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Build an Online Store with Zero Investment at Shopify

January 22, 2018

What would be your initial reaction when somebody told you that one can easily launch an e- commerce store with almost no cash investment? You may do not believe it, but it is a fact. With Shopify, even an ordinary person can create an online store with zero investment. Shopify is an e-commerce platform, which builds an online store with magnificent store-front themes and easy navigation. Used by over millions of users to sell their products and services online, one can easily create his online store on Shopify by following simple steps.

Steps of Launching an Online Store with Shopify

  • Create Shopify Account: The foremost step is creating an account at Shopify website, www.shopify.com . The process of signing up will take a few seconds. During this process, it is being asked whether a user wants to open an online store or a retail store. Creating an online store with Shopify implies getting fully hosted e-commerce website whereas retail or pop-up store gives power to users to sell in person with the help of iPhone or iPad point-of- sale system. After this, users need to fill details with regard to their addresses, currencies, etc.
  • Setting Domain Address: While setting domain address, users have two choices: either to purchase their own domain addresses or to go ahead with the basic domain used by other Shopify stores. For purchasing domain address, contact domain providers and buy the domain suiting to the business requirements, industry and budget. However, if users have decided to stick with basic domain address, then domain address will be like www.abcdefghyujm.myshopify.com.
  • Choosing Shopify Theme: The next step involves choosing a theme. Here also, users will get two choices: either to choose from pre-specified template available at Shopify Themes collection or customize your own theme. It is suggested if users are looking for professional look, possess no technical knowledge and want to save his time and money, they should opt for pre-designated templates.
  • Adding Products: Once account is created and theme is decided, then comes the time consuming task of adding products. Here, users can either add products manually (with important details like product name, image, price, size, color, etc.) or upload several products at a time by importing CSV file.
  • Installing Apps: In order to sell products effectively over Shopify, it is important to need support of different apps. Users, as per their business requirements, can add hundreds of apps belonging to different categories like Marketing, Customer Support, Shipping, etc. These apps are easily available at Shopify Appstore.
  • Get your First Customer: You are done with creating an online store with attractive theme and backed by powerful apps, now comes the important question how to get your first customer? In order to promote Shopify store and make your targeted customers aware about your business, users need to implement a variety of online promotional activities. Some of such activities are using email marketing, running advertisements of Facebook & Google, leveraging social networking channels like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, offering attractive discounts to attract customers, etc. So, if you are ready to start your own business online, avail 14 days trial offer by Shopify. By availing this offer, users get the opportunity to launch an online store with zero cash investment and if they are satisfied, they can take advantage of premium chargeable services of Shopify for increasing their sales and business.


With Shopify, a novice can easily create and run his online store without making any investment. There are few steps which are necessary to follow for creating the store. Once, users are satisfied with the services, they can change their packages from free trial to chargeable ones.