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Because of our many years of beekeeping, we also saw a need to give back. We implemented a Pollinator Pasture Program that plants 1 square foot of pollinator pasture for every retail jar sold. Through this program, we have been able to provide our customers with delicious, healthy and spreadable honey as well as improve the health of pollinators.
"There are a few language issues in the app, things that I have to think twice about but the support documentation is really good (now) and the chat support is very quick and helpful. Manish has helped me a couple of times via chat and it's been very good. We've tried two other apps/service providers and this one is by FAR the best and most robust app for syncing MCF and Shopify. A few of my observations -You can turn off "auto-fulfillment" and manually send each order to Amazon MCF after reviewing the order if you'd like. This is very good. The button to send it to Amazon says "re-submit" which is one of the language oddities, but once you get over that, it works flawlessly. -Your Shopify order numbers are passed to Amazon. This seems obvious, but ShipStation DOESN'T do this which is infuriating. WebBee does this and it's absolutely wonderful. -One click to view the same order in Seller Central, or on Shopify. This makes customer assistance SO fast. -Shopify Tags on the order as it processes through Amazon fulfillment are hugely helpful. It allows you to see right inside the Shopify order page where each order is in Amazon (Processing, Planning, Shipping, etc.). -MAPPING SKUs between Shopify and Amazon. I cannot overemphasize how important this is, and WebBee allows this. The other Shopify app DOESN'T! With the competition, if your SKUs don't match between Shopify and Amazon, you must change them in Shopify. That's absolutely ridiculous and oftentimes impossible to do because of other logistical issues. WebBee understands this and ALLOWS MAPPING OF SKUs. This alone is one of the reasons we came back to them. -We tried them about 6 months ago and we had issues with customers not being shown live shipping rates reliably. Sometimes they were simply not shown any rates. Support documentation wasn't great at that time either. I'm not sure if those live issues are 100% solved, and it may be an Amazon issue, but we just created a "Default" Free shipping rate in Shopify that shows alongside the live rates. This works because everything ships free on our site. So now we can be 100% certain that every single customer is at least shown the "Default" free shipping rate. -Mapping Shopify shipping rates to Amazon rates is also possible with this app. So our "Default" rate just maps to Amazon Standard. I'm rambling on here, but at the end of the day we're quite happy with WebBee and they are obviously improving as they go. We tried them 6 months ago, switched to using ShipStation's Amazon integration, and have now come back to WebBee. Chat support and support documentation are MUCH better this time around. Good job Manish and WebBee!"
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