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What is NetSuite? How it can prove a game changer for your business?

April 25, 2019

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is the world’s best cloud-based ERP software that is used in several fields i.e., ERP, accounting, financial management, customized relationship management, e-commerce and storage management. This cloud-based ERP software has destroyed the necessity of isolated applications for captious business functions as it smoothly connects data across the enterprise in the one-on-one unified source. Currently, more than 40,000 organizations are using Netsuite and it is 10 times bigger than the future galactic competitor in the marketplace. Netsuite offers a wide range of functionalities and this is the reason it works even with your specific enterprise requisites. NetSuite is extremely customizable and this is the reason this cloud-based ERP software is extremely beneficial for small-scale, mid-sized and massive enterprises to endeavor their pivotal operations.

High-grade Tools for every user

NetSuite is packed with fabulous features and that’s why it is resourceful to fulfill the need of various users. When it comes to learning how to use Netsuite, first of all, you have to understand what type of user you are and what are your necessities.

Let’s have a look at the various type of NetSuite users and the tools which are related to them:


Regardless of your experience, Netsuite’s consumer-based UI is specially designed to present you streamline and spontaneous user-experience. By using NetSuite dashboard, you can build your own experience that absolutely fits your obligations.

b)Business Analyst

These people can set up business rules and segregate apps as per their demand. Furthermore, they can build screens, tablets, and fields to show and analyze information.


NetSuite offers a robust full development situation to developers with a deep range of Customization opportunities. With the help of product life cycle management, developers can keep a record of the products’ progression.


Only the administrator has brimful control over every type of customization. Management of roles and security permit them the surplus level of control.


CIO can approach diverse features such as risk management, governance, and compliance. Furthermore, NetSuite also permits executives to gain clearness into all kinds of procedures.


These individuals can access customized apps and marketplace for the publisher. Suite Cloud Developer Network is an innovative feature that is acquirable for partners.

NetSuite and its Core Attributes

You will be surprised to know that there is nothing else accessible in the marketplace just like NetSuite. This ERP cloud-based software is well-familiar for catering robust, scalable and tightly coordinated solutions. Whether you are a 10 individual company or a 1000 individual firm, Netsuite offers you numerous advantages.

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP is a complete cloud ERP solution that mainly targets mid-sized, fast flourishing and galactic enterprises. NetSuite ERP is accountable for automating front-office as well as back-office activities. Financial management, rigid assets, merchandise management are important tasks.

1)Inventory Establishment

2)Order Establishment

3)B2B and B2C capabilities

4)Merchant records

NetSuite CRM

It is a compelling consumer relationship management solution that supply companies a full view of their customers in actual time. With this husky customer relationship management solution, the organization can effortlessly present exceptional services to customers from the primal stages to post-sales assistance.

1)Campaign Management

2)Client and Contact Management

3)Contestant Tracking

4)Online Lead Forms

NetSuite ecommerce

If you want to deliver an attractive brand experience to online shoppers then NetSuite e-commerce is the foremost solution for you. With this, you can drive more traffic to your web stores and encourage online revenue. It is a feature-rich eCommerce platform through which you can make omnichannel experiences across in-store, web and mobile channels.

1)Multi Language

2)Third-party vendor integration

3)PCI Compliance

4)Customer Acquisition Improvement

Netsuite Finance

NetSuite’s financial management solution is presently used by thousands of organizations across the world. This advanced solution is surefooted to speed up the financial close and guarantee compliance. NetSuite Financial management solution smoothly integrates with NetSuite order management, CRM, e-commerce, inventory and streamline captious procedures.

1)Accounts payable and receivable

2)Global Financial Management

3)General Ledger

4)Billing and time

Significant benefits of NetSuite that you should know:

1)Abundance of features

Unnecessary to tell, NetSuite is appropriate for all commercial enterprise & firms. This cloud-based ERP solution supply affluent functionalities for software, wholesale arrangement, manufacturing, retail organization. NetSuite is an out-of-the-box solution for all.

2)Enhance visibility

When it comes to devising conversant decisions, Netsuite offers real-time visibility. The foremost thing is individuals don’t have to waste their time in extracting information from different sources. Netsuite permits users to make faithful and faster decisions.

3)Speed-up development

If you have an integrated software then it is quite easygoing to boom your business to multiple locations and set up brand-new sales channels rapidly.

4)Centralized information

Netsuite offers an incomparable software system that covers whole aspects of business organization. This integrated system interprets data seamlessly through all departments hence there is zero possibility of errors.

5)Broaden processes to the supply chain

Timely notifications are included in NetSuite through which organization can easily collaborate with customers, suppliers, and partners and make B2B and B2C cooperation healthier.

If you want to transform your enterprise with NetSuite ERP, let us know your needs and get an adequate response from us.