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How does WebBee's Robust NetSuite Integrator compare with other integrators?

December 22, 2022

Key Highlights:

Because of advances in technology and a more competitive business climate, several online businesses are implementing systems to assist them in differentiating themselves from their competitors. It is becoming more difficult to operate an online website like Shopify in such a way that it attracts the attention of many users and delivers superior performance. For every company or website owner, such as Shopify, the priority should be to provide the most feasible and effective user experience. However, the owners should also know about website design and management. 

Consequently, you would want software that enables smooth inventory and management, a strong app to connect Shopify, the most extensive coverage of pre-built NetSuite integration with Shopify processes, and a step-by-step guide to onboarding with the program. Further, WebBee Solutions is informed of your expectations and needs and has once more developed the next generation of E-commerce IT technology: The Powerful Shopify NetSuite Integrator.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that enables businesses to streamline their operations and automate tasks using a Cloud-based solution. It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that does not need customers to buy hardware or pay an upfront charge. NetSuite manages all intricate configurations. Also, NetSuite assists businesses with inventory management, financial tracking, E-commerce shop hosting, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

There are several NetSuite Integration solutions and services to over 200 countries. Listed below are some of them:

ERP: Most corporate activities, including accounting, inventory, supply chain, and order administration, are optimized by the NetSuite ERP system.

CRM: CRM enables users to offer a comprehensive picture of all clients and to evaluate their behavior.

PSA: Professional Services Automation (PSA) enables businesses to plan, execute, and precisely monitor their projects.

E-commerce: NetSuite enables customers to consolidate all aspects of an online shop, from sales and order administration to inventory and finances.

The Purpose Of NetSuite Integrator

A NetSuite Integrator's primary purpose is to link a NetSuite software deployment to other platforms, databases, and endpoints. Furthermore, its objective is to facilitate data synchronization between NetSuite and the other apps in your environment.

The WebBee engineers have developed the Robust NetSuite Integrator, which supports the following features:

⦁Order Sync

It permits the synchronization of order-related details by importing the sales into NetSuite, whether an invoice, a Sales Order, or a Cash Sale. Hold-order sync and real-time functionality are also available inside the application, which is a great bonus.

⦁Order Level Field Mapping

This WebBee innovation enables customers to develop integration with NetSuite to integrate information about Shopify shop orders on custom and standard NetSuite categories. The ERP interface with E-commerce natively allows mappings of list and type entries, free-form text, and check box sections.

⦁Refund Sync

Refunds are a serious concern, and Shopify ERP integration streamlines the process. In just a few clicks, you can synchronize refund information between NetSuite and Shopify Store thanks to the robust NetSuite interface and the Shopify to NetSuite integration. This solution greatly improves the refund procedure since the integration provides standards for order- and item-level refund synchronization.

⦁Deposit Sync

Our connection makes it easy for merchants to collect deposits inside NetSuite for each and every BigCommerce transaction, even if their payment capture procedure is a little complicated. It only requires a Deposit Form internal ID and a Chart of Accounts internal ID.

⦁Fulfillment and Tracking Sync

Our connection enables merchants who want to sync their BigCommerce orders to their NetSuite package tracking numbers to do so with just a few clicks. Once all of the line items in an order have been fulfilled in NetSuite, the NetSuite Shopify integration also marks the order as completed inside BigCommerce.

⦁Inventory Sync

With only a few clicks, merchants can use our interface to transfer their inventory from various NetSuite locations to their BigCommerce locations. Once the Shopify NetSuite integrator is connected, all of your NetSuite locations are instantly fetched. You may then map these locations to their BigCommerce counterparts to begin the syncing process. For all kinds of NetSuite goods, inventory synchronization is supported.

⦁Default Netsuite Customer Mapping

Merchants may import all of their BigCommerce orders with a default customer of NetSuite using our connection. A standard NetSuite client internal ID is all we require.

How Does Choosing an ERP System Benefit Your Shopify Store?

Previously, it was common practice to maintain the ERP system independent from other tools, like CRM, used to handle front- and back-end operations or tasks. Over time, however, the separation has been removed. Now that integration platforms have been created, supply chain integration, E-commerce, and oracle E-commerce options are prioritized during software development. Due to its many advantages, Shopify ERP integration, such as the Robust NetSuite Integrator, has also been implemented. Choosing this Shopify ERP integration is essential for the success of a business.


This Shopify integration facilitates innovation driven by the customer. This enables the development of functionality wherein modifications may be updated rapidly, enhancing the software's performance. This user-centric approach is creative and appealing to consumers, enabling them to personalize and tailor their Shopify shop to their interests.

Transparency of Metrics

The Robust NetSuite Integrator's primary advantage is that it offers dashboards that improve visibility by offering a clear picture of company indicators. This enables the user to monitor important processes and act on real-time data. In addition, NetSuite is known for its ability to provide a 360-degree perspective, which boosts the transparency of your business. This simplicity of data access helps the overall usability of the software, allowing users to operate their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

Cost efficient

Shopify ERP integration using NetSuite offers a remarkable cost-saving advantage. With this robust NetSuite integration, the expense of extra software is minimized. This all-in-one integration system has various capabilities. It empowers the user with a platform in which everything is all-inclusive inside a single piece of software. This integration platform combines the holistic characteristics of many programs into a single package, enhancing productivity while reducing expenses. Costs that would have been incurred to deploy different software or apps get lowered.

Supervision of data updates

In the E-commerce industry, it is necessary to remain updated with the number of changes. With each new update offered to the market, it might be challenging to maintain consistency with other rivals. NetSuite provides the registration of any data, which greatly aids decision-making via frequent updates depending on the owner's preferences. This control of data updates is among NetSuite integration's primary advantages.

Increase in Productivity

Integrating this Shopify ERP connectivity tool increases the overall business efficiency based on sales projections, inventory levels, historical sales data, and many more. Further, t his sophisticated process, as offered by the ERP connection, boosts productivity and even fosters business growth.

Improved Customer Service

The robust NetSuite integration enables the company to grow more efficiently and become automated. Customers generally appreciate this convenience as it enriches their experience. Customers and your customer support staff have improved data access, enabling communication and decision-making. The promptness of customer service contributes to the development as a whole.


There is a continuous expansion in the operations of businesses. Further, the ever-expanding nature of ERPs necessitates ever-changing strategies for various tasks. Flexibility is among the key advantages of Shopify NetSuite integration. Moreover, it permits language, assets, and currency flexibility, facilitating commercial transactions. NetSuite Integrator's adaptable design and operation make it one of the key recommendations for any E-commerce issues.

Why Choose WebBee Robust NetSuite Integrator Over Others?

The WebBee Robust NetSuite integrator is everything you require for your E-commerce solution owing to its numerous capabilities and advantages described above. WebBee offers an excellent source for your Shopify NetSuite Integration App since it is one of the most dependable sources, with clients such as 'ahead,' 'Soak&Sleep,' and 'Alcedo.' You can link your Shopify shop with NetSuite Integrator in a single day using WebBee. Additionally, a step-by-step tutorial, as provided, facilitates onboarding. So you can empower yourself with outstanding features with only a few clicks.

WebBee saves you time by delivering error-free services. It offers an ERP system that can manage dataflow and enterprise-grade infrastructure needs in a matter of minutes, along with 24x7 online customer support. WebBee has a comprehensive grasp of omnichannel E-commerce systems, Shopify stores, and supply chain connectivity, enabling them to review the present systems and offer future changes as required. WebBee is the most secure option due to its real-time connectivity between NetSuite and Shopify, efficient UI, and speedier inventory system.

Some other reasons are:

⦁Impress Your Customers: Enhance delivery speed and order precision to increase customer satisfaction and reduce returns. Maintain your storefront with the most recent inventory and product catalog data, and give consumers real-time order status information.

⦁Enhance Operational Productivity: Remove the expense and delay associated with semi-automated connection and human administrative and fulfillment tasks. Boomi automates crucial procedures to increase productivity while offering complete visibility across your commerce operations.

⦁Accelerate Your Return: WebBee's professional NetSuite integration services enable rapid deployment. Benefit immediately from the seamless connection of NetSuite with Shopify without IT participation or continuous maintenance.


To propel your E-commerce firm to higher heights, it is essential to implement NetSuite Integration for your Shopify site. You definitely find its relevance and usefulness with its remarkable characteristics and advantages. By integrating with NetSuite, companies may accelerate their integration with Shopify time to value and business results WebBee gives quicker and more genuine access to this NetSuite ERP integration solution with its detailed information that will enable you to effortlessly combine this program and will assist in expanding your organization.

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