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We are educators that love seeing growth – in ourselves and others. metaFox is an edupreneurial platform built of and by a team of training and learning enthusiasts.

Connected our store yesterday in a 30 min support call with Malik. Works like a charm. I give it:
-10/10 for functionality
-6/10 for desirability because of the ugly UI -> You need support to set it up!!!
-8/10 for viability i.e. pricing
--> I hop you like the reference to the 3 important design thinking criteria for successful products.

- Great support
- Can do what I need
- Pricing

-GUI is not great

What it can do:
- Sync inventory from Shopify to AMZ every 40 min or so
- Automatically (or rule based) creation of MCF orders for your shopify orders & getting tracking no to your customers via email then

What it cannot do
- Import orders from AMZ to Shopify
- Manage listings or anything

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