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Why Your Ecommerce Business Needs The Netsuite Ebay Connector

December 6, 2014

If you have already taken the plunge into ecommerce, by signing up with eBay, congratulations, but do remember, the journey has just begun and the road ahead is tough. Primarily, fulfilling the required processes manually is a challenge that deters most enterprises. Maintaining, updating and collating all the ecommerce business data is no mean task, requiring immense investment of time and labor, translating into money loss. The ideal solution for this is the NetSuite eBay Connector, which is the world’s smartest cloud-based software for ecommerce integration. This Software as a Service (SAAS) provides tremendous advantages, besides taking your ecommerce processes to the next level. WebBee enhances NetSuite eBay connectors to suit your requirements. Webbee NetSuite developer pricing and technical expertise is unmatched, giving your ecommerce business a competitive edge.

With the NetSuite eBay connector, you get a real-time and completely automated business process. What’s more, with WebBee customizations, all your multiple data processes are available in a single system, with a convenient dashboard for control. This integration is highly cost effective with WebBee developer pricing that proves to be a wise long-term expense decision.

Some of the WebBee NetSuite eBay connector advantages are constant support, high technical expertise and right solutions on time, every time. You can look forward to quick product information, inventory, financial, order and shipping data exchanges, between NetSuite and eBay. Other benefits include greater CRM management, with client data, buying tracker, e-marketing and more. All these are updated automatically, without any manual process required. Additionally, you can watch these processes from a single window at any time.

No matter how unique your products or ecommerce requirements of billing, tracking or listing, WebBee creates each for you. WebBee does not treat the NetSuite eBay connector as a general solution for every company. It addresses each integration with business-specific customizations and offers you effective solutions, at pricing, unheard from any NetSuite developer.