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What Does Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment Stores for You in 2021?

March 31, 2021

Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment as an inventory, shipping and delivery service offered by Amazon FBA to store front owners like BigCommerce, Shopify and others. As a fulfillment service provider Amazon FBA provides a seller on an eCommerce platform an unprecedented speed and scalability in delivering its sales order apart from Amazon point-of-sales system.

Though Amazon FBA as well as Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment both are fulfillment services performed by Amazon FBA, however, Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment is exclusively being used for managing order generated on third party eCommerce stores as Shopify, BigCommerce and others. There are many important aspects to Amazon FBA integration with third party eCommerce store.

How does Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment works?

As referred in starting paragraph Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) is an Amazon offered fulfillment service that is offered to Amazon seller’s who sells on market place outside Amazon. A storefront beyond Amazon can be one’s own website or any other third party store like BigCommerce, Shopify and others. As a part of fulfillment activity, a seller under Amazon MCF services store all his good and items at Amazon warehouse. A sales order generated on eCommerce store linked with Amazon MCF beyond Amazon let a seller to have process, shipped and delivered that item directly to a seller.

How Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment is different from Amazon FBA?

An exclusive fulfillment option offered by Amazon to a seller on the marketplace is used for sales orders generated only on Amazon. Under FBA, typically, a seller’s inventory is send at Amazon fulfillment center according to demand estimations. For every respective order from Amazon, FBA manages everything including packing, shipping and customer while delivering the item in Amazon-branded box. The order under Amazon FBA are assured for following list of services including:-

• Free Standard Shipping and Free Two Day Shipping for Prime Customers

• The Orders are further covered under Amazon Customer Support and Return services.

On the other side Multi Channel Fulfillment is offered for managing orders generated on other fulfilment centers. It has entirely different price, service and support levels. MCF is offered by Amazon FBA with standard, 2-day and 1-day shipping options. These all have different price range and competitively comes into expensive price range.

Where as FBA is simply FBA, MCF comes with standard, 2-day, and 1-day shipping. These all have different price tiers, and usually ends up being more expensive than FBA.

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How, overall Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment Fees are Calculated?

The fee estimation for Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment depends upon several factors including weight of the package, number of units per shipment, delivery speed.

A. Fulfillment Fees

Amazon fulfillment fee primarily has three service segments like:-

• 3-5 business days • 2-day • Next day

2 Day Pricing for a Standard Sized Item

Amazon Fulfillment Fee

In case, a seller is willing to send items overseas using MCF through Amazon FBA then following price and rates are applicable.

MCF through Amazon FBA

Amazon’s criteria to estimate Amazon storage fee is based upon several factors most importantly average daily volume of inventory stored, per cubic foot.

Amazon Multi-Channel FBA Integration Benefits

As derived from Amazon FBA integration, Amazon Multi Channel fulfillment offers efficiency in terms of inventory and supply chain management. It presents a seller on a third party eCommerce store an unprecedented advantage of using Amazon Fulfillment center not only for stocking goods and items at the same time offer faster shipping and delivery of Amazon goods.

• There are plethora of integration apps like Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment by WebBee and others that further boost Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment integration capability of a business by faster and automated sync of items details at Amazon FBA as well as third party eCommerce Store.

• The Amazon MCF app provides a business with real time data visibility both into Amazon and non-Amazon orders from a single dashboard. Here, you can manage both order and item inventory from a single dashboard either in Seller Central or from the third party integration app.

• Along with integrated tracking system, Amazon Multi Channel fulfillment pricing is far competitive and simpler. A seller is just require to estimate the fee from the fee chart offered by Amazon MCF service section on Amazon marketplace.

• Moreover, Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment presents a seller with opportunity for a faster and automated fulfillment across Amazon marketplaces for different geographic locations.


Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment, therefore, provides a seller an unprecedented speed and scalability to fulfill business orders generated on other than Amazon Marketplace for processes like payment, shipping and delivery.