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SINCE 2005 Ready to use integration which ships 4 million order per year
Ready to use integration which ships 4 million order per year
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Walmart EDI

Integrate. Customize. Implement.

Walmart EDI Integrator

Walmart EDI Integration Inspiring Performance Enhancement through Automation.

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Walmart EDI Integrator
Walmart EDI

Integrate. Customize. Implement.

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Scalable Business Features

With the help of Walmart EDI integration, a business gets ample opportunity to only utilize the feature that he is looking and, moreover, there should be a support for warehouse/ 3PL integration into the system for the future usage and planning.

Simplified Order Management

Though Walmart EDI is not of a greater assistance to a supplier, however, it is of great usage for a business to reduce the pressure of data re-entry and to manage high volume orders.

Automated Data Process

An EDI manager integrated with Walmart system to work along VAN showcases all data between system and Walmart, simultaneously. The EDI when integrated between systems can easily sync data more importantly between business processes like shipping invoice, payment advance slip and others.

Data Accuracy

Walmart EDI reduces chances of error for doing tasks manually by 40%. Using an EDI accelerates business cycle up to 60%. The lesser time spent upon transaction cycles thus improves cash flow.

Walmart EDI Integrator

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Feel Good Bakery

Great implementation team worked on a netsuite / shopify integration. Support was very responsive and helpful.

United States
Germaine De Capuccini AU

We are in our 2nd week of using the app. The team have been very responsive and helpful. I am very grateful and extremely happy this is the integration we chose.


Works great. Once setup it runs smoothly and syncs tracking codes and inventory for me without having to think about it.


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