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Shoes For Crews

Shoes For Crews is one of the top-notch players in the footwear industry. It designs and manufactures shoes that prevent slips, falls, or trips, allowing you to step confidently in your work environment. Founded in 1984, the company has been working dedicatedly to provide a perfect blend of comfort and protection through its high-quality footwear designed primarily for the workplace. The brand caters to both men and women, giving you diverse options to shop, whether by brand, season, activities, or even style. No matter the weather, activity or season, the footwear’s build can withstand any rigours without compromising on safety or aesthetic appeal. Catering to a variety of needs, including athletic, casual, dress, and safety categories, Shoes For Crews ensures that every professional finds their perfect fit and gets a chance to experience safety wrapped in style with every stride!

Vision and Goals 

Shoes For Crews strives to become the global leader in slip-resistant footwear. The company aims to focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and expansion into new markets to reach a global audience. Their goals include:

  • Enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Expanding their product line.
  • Increasing their market share while maintaining their commitment to standards, safety and comfort. 


Embracing advanced technology has been a cornerstone of Shoes For Crews' strategy. The brand designs footwear that can meet people's demands in terms of their working conditions and work environment. The brand’s ability to make its footwear industry-specific speaks volumes about the outstanding technology that enhances its efficiency and drives innovation in its product. 

Continuous Growth 

Shoes For Crews has demonstrated meticulous growth. This growth has been demonstrated by meeting the diverse needs of the modern workforce, keeping you safe and sound without compromising on comfort.  

Global Expand

So far, Shoes For Crews has been successful in marking its footprint globally, reaching customers in over 40 countries. This has allowed the brand to expose its diverse utility footwear styles to reach a large customer base and strengthen its position as a global leader in slip-resistant footwear.


Shoes For Crews is committed to sustainability and continually strives to mitigate its environmental impact. By implementing various initiatives to promote eco-friendly practices, the brand focuses on using sustainable materials that reduce waste and do not harm the environment.


The Hurdles That Shoes For Crews Encountered In Its Journey To Way Up

Inefficiencies in managing inventory and orders were causing significant setbacks to the company’s success and growth. As they set their eyes on growing market reach and boosting operational efficiency, various obstacles emerged, highlighting the intricacies and the need for a prompt resolution. Some significant challenges include:-

Lack of Data Synchronization 

Shoes For Crews faced a major blow when there were a large number of inaccuracies in their data related to order processing, inventory levels and customer data due to manual data entry. Their Shopify platform and ERP system were not integrated, leading to inefficiencies and data silos. The manual processes increased the risk of errors and gradually reduced operational efficiency.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory across channels became difficult; however, it was critical to mitigate the inventory discrepancies that were happening now and then. Inaccurate inventory data led to stockouts and overstock situations, impacting customer satisfaction and profitability.

Order Processing

The order fulfillment process could have been faster and prone to errors due to the lack of real-time data synchronization.

Insights That Drive Results 

The lack of insights or reporting tools led the business to hit a stagnant phase, impacting the business's performance and potential.

Happy and proud to announce the successful launch of our new Shopify + DTC website for Europe today. 6 main stores, 5 languages, 500k+ words of content per language and the integration of our warehouses that supply 19 countries with free shipping - all of this was achieved in just under 5 months. A big thank you to my team, the entire crew at Shoes for Crews and all agencies involved for making this happen, especially GPMD for the smooth migration from Shopware and WebBee Global for the seamless integration of NetSuite (and that´s not a given - just in case anyone hasn't had the pleasure of working with NetSuite 😉)

To celebrate that, we offer a 15 percent discount during the Easter break. If you want to stand safe on your feet during the easter egg hunt, here is your chance…Don't compromise on style, comfort and safety!

Shoes For Crews
Integration Features

Expedite Business Efficiency Through Robust NetSuite Integrator

Streamlining business operations is a step towards achieving success in the business landscape. Through streamlining operations, the data silos and inefficiencies leading to delayed order speed and processing, and inconsistent inventory levels can be eradicated. The highly advanced features that can uncomplicate your data management systems, pushing your business towards productivity, are listed as follows:-

Real-Time Data Sync 

Automatic synchronization of data between Shopify and NetSuite ensures accuracy and consistency across platforms. Robust NetSuite Integrator seamlessly facilitates syncing of information in real-time across channels such as inventory levels, orders, customer data, shipping, tracking and delivery to streamline business processes.

Automated Order Management 

The order management system comprehensively takes care of all the order management processes, from processing to tracking and fulfillment. The automated workflows keep all the processes in check.

Inventory Management

With this feature, you can receive regular updates about your inventory levels, seamlessly syncing all the data from Shopify to NetSuite without any manual effort. This helps improve stock visibility and reduce the risk of overselling and stockouts. 

Reporting and Analytics 

Robust NetSuite Integrator is a robust tool that can provide you with consolidated reporting and analytics, giving you quality and valuable insights into sales, inventory, and customer behaviour, helping you to improve your business’s performance significantly. 


The integrated system supports growth, allowing Shoes For Crews to scale operations efficiently as they expand globally.


The Success Story of Shoes For Crews

The only way a business can succeed is by introducing automation that eliminates all the manual efforts and replaces them with pre-configured workflows that removes the chances of any errors. The implementation of the NetSuite-Shopify integration brought significant transformation to Shoes For Crews:

Streamlining Operations 

Automation and real-time data synchronization streamlined operations. Robust NetSuite Integrator solution helped with Deposit Sync, Product Sync, Refund Sync, Field Mapping, Product Listing and much more through its pre-configured dataflows. Robust NetSuite Integrator synchronized inventory levels between Shopify and NetSuite in real-time, notifying the business owner about stock levels all the time.

Order Management

An order's journey, from processing to tracking and delivery, was readily viewable across channels on a single interface, allowing each order to be easily mapped and tracked, simplifying and streamlining operations.

Reporting and Analytics 

Robust NetSuite Integrator provided deeper insights, enabling better strategic decisions to improve its marketing and reach the right audience.

Operational Scalability

The integrated system supported the company's global expansion efforts, allowing them to manage increased demand and new market entries smoothly.

Shoes For Crews footwear is engineered to offer unparalleled protection and keep you comforted throughout the day. Their commitment to durability, value, and style is evident in every curve and contour of their made-for-all footwear collection. From work to leisure and travel, the footwear transitions flexibly and effortlessly from one style to another, striking a perfect balance between aesthetic and comfort! By utilizing Robust NetSuite Integrator features, the business solved critical operational difficulties. By leveraging technology, the company increased productivity, improved customer happiness, and set itself up for future growth and global expansion.

This case study is a standing testament to the power of the right tools to increase business success. Suppose you are someone who has recently set up or is planning to set up their business. In that case, this case study might help you to make use of the right tools, such as Robust NetSuite integrator, to structure your business operations and manage your business functions smoothly, never running the risk of losing revenue.

The successful implementation of this integration underscores the importance of relevant tools in driving business transformation and achieving strategic goals. Enhance your business potential with the Robust NetSuite Integrator to integrate your Shopify with NetSuite and watch your business success shoot up! Avail a free trial today and see how WebBee’s Robust NetSuite Integrator can speed up your business’s growth.