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Why Integration with Shopify is Important for Small Business

June 3, 2020

Shopify is an ideal online platform for selling a variety of products across the world with no trouble. Further, it assists you in creating as well as customizing an online store. Besides, it offers many advantages such as selling on many other online platforms. For example, Amazon website, mobiles, and social media. The pop-up shops and brick-and-mortar shops are included in this list as well.

Shopify offers seamless integrations with many advanced tools. These assist in simplifying your business processes and boosts their output.

Our robust integration with Shopify facilitates hassle-free online activities. By using it, you can add products on an online platform, process orders, and update the store data. Besides, it also assists in simplifying payment and shipping related tasks.

Features of our integration with Shopify

Our feature-rich integration offers many latest features to ease your online business operations. It brings all the important data of your multiple sales channels to one-platform as well. With it, you will be enabled to analyze the outcomes of your present sales efforts. Also, you get a great chance to make better plans for the future.

Some of the features offered by our integration are:

  • Offers well-built and responsive templates
  • Eliminates manual integration processes and reduces custom coding
  • Connects different data flows to make addition or modification of data much easier
  • Offers multiple payment gateways like NEFT, Wallets, UPI, and Debit/Credit Cards
  • Facilitates easy sync of your e-commerce data to your back-end systems
  • Supports seamless integration with your CRM, ERP, EDI, and other fulfillment systems
  • Ensures high-level data security and minimizes the risks of the data breach
  • Assist in speeding up online selling and fulfilling Shopify orders
  • Offers a robust dashboard to analyze the performance of your online processes
  • Supports creation of AMP versions of product pages

The above-mentioned features are helpful in streamlining your online business processes. These logically structured features are extremely user-friendly and highly intuitive.

Key advantages of our integration with Shopify

  • Easy to set up and use:

It offers a user-friendly interface for setting up your online business. Further, it provides the necessary software and hosting support.

  • Quick creation of a unique online store:

It provides a variety of templates for creating your online store and enhancing its visual appeal. Also, you will be enabled to create a new template as per your needs. You can make use of advanced UI as well as UX for this purpose. Further, you will be provided with necessary guidelines through documentation and videos.

  • Good inventory management:

It assists in importing all your important business data in one place through automating. By doing so, it saves the total amount of effort and time in managing your multiple Shopify stores and other selling-channels. You will also be allowed to add more Shopify stores without much effort to improve your market reach.

  • Easy selling of a variety of products:

It facilitates the selling of both physical as well as digital products across multiple sales channels. The physical products can be shipped to customers’ addresses. So, digital products can be easily downloaded at the customer-end.

  • Systematic sales order fulfillment:

It streamlines every stage of your sales orders fulfillment procedure by automatic them. As a result, the status related to the changes in order receiving, processing, and shipping gets updated. It also helps in reducing the losses linked with the order cancellations and delayed deliveries.

  • Automatic updating of inventory:

It imports all the crucial details related to sales orders from your Shopify stores and other channels that are added to this system. By doing so, it facilitates accurate and quick updates of inventory in real-time. Even if you make any changes in this system, it will immediately get updated in Shopify.

  • Easy selling of products:

It assists in selling products directly from your website using Shopify Buy Button. Besides, you will be enabled to sell products from your own physical store by using the Shopify POS system.

  • Quick customization of product listings:

It helps in adding and modifying descriptions, images, and prices without any trouble. Also, you can easily add some variations to a product within a short period of time.

  • Easy integration with the social platform:

It supports selling products through social media platforms. You can make use of Facebook Pages, Facebook Messenger, and Pinterest Buyable Pins for this purpose.

  • Optimization of product pages:

It assists in Search Engine Optimization of your product pages. For this, it makes use of product specified titles, meta tags, and URL handlers.

  • Seamless sync of important data:

It facilitates the automatic sync of important data between Shopify and other sales channels. The data may relate to different products, orders, inventories, target markets, and customers.

  • Provides reports for analysis:

It provides well-structured finance reports, sales reports, and marketing reports. Besides, it also offers customer reports, searches console reports, and abandoned cart reports.

  • Reliable support and helpline:

It offers 24*7 technical and operational support from an experienced team. Apart from this, it also provides discussion forums and E-commerce University for assistance. The latter is loaded with many ebooks, webinars, videos, and much more.

  • Efficient customer relationship management:

It assists in the efficient management of your interactions with the customers. For this, it simplifies your ordering process and improves customer service standards. Also, it enhances the operational performance of your call centers and makes them more productive.

Why trust our integration with Shopify?

Easy to incorporate, our integration with Shopify offers great support for your online business. It eases your complex online business processes to improve their efficiency and output.

The key highlights of our integration with Shopify are:

  • Facilitates easy handling without any need for technical knowledge
  • Offers more than 170 different themes and many add-ons
  • Easily scalable as per your business needs and complex processes
  • Supports in reaching out to your customers through phone or email
  • Facilitates built-in blogging and multi-currency transactions

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