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United Kingdom
GMT Zero

GMT Zero is an independent luggage brand based in London that distinguishes itself by selling top-notch premium aluminum suitcases rooted in qualities such as strength, durability, and style. At times when quality is often compromised, GMT Zero boats itself in terms of standards with its 100% high-quality aluminum suitcases setting the mark for a reliable travel companion for globetrotters who are always on the go!

GMT Zero caters to deliver a home-like experience to travelers with great minds and souls, willing to connect, explore, and share their travel stories with the rest of the world. When going on thrilling adventures, there is no way to leave the essentials behind! With its premium quality materials made of 5-Series Aviation Aluminum which guarantees longevity, security, and modern style, the Steller luggage design definitely turns heads!

With a strong online presence, the company operates primarily through its Shopify store and has recently expanded into TikTok Shop to capitalize on the platform’s growing influence among younger consumers.

Vision and Goals

For every wanderer, there is a need to go to places unexplored, GMT Zero aims to deliver an unparalleled experience for the nomad in you with its premium style and long-lasting aluminium cases that express sophisticated essentialism with a dash of subtle noise!

Driving Innovation

Committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and design, If there is one brand that has succeeded in bringing back the aesthetic of luggage heritage from the past into the future and still maintained a fair price, it's hands-down GMT Zero! Continuous innovation has driven the use of cutting-edge technology that aligns with the needs of limitless and curious travel lovers.

Expanding Reach

With the goal of becoming a pioneer with its minimalistic features and design, the brand aims to reach a broader customer base and expand its market presence across countries and regions.

Customer Centricity

The mission of GMT Zero is to make the brand customer-centric so that it essentially becomes the way of being and aligns with the lifestyle of the people while being economical and easy on their pocket. GMT Zero aspires to become a reliable companion for people seeking an all-in-one kind of essentials that expresses your unique style with a flair of eccentricity.


Addressing Challenges That Became a Hurdle in GMT Zero Growth Journey

Every business faces multiple challenges when it comes to managing business operations. GMT Zero had its fair share of challenges that became a threat to its growth. Some of these hurdles included streamlining fulfillment procedures, guaranteeing prompt delivery, and managing inventory across channels. These were just a few of the difficulties that threatened to impede GMT Zero’s incredible rise. Some of these challenges are listed below:-

Manual Data Entry Errors

Manual data entry can harm your business and could be a big blow to your business’s growth. You can streamline your business operations with integrations that automate workflows and ensure accurate data synchronization between platforms.

Fulfillment Needs

The increasing demand for products necessitates the need for on-time delivery and tracking. This is where GMT Zero was facing hurdles impacting the sales revenue of the company. The company's reliance on a fulfillment partner other than Amazon led to delays and issues with tracking shipments.

Scaling Operations

The company's quick growth trajectory was outpaced by conventional inventory management and order management methods due to its growing client base and increased order volumes, therefore it became important to scale to meet customer demands.

Customer Expectations

To carve a name for your brand, you must gain a competitive edge in the market which could only be achieved if your customer satisfaction is at par. The brand aims to provide a seamless buying experience for the customers so that the business fulfills its goal of maximizing revenue gains.

I have been using this app for 1 year on Shopify and it has done an AMAZING job so far. I have now installed it for my TikTok shop. Incredible app and amazing customer service.

GMT Zero
Integration Features

Expedite Operational Efficiency By Strategic Partnership With Amazon MCF By WebBee

Overcoming challenges is the key to efficiently run a business. Amazon MCF by WebBee is the one-stop solution that could streamline operations, enhance growth, and upscale your business. Amazon MCF is not just a tool but a game-changer that can transform your business operations to the next level.

Optimising Order Fulfilment Process

Amazon MCF automates order routing and processing, ensuring quick and accurate order fulfillment. Whether it is Shopify or TikTok Shop, orders from multiple sales channels get easily managed through Amazon MCF.

Easy To Scale Solutions

When a business gains momentum, scalability becomes pertinent. Amazon MCF can manage any number of order volumes and provide you with solutions that can help scale your business for a wider outreach.

Managing Inventory Levels

Amazon MCF gives you the advantage of synchronizing your inventory levels across all your Sales channels. By streamlining inventory, you can get real-time insights into the stock of products, preventing overselling or stockouts.

Real-Time Data Insights

Having access to real-time data insights can help your business skyrocket its growth. Getting valuable insights into sales trends, top-sellers, and customer behavior prompted strategic and informed decision-making.


From Struggle to Success: Results After Integration of Amazon MCF with Shopify and TikTok Shop

The integration of Amazon MCF with Shopify and TikTokShop yielded significant improvement for GMT Zero. It turned the tables for GMT Zero in terms of the following aspects:-

Enhanced Fulfillment Efficiency

Order processing times reduced significantly, with most orders being picked, packed, and shipped within 24 hours. Leveraging Amazon’s vast logistics network, GMT Zero offered faster shipping options to their customers, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Improved Inventory Management

Real-time inventory synchronization across Shopify and TikTok Shop reduced the risk of overselling and stockouts. GMT Zero could manage inventory more effectively, ensuring that popular products were always in stock, therefore leaving no chance of any abandoned carts.


With Amazon MCF handling the logistics, GMT Zero could scale their operations without the need for investing in warehousing and fulfillment infrastructure. The company could focus on marketing and strategies for improvising products to boost its productivity and efficiency at the same time.


GMT Zero is not just a brand of suitcases. It is a vibe, lifestyle, community, a way of thinking, and thus of traveling. The essence of all this is enclosed in the identity of GMT: being part of a flow, of a new way of living, a new way of getting by, of being curious, of discovering. The partnership of Amazon MCF by WebBee with GMT Zero proved to be monumental in adding to the company’s success and growth. By leveraging Amazon’s fulfillment capabilities, GMT Zero improved their customer service, reduced operational costs, got real-time visibility into their inventory level, and positioned itself for continued growth in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

This case study demonstrates that taking a business to its zenith is not an individual’s effort. To grow in business you need to partner with tools that drive the strategic growth of your business propelling it forward, essentially etching its name in the landscape of E-Commerce, Just like how GMT Zero did!

Ready to unlock your business’s growth potential? Avail a free trial today and see how Amazon MCF can transform your business taking it to the next level, just like GMT Zero!