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April 5, 2017

As businesses grow into multiple geographies, industry leaders need to assure that their existing systems or CRM should get adapted to proficient ERP system like NetSuite, connecting and optimizing all required commerce resources evolving to trendy business model.

The decision makers need to identify the system that is right for their business and able to support business expansion, irrespective of the type of business organization.

Those business organizations, that are experiencing complex or unintuitive system should focus on the ease of the business, enabling clients to use the system efficiently. The system needs to apply the best practices of the industries using cloud-based business integrations and customize models for the successful engagement of the customers. Business should explore the diverse group of technological and integrated customized solutions from the professional practitioners like WebBee Global.

Why NetSuite ERP is best suited for your business? The NetSuite ERP accelerate quota-to-cash cycle with enhance 360 visibility, productivity, and inventory management, covering all above mentioned business requirements. The entire business operations are automated and information is synchronized eliminating the order fulfillment costly tasks. What more ? WebBee NetSuite ERP customize integration provides the best-of-benefits, empowering your business, they are as follows:

  • Built-in, Customizable Dashboards
  • Integrated Order Management
  • Incentive Management
  • Upsell Manager
  • Automated E-mail Campaign Statistics
  • No-click Auto-capture of E-mail
  • Incentive Management
  • Upsell Manager
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Contact Management
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Offline Sales Client
  • Complete Customization and Configuration

Manufacturers that deployed NetSuite ERP integration drove greater efficiencies, reducing the IT costs. NetSuite ERP offers an integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) business management application for enterprise planning, accounting and financials, manufacturing, reporting, customer relationship management (CRM), and e-commerce. Our core customize application provides functionality for manufacturing order and billing management, partner relationship management, and global subsidiary and business unit management.

The ERP automate manual tasks catalyzing efficiency, minimizing the costs for manufacturers. The small and medium-sized manufacturers are often challenged to support distributed IT systems and applications to manage product, customer, financial, and other related information. NetSuite ERP customization is all capable of automating, synchronizing entire business-specific system in real-time , because all the required information and appropriate processes are housed at one integrated suite.

The customers, now have the greater visibility across the supply chain via the dashboards and reporting abilities of the NetSuite. The NetSuite ERP, being a cloud-based model requires limited internal IT resource support, this enabled manufacturers to leverage the opportunities for growth.

WebBee NetSuite customization and integration is the only complete, front-office business management solution, which is capable of connecting entire customer-focused activities, from contract to cash.

With our services, you are empowered with the easy-to-use solution, managing your sales processes, marketing activities, customer service, and partnership programs. WebBee provides single complete view of your customer, permitting you to conclude sales faster, upsell existing customers, rendering better customer service.

With NetSuite ERP, your marketing team can better target potential customers with campaigns and promotions depending on their purchase histories, accordingly your sales team can recommend new products and services.

Also, customer support department can effectively serve customers by reviewing past support issues and complete billing history. Moreover, NetSuite ERP seamlessly integrates, coupling customer-facing applications with warehousing, accounting, and shipping applications, supporting entire sales process. Consequently, all business departments work collaboratively in execution, serving customers better, improving customer satisfaction, boosting retention rates and the repeat business.

The real-time view of the customer and visibility for the partners support a cohesive channel sales and services. The status of the customers can be tracked and monitors. You can always track campaigns, calculate ROI, and deliver targeted e-mail, providing real-time lead analysis. Sales team can track leads as a probable opportunities, input sales orders, provide post-sale support and follow-up.

Customers can access web-based self-service to expedite the issue resolution procedure. Allow you to make and execute an insightful decisions, delivering superior services to your customers, with the real-time visibility into sales conversion data, support issues, and marketing ROI. Moreover, the data driven programs support sales with upsell provide optimization support with business oriented communications for highly targeted campaigns.

The automate process work flow reminder support timely response to sales leads and other custom issues. Manage your business in an affordable prices, yielding unbeatable total cost of ownership with customize modular deployment of the NetSuite ERP.

WebBee provide a leading-edge professional services of the customization and integration that ensures efficient deployment of the continued long-term business continuity. The three prime enhancements that NetSuite ERP can provide to the business of all levels, are as follows :

1) The NetSuite ERP system is able to scale business, letting it grow?

Making business global, enable business to grow. A centralized system of NetSuite ERP, with customizable instances for business-specific interest, makes it rapidly easier to establish business processes at new locations.

2)The NetSuite ERP efficiently handles distinguish currencies, taxation and legal Frameworks

Any amendments to local legislation can have far-reaching after effects on the international business. Hence, this is another key benefit for the ERP deployment, when business need to operate internationally and handle multiple currencies, legal frameworks, and tax regimes. As transactional taxes like VAT and GST, are applied differently at different countries, the currencies exchange support is imperative benefit of NetSuite ERP that supports cross border transactions. This permits regional differences addressed automatically in a single instance and updates to be implemented in response to alter in exchange rates, business regulations and taxes.

3) The ERP provide Anytime, Anywhere visibility from any device (equipped with internet).

The financial consolidation, taxes and efficient accounting compliance often drives businesses to go for ERP like NetSuite. ERP streamline businesses, optimizing entire business operations. WebBee NetSuite ERP, providing better control of visibility of the information via those operations, allowing flexibility and decentralization.


ERP migration, customization, and integration may appear daunting for any business, however, channelizing to the business-specific solution with the experienced provider, is all capably required to unleash the business growth for attaining the global heights.

WebBee NetSuite customize and integrated solutions are trusted by several organizations, across 50 tax jurisdictions, buying and selling in several currencies NetSuite solutions is the world’s most deployed cloud-based ERP system, globally, in combination. WebBee NetSuite ERP customization have a profound track record of providing reliable global ERP customization helping businesses everywhere making a smooth transition to a global ERP solution.

Our services are proficient with the profound experience of NetSuite ERP customization and integration at several distinguished industries.

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