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WebBee Offers Customizable Netsuite E-commerce Ebay Connector

February 10, 2015

NetSuite connectors for eBay integration are often overlooked by many eCommerce enterprises. Most believe that just a presence on the online giant is an assurance to volume profits. This is due to ignorance about the intricacies of eCommerce selling and the knowledge of how NetSuite SuiteScript can unbelievably alter the fortunes of any online seller.

There are innumerable success stories scripted at eBay and this eCommerce platform is one of the most powerful, with its customer reach and brand value for any enterprise. Selling on eBay promises a global display, with an equally huge profit growth. Or, at least that is the belief. In reality, only a few online sellers have been able to successfully overcome the challenges of setting up web-stores and integrating business aspects on eBay. The required constant monitoring of inventory, building web-stores and creating catalogues, processing, order processing, financials, shipping, and delivery present a continuous chain of effort, in terms of time, money and labor. This manual process deters seamless business and can pave the way for errors.

NetSuite is a cloud-based software that provides several services, which range from ERP, CRM to customized integrations on eBay. A NetSuite eBay connector has immense integration possibilities if provided by an operator with mastery over NetSuite Suite-script.

WebBee is one of the leading NetSuite experts, with years of satisfying clients from diverse business areas. WebBee has a strong hold on NetSuite SuiteScript, which allows for customisation integration on eBay. Such bespoke NetSuite eBay integration builds an efficient, automated and cost-effective eCommerce process, besides providing your customers a unique shopping online experience. NetSuite ecommerce connectors for eBay will not only create a bi-directional integration process but with Webbee expertise, it becomes an invaluable tool to enhance your web store and target customers with specialised e marketing, promos and discounts.