Simplify ERP goals

Big-commerce, a leading cloud hosted Web-store has become quite popular among sellers in terms of flexibility and ease that it offers as an online shopper who is looking for his desired good and items. BigCommerce NetSuite integration further enhances the front end experience for a shopper as well seller equally streamlining various business and transaction processes. BigCommerce ERP merely not only offers a better customer experience at front end but at the same time make business processes at the back end fast and efficient.

The reason for NetSuite ERP to be successful with BigCommerce webstore is its capability to handle websites high traffic volumes.  However, while offering NetSuite for a Web Store at times it become difficult to connect with the necessary and relevant data sources and partner solutions. NetSuite ERP integration with Big Commerce presents achievement of many goals for the seller when the integration is accomplished and completed.

  • BigCommerce NetSuite integration enables a seller to fully use the BigCommerce’s powerful architecture and open source nature with a better data access distributed across the cloud.
  • With connecting Bigcommerce and NetSuite it even enables sales, marketing or finance team to handle the store while the entire data natively remains on the cloud.
  • NetSuite ERP integration powers a seller to make the maximum of the BigCommerce flexibility across the enterprise in terms of customization.
  • BigCommerce NetSuite ERP further allows companies to optimize sales across all channels including online stores and social media ensuring that the critical data is   equally distributed across the channels.

There are many methods and ways BigCommerce NetSuite integration is implemented and has been put into the effect. The most effective one is either a modern integration solution or a NetSuite Connector. WebBee NetSuite Connector therefore makes an ERP solution integrated and successful without any requirement of a heavy IT infrastructure.

Benefits of Integrating NetSuite with BigCommerce  

Integrating NetSuite ERP with web store software like BigCommerce helps an online business to reap many dividends and benefits on many aspects and criteria. It enables a business to smoothly share important data across different platforms. It also ensures a business to automate its processes by automating and speeding up different business processes. After integrating NetSuite ERP into BigCommerc the web store can shows visible improvements on the areas like processes, time and manual errors. The most common benefits offered by BigCommerce NetSuite integration is:-


The biggest benefit offered by the integration through automation is energy and monetary efficiency for a seller. The automation first of all eliminates the data errors at the time customer is filling information into the shopping cart. The customer information directly reaches to NetSuite software after integration has been successfully enabled. There is no requirement of manual entry of data into the ERP software, it will be self sustained activity as the tedious task of data entry would be taken care by computers and unoccupied human resource will be used at different necessary task and duties.

Complete Control over Inventory

A proper management of inventory helps a business to avoid situations where customers orders for a product that is not in stock. The NetSuite inventory management system, therefore, when connected to the front end of the website leads to complete control inventory. An efficient inventory management system, therefore, keeps balance on the availability of stock and at the same time keeps informing the customer about the availability of goods at the stocks. It helps them to take quick and prompt decisions about choosing a product according to the inventory at the store.

Centralized Order management

BigCommerce NetSuite integration has unique capability to handle orders from a single program from the single access dashboards, offering the complete ownership of the client orders. As the entire data reaches at the single access point it makes easier for a staff to access that data from the center  place and redistribute it across different places and segments or utilize according to their specific business role across the BigCommerce eco system.

Show Customers More Information about Their Orders

With NetSuite and eCommerce integration in place, when you enter information about customers’ orders in your ERP software, they will be able to see it on their store account or be sent updates via email. The integration could allow for customers to see their order status and easily track their order shipments. Showing the customer information about their order before they even have to ask for it leads to greater customer satisfaction and less time on the phone informing them about when their package will arrive.

Generate Sales and Other Financial Reports Easily

Some eCommerce solutions are able generate sales reports on their own. However, when your shopping cart is integrated with your NetSuite ERP solution, you can generate other financial reports including profit and loss statements and balance sheets. These reports can help you manage your business better and make more informed decisions about your ecommerce company’s finances.

Shipping, Billing & Fulfillment

Real-time syncing of shipping methods across BigCommerce & NetSuite for the shipment details like tracking, pick, pack, ship and notification. Payment capture features for events like sale on BigCommerce or order fulfillment in NetSuite. Support available for multiple currencies & payment methods.