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June 7, 2014

NetSuite is a popular enterprise resource planning program that assists in the process of collecting, organizing and gathering information relating to one’s inventory, sales processes and shipping information. Today NetSuite can take a website’s eCommerce data and link it up with Amazon. This can allow anyone to get onto the Amazon Marketplace, thus making the process of selling items as easy to handle as possible thanks to all the added exposure that comes from using this.

The NetSuite Amazon Connector can especially make it easier for different items to be linked from a NetSuite back-office page to the Amazon Marketplace. The connector will integrate information relating to products, inventory and shipping information from NetSuite into an Amazon account.

Information is posted onto Amazon to make products easy to find while all order information will be transferred from an Amazon account to a NetSuite database. Orders can be transferred every thirty minutes on average. The goal is to ensure that transactions are organized carefully white a store can be as active as possible.