What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange which means data exchange in electronic form of business documents such as orders, delivery slips, and invoices. EDI is a specialized communications technology that is used to exchange business documents between organizations via computers. The biggest advantage of using EDI systems is that they translate business documents from one organization into universal standards and then transmit them to other standards. We specialize in EDI software solutions and help organizations in transferring other data more effectively.

EDI integration is a process of setting up a complete EDI workflow between trading partners.

A typical manual process looks like this:-

EDI Inegration
The EDI process looks like this:-
EDI Solution

Set EDI expectations with your partner

EDI is not a complex thing, in fact, it revolves around communicating with your trading partners in a well-defined and structured way. Firstly, talk to your partners and fully define the key aspects of your EDI communications, including Endpoints, EDI Standards, EDI Documents and Transactions and EDI Protocols.

Key elements of EDI Integration –

Trading Partners: It seems basic, but it is very important to know who are you exchanging business documents using EDI.

Endpoints: Endpoints are those IT systems that are needed to send, receive and process data, e.g. your sales system, logistics systems, etc.

EDI documents and transactions: You should have EDI documents so that you can easily exchange them with your trading partners.

EDI standards and protocols: You should know EDI standards and protocols so that you can find out the technologies which are using for message transmission.

Advantage of EDI :-

  1. Eliminated the use of paperwork in your business transactions
  2. Improved information processing
  3. Reduced administrative and operational costs
  4. By enhancing the EDI integration, you can collaborate with your trading partners as well as other agencies.
  5. Reduced response time
  6. Increased profitability

We are backed by experienced EDI experts who help you in translation, transmission, mapping and data integration. We work with every major EDI standard and protocol while enabling you to link every major system in your organization.

What EDI mainly require?

  • Integration of EDI records with online applications, for example, NetSuite, BigCommerce.
  • Integration of EDI 850 Purchase Orderswith Shopify and your EDI Trading Partner
  • Integration of EDI 810 Invoices with QuickBooks/QuickBooks Online and a CSV
  • Segregation of EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledge with Amazon Vendor Central
  • Integration of EDI 856 ASN with ShipStation utilizing their API
  • Integration of EDI 204 Motor Carrier Shipment subtleties with your EDI car Trading Partner

How does Electronic Data Interchange(EDI) help your business?

a) Reduction in workload
EDI seamlessly manages the transaction of electronic papers such as buy orders, gross sales orders, transportation notices, invoices. It means that there’s no need for manual rekeying. In this way, the business can save by eliminating manual rekeying.

b) Accumulated data accuracy
In case you’re physically entering requests into providers’ online frameworks or getting provider solicitations that are rekeyed into your framework, you’re leaving yourself open to mistakes. EDI removes this from the condition to expand information precision.
c) Speed up the order-to-payment cycle
With reduced manual workload and increased data accuracy, EDI helps you realize significant improvements in the order-to-payment cash cycle.
d) Multiple communication protocols
An enterprise generally has dozens of applications running on its systems and as a result, many communication protocols have to deal with these applications. To integrate all these applications is a mammoth task as the flow between these applications needs to be automated after translating them to the common schema which can be understood by partner systems and internal ERPs.Do you want to leverage modern EDI solution from a trusted EDI provider? Feel free to contact us.