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15 Secret Tips To Remember While You Build Your First Shopify Site

February 14, 2018

It is no secret that your website can make or break your business. Therefore, the most important is to carefully design your website to attract as many visitors as possible and convert them into valuable customers.

During our research and hiring of Shopify development designers, we found some interesting facts about making the website worthy of making a sale and attracting customers.

When you shop online, how often do you pay attention to the design of the site? Maybe once or maybe never if the design is doing its work. Customers pay attention to the design of the site if it is getting in their way while shopping. The sign of excellent design is to allow the customers to move around seamlessly and make their online purchase.

Let us look at the following tips to give your customers an experience to remember when they visit your Shopify store:

  1. Operational Experience

More than the looks, the way a site works is more important when it comes to online shopping. Ask yourself about the experience you want to give your customers? If you are selling clothes, do you want your visitors to be inspired? If you are a toy company, you would want the children visiting the Shopify store to get excited and cheerful looking at the products. Therefore, creating the right ambiance is important in the virtual world as well.

  1. Less is Better

Do not overload your Shopify website with information. When people come to your online store, they are more interested in viewing the products than reading the history or background of every product available. Be precise in providing the right information to make the customer buy the product than leaving the site.

  1. Work with seasoned Designers

Do not hesitate to invest in your Shopify store site. Find a seasoned designer and discuss in detail how you envision your online business. If you are not sure, they will be able to help you realize it that working with novice designers who may not be able to offer you extra help.

  1. Reflect Value through design

Your website design should reflect your brand value and what it stands for. This is also important for the company’s image in the market. Creating an attractive and navigable website also helps in creating brand awareness in the market.

  1. The site should be easy but engaging

Your online store should be clear, easily navigable and engaging at the same time to keep the customer interested in your products. Hard to find sites lose customers in a blink of an eye.

  1. Use email marketing

Lure customers through your email marketing and make it crisp and creative. With short and relevant headlines, you can make them visit your Shopify store and from there, there is no looking back.

  1. Experienced Development Team

Look for a company which hires experienced and knowledgeable Shopify developers for its clients. If the developers are experienced with Shopify, it will make your work easy.

  1. Understand your customers

As much as you want the development company building your website to understand your requirement, it is also important that you understand your customer well. This will help you in serving them with what they need.

  1. Product images are important

Even after sorting out everything, your products photos are not clear, you lose the battle. Product images are the backbone of e-commerce business and if you get them right, you are half way through in making sales.

  1. Have a Realistic Budget

Have a budget in mind while finding developers and designer for your Shopify store. Improvising a basic theme is cost-effective than building one from scratch.

  1. Play with the Theme

Shopify themes are attractive, easy to use, and customizable. Try different attributes and let the theme do the magic for your store. Customize the theme to your preference and make it unique for your customers.

  1. Learn yourself

Upgrade yourself with information about the Shopify store and its themes even if you can afford an expensive designer. It is always good to know what you are investing in than being ignorant and cribbing in the end.

  1. Align your brand with the products

Always remember to reflect your brand through your products and convey the same values to your customers. Instruct your developers to keep the site simple and easy while maintaining its elegance.

  1. Maintain Quality

With Shopify, you can expect quality in the themes and plugins. The payment gateways available should be synchronized thoroughly to give your customers smooth sailing during their purchase.

  1. Overwhelm your customers

Create a unique design and content to overwhelm your customers and give them something they haven’t got from other sites. Check your competitors and analyze what you can do differently.

Spend some real time in research and analysis before finalizing your store design and Shopify theme. You can also consult WebBee Global Shopify design development services provider company.