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7 Ways For Shopify Sellers To Get More Sales

June 30, 2017

Shopify is not new anymore and is fast becoming the most preferred e-commerce platform for new as well as established businesses. A growing number of small businesses, SMEs and even some of the bigger enterprises are looking forward to migrating to Shopify from their existing e-commerce platform.

While there are other platforms available, yet it is probably the best platform available in the market right now. The USP of the platform is its user-friendly features where you don’t have to bother about payment gateway, hosting, security and other technical issues. All you need is to focus on arranging your catalog, theme, design, layout and marketing strategy.

With Shopify store development solution, you can manage your design and development requirements. Shopify takes care of everything related to designing and Shopify store development, leaving you relaxed to focus on other aspects of your business.

In this article, we will throw light upon how you can increase your sales with your Shopify store. There are two important elements here:

  • Getting more traffic
  • Getting more conversions

Both aspects are important and need to be in place for your business to generate more revenue. Unless both are looked after appropriately, your business goal of generating profits will not be fulfilled. So, let’s discuss some ways of increasing sales for your Shopify store through conversion and traffic –

Get More Traffic

1. Integrate Your Store with Social Media

  • Since the day Social Media saw the light of the day, there was no turning back for it. It has grown exponentially since then. There is a variety of them which regular internet users spend much time on.
  • Align your Shopify store with these sites to acquire more traffic for your store. Moreover, Shopify is integrated with Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, the most popular social media platforms. You can use these channels to directly showcase your products to the users and even sell them.
  • Pinterest is known to generate huge traffic to e-commerce stores. start a Pinterest account and upload pictures to generate traffic to your store.
  • Adding a buy button on your Facebook page also helps in attracting more customers.

2. Make the Most of the Search Engine Optimization

  • Search traffic is the base for any online store be it Shopify or others. Shopify store owners have an advantage of some inbuilt features that help them with SEO management. Basic necessity is to make sure that the meta-descriptions fields and alt tags created for the product images are proper.
  • Sitemaps also help to a great extent if made available on the site.
  • Optimize the URLs of all pages to make it easy for users to search and search engines know what the page is about.
  • Next, comes the content which is the core of your website. This is crucial for your SEO Include descriptions with keywords and add keywords in the product reviews, classified, articles and blogs.

3. Blog Regularly

  • Blogging is nothing but content written in a creative way to attract readers and then convert them into consumers. This trend is very recent and is catching up as an SEO tool for all kinds of businesses.
  • But your store blog should be much more than just an article. You can personalize them through story telling about your brand and its evolution. This kind of blogging leads to customer loyalty and attachment.
  • A potential customer can soon become a regular at your store if he/she can relate to your brand. Customers are much more satisfied and inclined to buy a product when they get to read all the details about the product.
  • Your blog can be used to define and explain your how you source your products and how they reach the customers.

Search engines rank active sites higher as they have updated and relevant content. To further enhance its effectiveness, write keyword oriented blog posts to target specific customers if any.  Hence, your blog becomes a gateway for getting new traffic to your store.

4. Go for International Shipping

If you can afford to expand, go global. This is surely a way to acquire more visitors to your store. Expand your Shopify store internationally once your business does well in the local market.  Do not limit your store to a confined market and start with providing hassle-free payment options and shipping facilities across international borders. Stepping in the international market is a way to generate more customers and boost your brand popularity.

Get Better Conversions

5. Create a responsive and mobile-friendly store

  • Creating a responsive design helps users navigate your site effortlessly. Your Shopify store design should also work smoothly on mobile devices. If your store doesn’t have you are certainly at a great disadvantage.
  • With the notable increase in smartphone usage in the recent times, it surely awaits your attention as a Shopify store owner.
  • Enhance the usability of your Shopify store on mobiles to get more mobile visitors. Responsive themes also help in improving your ranking on the search engines.
  • Optimize your checkout process for mobile users and make it quick and easy.

6. Offer Discount Coupons

  • 56% of customers agree that discount coupons compel them to buy as revealed by a survey conducted by e-tailing.
  • Limited validity coupons often force potential customers to make a quick decision about buying the product. If they are considering buying a particular product, chances are they will buy immediately in order to avail the discount. Some customers may buy products for future use, without having its immediate need, just to use the discounts available.
  • Shopify stores consists a feature which creates coupon codes for various promotions on the store. These features help you in promoting and increasing the sales of your products. They also bring in more traffic as customers get interested to know more about the product once the see a discount.

7. Smart Upselling and Cross-selling

  • As a store owner, knowing your customers is important. With activities like Upselling and Cross-selling of products, you can get the average order value of a customer. Going forward, you can suggest them new products related to their past purchases and turn them in.
  • It makes it easier for customers as well when they search for related items. It enhances their experience on your store and they tend to visit again.
  • Customers are less likely to wander to competitive sites to search for products they have been looking for if the receive recommendation from you for those products.

As a vendor, you should tap into all the traditional online marketing vehicles to increase traffic to your store and increase sales of your products. However, Shopify custom development and design are the keys to converting most of the customers.

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