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At Binowav, we believe that you should have the best hearing aids at 80% of the cost. We see first hand how great hearing changes people's lives and that keeps us constantly motivated to pursue excellence in hearing aid technology.
"I have been using this app for more than a year. Since half a year ago a problem has arisen that it is not possible to use Amazon's most basic delivery service, but only the option of expedited delivery. This has caused our delivery costs to increase by 50%! We raised this issue six months ago, but they never resolved it. I estimate that we lost an additional $5,000 in delivery costs. I think if there is another app that can replace this app, I will not hesitate to replace it. 2022.10.28 The company eventually helped me out. I must say that the app's overall experience is good and very easy to get started. It should be the best of its kind at this point. Just wish you guys would have helped us out sooner when I was running into problems."
Binowav Hearing Solutions


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