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8 Myths Surrounding Implementation Of CRM Solution

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August 4, 2017

A little knowledge is dangerous, not just for oneself but for others around as well. If you have limited knowledge about anything, your decision is based on that information only. Today, we bring you some insights into the world of CRM – Customer Relationship Management. Besides reflecting on what it is, we will also look into the myths that surround the understanding of CRM and its implementation.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management platform often referred to as CRM in IT scenario, is a software to manage customer details and analyze customer communications, relationships. This is done through data collection and analysis. The goal of implementing CRM in an organization is to improve business relationships with customers and to assist them in services to drive sales.

Now that we broadly understand CRM, let us debunk the myths about it:

  1. CRM is Complex

Most people think implementing CRM is complex and require in-depth technical know-how. Those who conduct businesses outside IT industry remain shy and do not want to indulge in it for they do not have the required resources. But this isn’t true. The CRM solutions available today are easy to install and implement with just some basic computer knowledge.

  1. Required only for Employee Monitoring

This perception is completely untrue. Though it is true that Manager monitor the work of their employees through CRM but that is not the only purpose it is used for. A CRM solution can also perform various other functions such as customer insights, marketing automation, sales & forecasting ability, and increased revenue to list few.

  1. Lacks Security

Many people do not regard cloud as secure. However, Cloud providers take all the precautions to make sure the data saved on the cloud is safe in all regards. To protect the data from any breach, various parameters like firewall, data encryption, and security protocols are checked to make the clients feel secure about their data.

  1. CRM is expensive

Products that become the market leader are often the most expensive. But there are several other products with similar functionalities and feature that are less expensive and are designed to serve the small businesses. My suggestion is to research a bit before investing. However, a CRM with just the basic functionality is also a great investment for the business.

  1. There are hidden costs

There is a cost associated if you wish to make your CRM more advanced beside the basic functionalities it provides. Customization will cost you but it doesn’t come under hidden cost. It will be a part of your purchase process and should be informed by your vendor.

  1. CRM is only for big companies

This is completely false. Research shows that small and medium size organizations have benefited from the use of CRM more in terms of growth than multinational companies. Processes of small companies are easy to manage, regulate and implement and this makes the work of a CRM solution quite efficient.

  1. Implementation takes too long

Implementation depends on the size of the company and the amount of data they have. Of course, a company that has been functioning since decades will have piles of data and it will take the time to integrate it. However, an efficient CRM will be able to solve this issue for you.

  1. Not useful for field

With the arrival of Mobile CRM, this misconception has been reduced to nothing. The location has not become a deterrent anymore and Mobile CRM can give you access to all the necessary information while they perform their duties on the field.

I hope these misconceptions have cleared your mind about purchasing CRM and its implementation benefits. Improve your business and processes with the right CRM and make it a great investment by not believing in the above. Do not let these myths guide your decision of investing in this valuable software.

If you do not know where to begin, WebBee team can help you begin with. We can provide you the necessary consultation on CRM and help you choose the right product for your business. Whether your business is small or large, we can assist you in CRM implementation and set your processes in the right direction.