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What Is The Amazon FBA And Their Benefits?

April 6, 2018

Amazon has already captured a major share of the online market and has become a benchmark for other traders. For sellers who are a part of the Amazon network, receive an Amazon FBA platform & Amazon FBA Benefits that cares for them as well as their consumers.

Amazon has created an excellent service of fulfilling orders for its sellers and do all the legwork for you. This service is known as Fulfilment by Amazon and is popularly addressed as Amazon FBA. When you receive an order, you can relax and let Amazon’s employees pick, pack and ship your products to your customers. They will also deal with the queries and return of the customers if any.

There are many other benefits of collaborating with Amazon for this service. Let us understand how Amazon FBA benefits you to provide better service to your buyers:

  1. Discounted Shipping Rates:

Shipping time and its cost play the deciding factor for online shoppers. Your FBA items can be eligible for free shipping, which instantly becomes the first choice for customers. Prime members can take advantage of Amazon Prime which offers free Two-Day shipping on all the items.

There are also offer on shipping which is capped with a certain amount of shopping. Generally, if you buy for more than 500 INR or around $35, you get free shipping on your products.

  1. Sell More Stuff:

With Amazon by your side, you can sell more stuff as it creates a sense of trust among the consumers. The shoppers know that they can expect excellent customer service and speedy delivery. Fulfillment By Amazon could, therefore, result in more sales and drive more business for you.

Products with Amazon FBA mark are generally regarded as trustworthy and appropriate for buying by most of the customers. Amazon thrives on its customers and takes pride in taking care of them. Providing quality products to its buyers should be one of the top priority among online retailers.

how amazon fba benefits seller to provide best services
  1. Customer Service & Return Management:

With FBA, you will have access to Amazon’s renowned customer service as part of the process and your customers can contact you via phone or email throughout the day and night. You can shift your focus to your business and let Amazon take care of your customer’s queries.

Customers can even process their returns through FBA’s online return center. This makes it easy for customers to return the goods whenever required without any hassle. Reverse logistics is also taken care of by Amazon to pick your products from customers doorstep.

You customers can relax and shop as they know it will be easy to return the product if they do not find it appropriate after delivery. Building the trust of customers goes a long way in the e-commerce industry and Amazon let it happen for all its sellers.

  1. Multichannel Fulfillment:

Another Amazon FBA benefits are to connect it with your own site to sell products. You can also connect it to any other e-commerce platform to sell your products. You can provide your customers with flexible shipping options to choose from depending on their buy.

Handling fulfillment across different channels can become expensive for single traders but once you let Amazon handle it for you, you can be assured of the best service provided to your customers. They will have an amazing shopping experience to remember.

This also ensures consistency across all your channels and you can easily manage your inventory through a simple online user interface.

  1. Higher Search Ranking:

Other Amazon FBA benefits help your product to rank high in search. Amazon FBA marked products get an advantage over non-FBA items on Amazon’s product search algorithm. This helps to bring their ranking higher in Amazon’s product search results and thus, more sales. The first two pages primarily show FBA products and are most preferred by the customers owing to the above benefits. The Non-FBA products start from page three and most of the times customers do not reach till there.


When your products are listed higher, the chances of making a sale also increases and thus creates a profit portfolio for you from the start. You do not have to struggle to sell on Amazon which caters to millions of similar products like yours. You simultaneously eliminate the competition and create trust with the buyers.

If you have recently started your online business or are already in this trade and wants to connect with Amazon for its FBA network and services, we at WebBee can help you integrate it with your online trading platform. Our e-commerce development experts have vast knowledge about Amazon and its integrated services. This will enable you to have dedicated customer service and sell more products easily. With our experts, you can easily understand the benefits of FBA and how it can help you grow.

Get a consultation on Amazon FBA integration services and grow your business in the e-commerce world. From there, there is no looking back. 2018-04-06 13:36:17