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March 17, 2015

So you want to sell on Amazon and eBay. Congratulations, for recognizing the huge potential of these sites. Both Amazon and eBay are among the top leading trusted e-commerce portals that have millions of customers, across the world. These retailers are a readymade platform for small and medium enterprises, who wish to capture this already active and present buying audience, without investing large amounts in setting up their own sites. However, today, even large companies use these giants to sell their wares, due to their popularity.

The benefits of selling at eBay and Amazon are immense, but one of the greatest drawbacks they have are that they play host to a multitude of businesses, how then do you ensure that your enterprise stands out and manages to capture buyers?

Here we list 5 unbeatable ways to capture buyer’s attention and ensure their loyalty at Amazon and eBay.

1) Webstore: Shoppers are first attracted by visuals and the best way to catch their attention online is through unique web design and an outstanding product display. While both sites offer restricted web building tools and templates, you can utilize NetSuite connector software to build a unique webstore for your enterprise. With NetSuite APIs, you can even retain your logos, brand display, and colors. Thus, giving shoppers not only a differentiated online visual experience but also retaining your brand image.

2) Personalized Simplified Shopping: Move away from the standard shopping formats, which are dull, boring and slow enough to irritate customers. Create new and personalized shopping styles, which engage customers. NetSuite APIs are ideal for customized shopping carts, order forms and above all for fast and seamless checkout points. In fact, you can customize just about every facet of online shopping, making it a simple and enjoyable process for buyers, with NetSuite connectors.

3) Promos and Discount Coupons: There is nothing like a bargain to draw customers in hordes. Plan and create exciting new promos for your buyers. You can also strategize discount coupons for different segments, based on different parameters to enhance shopping value. NetSuite connectors can help you with CRM and create loyalty reward programs, which will thrill shoppers and drive them to spend more at your store.

4) Emarketing Campaigns: Utilize the most important attributes of NetSuite connectors to do all your emarketing for you. Categorize and segment buyers according to location, shopping budgets, style preferences, age or whatever your business requires. Prepare emails and target them accordingly, to please even the fussiest customer. You can also track customer choices with the tools provided by NetSuite and attract them with what they prefer most.

5) Value Additions: Besides bargains, people love to get more for the same amount of money. Ensure that your enterprise provides customers that little bit extra to get them coming back repeatedly. These value additions lie in small details, such as customized and easy order forms, language preferences, easy search, currency converters, size clarifiers, etc. These will make shopping easy for buyers.

Once you implement the above, you will be amazed at how different your enterprise is in comparison to standard ones on Amazon and eBay.