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Why Shopify Plus is the most preferred choice for the eCommerce retailers ?

July 12, 2017

The Shopify was incepted in 2006 by an entrepreneur disappointed by all the existing eCommerce software available options to run his own shop. But, a decade later, this software became popular and used by more than 243,000+ online shops with a total of $14M+ in sales.

“WebBee Shopify solutions and services provides your business every required solution but building the successful online businesses” ~ Lottie Dolls, WebBee Client”

WebBee Shopify solutions and services provide two kinds of products for the SaaS platform: an eCommerce software and a retail POS system. Shopify has become an extremely popular option for the e-commerce retailers who are either just start-ups or already have been in the business, however, they are looking for the user-friendly trendy eCommerce and mCommerce solution. The best thing about the Shopify is its responsive mobile support and highly customize option of the scalability, this makes it easy for the businesses to expand and grow.

WebBee Global is a leading organization providing Shopify eCommerce store set-up services and custom development solutions at affordable prices. We unanimously offer reasonable pricing to the online retailers, with the fantastic SCALABLE feature for the start-ups and the established e-commerce businesses.

Our Shopify Plus solutions are designed and developed by understanding business-specific requirements. Today, business needs the hands-on dedicated support and the ability to handle larger amounts of traffic and transactions, anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Contact WebBee Shopify Store Set-up and development solution and service provider to discuss business specific needs and pricing. We support the following factors of Shopify store set-up services and Shopify development that enhances your e-commerce business.

1. No Transaction Fees Applied

As you increase your sales numbers, transaction fees become a significant factor to consider. Usually, Shopify credit card fees fall in the range of 2.2% – 2.9% plus i.e., an additional 30 cents per transaction. Imposing no transaction fees, Shopify Plus allows you to view all your sales dollars and this fundamental aspect alone can support and justify the significant price jump.

2. Non-redundant Account Management

Your e-commerce business observes a situation where you not always have the time and resources to resolve all your business problems. That’s where account management plays a vital role. Shopify Plus clients are deployed with an account manager enabling them to find the right solutions for your store. Organizations will be assigned with a project manager to assist in developing the right network of integrations capable of connecting entire aspects of your business. All of this can be executed with priority technical support from WebBee Shopify solutions and services assisting you with the issues, where you just can’t figure out the solution.

3. Same Domain Checkout

This is the utmost beneficial up-gradation from Shopify to Shopify Plus. Usually, the Shopify users redirect shoppers to validate and checkout under a Shopify web domain. The whole checkout process is limited with the lack of branding, website navigation, discouraging shoppers from purchasing. However, with the WebBee Shopify Plus, shoppers remain on the same domain while checking out, offering a better shopping experience. With this, the customers gain a complete confidence while purchasing from your store!

4. Seamless Bandwidth

WebBee Shopify Plus provides you speedy and reliable hosting such that your site can entertain up to 500k hits per minute! Your website can also have a 99.97% up time such that your site availability is ensured whenever your customers required to make a purchase. All which is packed into the monthly price for a fraction of the cost of the routine IT infrastructure expenses.

5. Advanced API

WebBee Shopify Plus’s advanced API’s enable you to accomplish much more with integrations. Collaborate your accounting, CRM, and multi-channel software with your eCommerce store to rejoice the entire aspects of your business working in unison. You are also allowed to access the top rated Shopify applications enabling you with your conversion and optimization needs.

These 5 factors provide high value for any e-commerce business and as your business continue to grow, hence migrating to Shopify Plus makes more and more sense. Irrespective of you are using Shopify or another e-commerce platform, it’s time to re-examine your business requirements. WebBee Shopify Plus could be the preferred option for you in terms of the best real-time optimize business solutions.

What Else?

All the survey about the trends in the Shopify eCommerce development give the following results: mobile/tablet-friendly, large images, flat design, fast and simple. Further, there are few features that are continuously been enhanced, with respect to the usability for visitors.

Software usability needs to keep the “codes” in context to satisfy the users, enabling them to become more productive and optimize. This is applied for the merchant too, keeping the “codes” satisfies the buyer and optimize their sales. Shopify is good in terms of the usability with many unique features, offering many possibilities.

The WebBee Shopify app development provides very promising custom integration with the other apps of the business solution. While choosing your eCommerce software, forecast your business in the upcoming years. This will enable you to execute the right choices, providing ground to your buisness growth.

As a trendy customer, think about eCommerce software solutions that can be easily integrated with other business solutions. An easy integration implies that it has to be rapid, simple, and fast while also incurring minimal deployment costs. The best solution would be able to integrate with your eCommerce software and other related solutions. With such automation, you can easily synchronize and accelerate your entire business process-flows. Such solutions are able to make the global reach for your business easy and instant, enhancing the scalability of your business. Your business will be at ease, sitting at the back-end interface without letting you lose your business productivity. This is how WebBee Global Shopify eCommerce solutions make business application suites effectively handy.

In case you are looking forward to automate and scale your business then you need to answer, what are the most vital aspects of your e-commerce platform for your eBusiness and how eCommerce business workflows can be automated at an affordable cost? Please feel free to share your opinion with our expert consultants. We will be happy to explore your customize need, providing you the free consultancy in resolving your eCommerce issues.

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