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Microderm Glo

Ever wondered what lay beneath all the dirt, bacteria, and dead skin scattered on the upper layers of your skin? That’s actually your skin’s natural radiance and glow that is waiting to be unveiled! Microderm Glo is a brand specializing in skincare technology that works on the science behind the magic of achieving rejuvenated and healthy skin. Instrumental in bringing a revolution in the beauty industry with its cutting-edge, at-home microabrasion devices, it advocates the idea that professional-grade skin care should be accessible to everyone. By introducing the finest range of products, such as Microdermabrasion machines, skin care tools, facial creams, serums, and other accessories, the brand is a haven for skincare enthusiasts, offering essentials to get you started on your skincare journey!

Vision and Goals

Microderm Glo believes everyone’s skincare regime is sacred. To help individuals discover their best skin,  Microderm Glo gives you customized virtual skincare consultations to help you find the perfect product suitable to your skin type. The brand aims to address every skin concern. From anti-aging and dark spots to acne, pores, and uneven texture, Microderm Glo has a solution for all. The brand champions the following ideas:-

Innovators in design

Former Apple designers created the ingenious teardrop shape of the microdermabrasion device to combine maximum control and ergonomic comfort, allowing you to grasp and operate the gadget without confusion, making it incredibly user-friendly.

 Innovators in safety

Microderm Glo uses its very own safe 3D and prioritizes skin safety, which is why Derma Glo’s products are not dermatologically tested but dermatologically created! Whether you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin, the products guarantee safe use for all skin types.

Innovators in beauty

Committed to providing revolutionary products that transform your skin, Microderm Glo is out there setting new standards in beauty, giving you the power to change your skin. The brand aims to bestow healthy, youthful, and plump skin with just one-time use without burning a hole in your pocket.

Cutting Edge Technology

Microderm Glo system uses cutting-edge diamond exfoliation and smooth suction technology to gently buff away unhealthy layers of skin, invigorate and brighten complexion, and promote the growth of healthy new skin cells.

Customer Centricity

Without spending huge sums of money, Microderm Glo delivers spa-quality results from the comfort of their homes. Not only this, but the product takes only four minutes to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, enlarged pores, and pigmentation while smoothing and softening skin, thereby promising instant results.


Barriers Encountered During Microderm Glo’s Journey To The Top

Right when the company entered the market with its advanced professional skincare, a huge number of challenges emerged that were threatening the sales of Microderm Glo’s high-end products. Some critical challenges that needed immediate attention were:-

Inefficient Inventory

As the company expanded its market reach, setting itself for major gains, managing inventory across channels became time-consuming, leading to stockouts and overselling situations, which led to losing customers. 

Shipping and Delivery Delays

Logistics took a major hit when the company dealt with slow shipping and delivery speeds, leading to delays in order fulfillment. This raised a question on the brand's accountability, therefore necessitating an immediate solution.

 Scalability issues

Due to product demand and higher order volumes, the company's existing logistics failed to keep up with the demand. Adopting crucial measures was needed to streamline and scale business operations.

Customer Dissatisfaction

Inconsistent delivery times and delayed fulfillment speeds were negatively impacting customer satisfaction and business growth.

Very good app, does exactly what it is designed to do. Very helpful customer service.

Microderm Glo
Integration Features

Microderm Glo’s Strategic Partnership With Amazon MCF by WebBee

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment can handle everything from inventory management to order processing and providing insights into sales trends and patterns. MCF also offered some exclusive insights to help them get ahead of their competitors, boosting their market presence. Some of the integration features include:-

Automated Order Fulfillment

Say goodbye to manual order processing! With MCF, orders from various sales channels are automatically fulfilled, saving you time and effort. Focus on growing your business while MCF handles the logistics seamlessly.

Fast and Reliable Shipping

Delight your customers with swift and reliable shipping. MCF ensures that orders are fulfilled and shipped promptly, enhancing the overall customer experience.

 Centralized Inventory Management

Monitor your inventory levels effortlessly with MCF's centralized management system. Sync inventory levels across multiple channels in real time, preventing stockouts and ensuring optimal stock levels at all times.


MCF has the scalability and flexibility to meet your changing needs, whether you're handling a small number of orders or thousands.


A Leading Journey That Paved The Way For Success

Amazon MCF brought transformation in Microderm Glo’s business operations and growth. Some of these features include:-

Enhanced Business Efficiency Through Streamlining Processes

Automation in workflows streamlined operations for the business. From order management to managing inventory and logistics, the company saw a reduction in fulfillment times with smooth data synchronization of data between platforms.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Due to the reduction in shipping and delivery speeds, the customers expressed satisfaction with the brand’s expedited fulfillment services and flexible return/refund services. As a result, the brand received substantial business from customers across the globe.

Increased Sales and Revenue

With reliable and efficient logistics and the ability to scale, the company saw a monumental increase in sales and revenue.


Microderm Glo is a one-of-a-kind brand that gives you a safe microdermabrasion experience from the comfort of your home. With a product like this, you don’t have to worry about running into expensive salons or parlors to achieve that glass-like skin! By integrating Shopify Amazon to curb the challenges that were posing a threat to the business's success, Microderm Glo positioned itself to achieve that groundbreaking success, setting its mark as one of the premium brands in the competitive skincare market.

This case study highlights the critical role that efficient logistics and fulfillment play in determining business success and growth. If you are someone whose business is in an impasse phase and looking for some tool that could push your numbers and sales, you’ve landed at the right place! This case study is a standing testament to how Amazon MCF by WebBee can transform your business game by streamlining your business operations and enhancing efficiency exponentially! So, what are you waiting for? Avail of a free trial today. Understand the relevancy that Amazon MCF by WebBee can add to your business, establishing it as a global leader among all other brands.