Build Up Your Store

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Build Up Your Store
“Education costs money. But then so does ignorance.”
– Sir Claus Moser, British statistician

Integrated e-commerce development platforms for developing intertwined business structure across geographies

WebBee offers integrated eCommerce stores for B2B and B2C marketplace experience for your targeted customer bases for optimum level of shopping experiences. We offer a seamless simplified backend for enhanced conversion rates through targeted branding, functionality, product catalog and unique experiences.

With store’s own HTML-CSS skin, we offer state-of-the-art customization facilities for the exceptional product and services experience impacting conversion rates for enhanced revenue through a better customer experience.


Unique Integrated Customer Experiences Offered by WebBee

Mobile Responsive Commerce

WebBee offers exceptional features on the store to drive sales on all the devices along with the most essential one, mobile. We are expert in developing a fully responsive store with an excellent and consistent customer experience on all the store platforms using the best technologies.

Flexible and Advanced Product Search

Our site search feature is the most contemporary and the advanced one allowing a visitor to quickly locate items and adding them to the cart. The innovative search featuress like logic matching, predictive auto-fill, pagination and others implemented by WebBee suggest search terms as a customer looks for a product or services. It not only brings the search results but also items a visitor is looking for. For clients having thousands of SKUs in a single catalog our flexible search is very instrumental for their first interaction with a client.

Ensuring smooth navigation across product pages

It is well said as clear and smooth is your navigation as many clients you will have. Believing in just mentioned said, WebBee wisely organizes your products into an end numbers of categories and attributes allowing frequent filtering by the clients. It is very helpful in a case of a multi-vendor marketplace. The products pages and the product info is presented in a most intuitive manner for added with dynamic product zoom and image re-sizing features.

Self explainable selling features

WebBee has expertise in carving unique product pages that are self explanatory and conveys all the important information in a realistic manner. The immersive product zoom for the image re-sizing enabling upload even a higher resolution images that adequately adapts to the product pages.

Multi-vendor eCommerce features offered by WebBee makes shopping more convenient and soothing ever.
Cart Retention

Just like any other enterprise level online stores WebBee offers cart capabilities to retain a customer when they return for the next time.


An essential and imperative feature when selling the bundles of paired items either for a discounted offer or buying them together offered by WebBee with a seamless integration.

Ratings & Reviews

An essential and imperative feature when selling the bundles of paired items either for a discounted offer or buying them together offered by WebBee with a seamless integration.

Similar Products

This feature help an online shopper to choose the products sold along with the one they have opted to buy. Integrating this feature WebBee helps to increase the average size of a sale.


Inclusion of wishlists making it easier for your customer to remember they are willing to sell and share it with friends or family in order to buy the gifts from store.


Offering plethora of options for a customer to buy other than one that he has opted for by the means of accessories, warranties, incentives and discount offers.


WebBee Integrated eCommerce Development Platforms

Shopify eCommerce
WebBee designs and develops fully-hosted Shopify stores by focusing on intuitive designs and robust functionalities to engage a vast number of shoppers. We are rapidly growing Shopify Development Company that believes to turn your business ideas into reality.
BigCommerce eCommerce
WebBee is a premier BigCommerce Development Company that works by considering advanced technologies and latest market trend. We aim to deliver a high-quality BigCommerce development services. We have served myriad BigCommerce project to our clients across the world.
WooCommerce eCommerce
With our WooCommerce Development services, you can conveniently acquire the most attractive, astonishing and customer-friendly e-commerce solutions. WebBee Global is a renown agency in WooCommerce Development that brings best-in-class services to assist your commercial enterprise.
Java Development
WebBee Global is a leading Java development service provider that offers exceptional Java/J2EE development services. It caters to various java development related requirement of an organization for their process or operational based required. WebBee has an exceptional experience in developing enterprise, business, social and cloud-based applications using Java platform.
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